Monday, September 28, 2015

Sign up and earn money with google adsense

Google Adsense is a favorable way to earn money online. There are many people using google adsense to make a living. So how to sign up for Google Adsense and how to use it?
Google Adsense, founded by Google, is the most popular advertising website on the Internet nowadays. Anyone can join Google Adsense to earn money from both websites and their own Youtube channel.
Like any other advertising site, Google Adsense follows two main rules:
- Charge money for every click (CPC – Cost per click); The more users click on the advertisement, the more money we earn.
- Charge money for every impression (CPM – Cost per 1000 impressions); the advertisement view reaches 1000, 2000, 3000, … we earn money from Google Adsense.
Basically, both CPC and CPM don’t have a fixed price because this depends on various factors such as content, language, location, … Recently,Google Adsense is effectively making use of modern technology to bring advertisement whose contents are related to what users are searching in order to attract views and clicks.

How to earn money with Google Adsense? 
From the beginning, Google Adsense has continuously developed its brand by ensuring advertisers’ benefits as well as publishers’ responsibilities. To earn money with Google Adsense online, we have to sign up for an account as a publisher.
The rule is very simple: advertisers will have to pay for Google to publish their advertisement. 67% of the total sum of money will be transferred to the publishers. The rest belongs to Google. It’s a win-win deal.
It’s obvious that that 33% is already enough to pay for every Google employee all around the world.

 Earning money with Google Adsense online, easy or not?
 To me, earning money with Google Adsense online is not difficult, especially when we know how to make the most use of those advertisements. However, many of those who make an attempt to earn money this way are unaware of Google rules and policies, which causes their accounts to be locked.
To earn money with Google Adsense online, patience and effort is a must. Do not ever use tricks to earn money illegally. As working with Google, cheating means suicide.
Google uses various algorithms to check the validation of every click. Nobody knows how those algorithms work but say no to cheating!
Before sign up for a Google Adsense account, spend 1-2 hours to read online articles related to Adsense, which helps you avoid mistake when signing up. Search for these key words on Google: sign up for Google Adsense 2015, how to sign up for Google Adsense, ..

 Catergorize Google Adsense’s accounts
 Adsense accounts belongs to two main groups: hosted and content
- Hosted account : with this type of account, we can only earn money online with Google’s services such as Youtube, Blogsopt, … As a result, signing up for this is pretty simle.
- Content account : besides using Google Adsense with Google’s services, Content accounts allow users to put our advertisements on any other websites. This is the long-term choice of Google Adsense’s users. Consequently, it is much difficult to open a content account.
Nowadays, the process of buying and selling accounts on Google Adsense is very complicated. Consider carefully before deciding!
- Strengths: convenient, quick, easy
- Weaknesses: easly cheated, waste money.
So why don’t we sign up for Google Adsense ourselves? If others can do it, I can.

Open an account on Google Adsense
Previously, it is extremely complicated to sign up for an Adsense account. Until 2015, although many rules have been loosen, if you don’t be careful, you still stand the risk of being banned.
The first notice is about your nation. Unreasonably, national discrimination still exists on Google. We can verify this immediately on Youtube.
So, to have a smooth first step, choose the US or the UK for your account. I don’t know how many countries are limited on Youtube, however, please remember this before you sign up.

First method: Sign up for Google Adsense Hosted Account
Sign up for Google Adsense Hosted via your Youtube account
Sign up for a hosted account in three different ways:
- Youtube
- Blogspot
- Android App Store on Google Play
In short, these 3 ways are nearly the same, however, if you want to sign up fast and effectively, choose sign up for Google Adsense Hosted Account via Youtube.

Second method: Sign up for Google Adsense Content Account
- Working rules:
+ Send the website you want to put your advertisements on to Google
+ Receive an Adsense code and publish it on the website
+ Google will review and accept your account or not.

Until 2015, there are 2 ways to open a Google Adsense Content Account:

1. Sign up indirectly by upgrading your Google Adsense Hosted Account
If you already have a Google Adsense Hosted Account and you want to widen your advertising zone to other websites to increase your income, upgrade it. If you can’t upgrade successfully, you can fix the problems noted by Google and upgrade it again when you are ready.

2. Sign up directly via wesite
Basically, signing up directly is quite similar to signing up indirectly, we still need at least 1 website for Google to review. However, signing up directly will encounter more difficulties because Google uses a lot of criteria to decide whether they should allow this website to earn money online or not.
To sign up directly, please access Adsense hompage:
After you have filled up all the necessary information, wait for the result. To sign up for a Google Adsense Content Account, you only need to follow the same step as you sign up for a Google Adsense Hosted Account.
Signing up for a Google Adsense Account is basicall not so difficult as we thought. Following the directed steps and that’s it – you have finished the signing up process. However, Google will decide if you are successful or not.

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