Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How much you can earn with 100K monthly views on your YouTube Channel

I will share with exact numbers from my channel that has today over 24K subscribers (not that much😏) and has over 150K views every month. here is my dashboard today (26–7–2020)

How much money does YouTube pay for 1000 views?

to make things simple, let's understand firstly how youtube calculate your monthly revenue, or how it calculates how much you earn per view on a certain video.

The idea is simple, you earn for each Ad (Impression or Click) and not on video views.

so if you have 1M views on YouTube, but no Ads are present on the video, you simply earn nothing!

of course, we are talking here about earning from Ads (Google Adsense) and not other methods that I will mention later in this post.

So now we know that you get paid on Ad view or clicks, but how much you earn per Ad view or click?

I will show you now two dashboards of two YouTube Channels, Take a look:

Channel 1:

Channel 2:

Take a look at the RPM and the CPM! 😲

the first channel generates more than 12X revenue compared to the second, why!?


CPM: How much advertisers paid per thousand monetized playbacks.
RPM: How much you earned per thousand monetized playbacks.
There are three factors that determine your CPM (Cost per 1000 Views) or revenue on YouTube:

How Much Views you are getting, and to be more accurate, how many times ads are shown on your videos and how many times are clicked.
Your Target Audience: The CPM in Top English Countries is almost 10x of that of other countries. as an example, I have two channels: one has CPM around 22$, and the other one about 1–5$.
Ads and Targeted Keywords: Not all ads have the same price. you can use tools like h-supertools to determine the CPC of keywords and optimize your videos on to increase your CPM.
For example, Ads related to Digital Marketing and Online Business has a Higher CPM than others.

Let’s see this:

If you go now to H-supertools free keyword research tool and search for this keyword: "learning cooking", you will see the following results:

The CPC (cost per click is 1.35$)

While if you search for "Email Marketing companies", you will see the following:

The CPC (cost per click is 18.55$) which is much more than the first keyword.

so the content you are creating videos about is very important and it determines what type of Ads will be shown on your videos.

So there is no direct answer to this, you need to identify these factors, then you can answer.

If you like to see this in action, you can check my video here and see how practically increase my CPM:

You can check and analyze the type of content, length, tags, description, title, and so on.

going back to my channel, you can see in the dashboard that I do make around 10$ per 1000 Views.

so with a simple calculation, it's around 1000$ per 100K views on my channel.

and here is my dashboard:

~1400$ for 160K views, so our calculations are correct!

Hope this helps you increase your Ad revenue from Your Channels.

Bonus: Other methods to make money from YouTube:

Affiliate Marketing: You can drive traffic to your affiliate links and earn money from an affiliate network.

Super Chat: This is a feature on YouTube. you can enable when you go live and people can pay you in the chatbox.

Merchandise: Also this is a feature on Youtube that allows you to sell T-shirts or stuff like in Teespring.

Memberships: On YouTube, you can enable memberships and people can join with a monthly fee.

Sponsoring other companies: you can sponsor and create custom ads and review for specific products and earn money directly from advertisers.

Getting Traffic: as I mentioned before, YouTube is a great place to drive traffic to your website or your premium services.

Do you know that:

40% of my sales come from YouTube.
30% of my web traffic comes from YouTube.
60% of my Email List is from YouTube.
65% of my Audience is from YouTube.
Yes, YouTube is Really so powerful when it comes to growing Online.

Starting a YouTube channel and posting videos related to your niche will allow you to:

BE KNOWN (Brand awareness)
Get More Traffic.
Drive more sales.
Build Authority
Promote anything you want to your audience.
Keep in mind the following when you start on YouTube:

Video Optimization: You have to take care of your videos after you upload by optimizing it, take care of your Thumbnail, Title, Description, Tags, Video length, script...

Quality Content: Quality is always better than quantity, especially today. so always ensure to give the real value of highly engaging videos on your Channel.

Consistency: YouTube Love consistency, always ensure to put a schedule for your channel and publish videos on a regular basis.

Patience: Your Channel will not Grow in 1 month (even though it's not impossible), but keep in mind that you may not see results before 6-12 months of hard work.

How do I rank a YouTube video in a month?

Rank a video on YouTube, you have to do the following:

Find the correct keyword to rank with (High Search Volume + Low Competition)
Optimize your video using the correct keyword.
Example from my channel:

If you open YouTube now, and search for “amazon ses”, you will find a couple of my videos on Top of YouTube Search Results.

So How I did this?

The first step, is doing keyword research for YouTube, I do use H-supertools Free YouTube Keyword research tool to find keyword ideas.

so open the tool, and enter the topic or keyword that you wanna create a video about or your published video.

in my case, I searched for “amazon ses” and here are the results:

So you can see around 22K searches per month on YouTube, and the Difficulty is Low, so I can rank somehow easily on this keyword.

and on the same page of H-supertools, you will find Related Keywords, you can use as tags and mentioned in the video description.

so I set the Video Title as:

How to Use Amazon SES as your SMTP Service? | Send Bulk Emails For Cheap | AWS SES Tutorial

the bold terms are keywords iam trying to rank on with this video. but the main keyword is “amazon ses”

Then in the video description:

In this video, I will show you how to configure Amazon Simple Email Service ( SES) and use it as your own SMTP Server for your Email Marketing campaigns.

Why Amazon SES? Maybe the main reason for selecting Amazon SES as your SMTP Service is the cheap costs. Do you believe that you can send a 100K email for 10$ !?

You see the keywords in the description.

Then the Tags as follows:

You can see the keywords I got from H-supertools suggested keywords. and I am ranking number one on almost all keywords. I am using vidiq here to check the keyword ranks.

This is how you optimize your Video on a certain keyword to rank on YouTube top results, and by the way this may be accomplished in 1 hour and not by 1 month.

I do the same operation for around 30 keywords to rank on top of YouTube, some examples:

IIS web server
build SMTP
SMTP server
Create SMTP
URL Rotation
….. and so on.

Other important points:

also what helps you rank your video other than meta data (title, description and tags)

is the video length and quality. if people loves your content and stay more on YouTube watching your video, YouTube will rank it higher.

so publish High quality valuable videos and optimize your Thumbnail and title for higher CTR (click through rate). the Best Cheapest SMM reseller panel for Facebook likes, Instagram followers, YouTube Views, Twitter Followers.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Making Money Online Through Social Media Traffic

Making money online has always been thought to be the best gold mine for work-at-home individuals. All they have to do is set up a website and write some fancy stuff and then wait for whatever ads Google serves to earn an income. It sounds easy but in truth, getting traffic to your website is a lot harder than you think. Unless you are an authority blog that people constantly visit for updates like Mashable or TechCrunch.

In order for you to gain traction and be able to compete among your niche, you have to immerse yourself with the trend, the so-called “social media marketing.” Why, so that you can make new friends? That too. But what you are primarily aiming for is not friends but visibility and traffic.

Making Money through Social Media Traffic

Here are 5 ways to get social media traffic and earn money online.

#1 Join Social Networks

It’s basically common sense but in case you missed out on this obvious fact, let me remind you to join social networks. Not only Facebook or Twitter, you can also create accounts on Tumblr or Pinterest and just about any online networks where in you can funnel your social contacts to your website or blog.

#2 Familiarized Features

When you join social networks, you have to be committed to knowing them. Just because you have too many networks does not mean you have to be casual about it and do on Facebook what you are doing on Twitter. To make it easy for you, learn the features that can best serve your purpose, which in this case is traffic and ad clicks.

#3 Get Fans and Followers

Like web traffic, getting Twitter followers or Facebook fans is not easy when you don’t know certain strategies in attracting the right people. You might say, I am mistaken since people on Twitter have an average of 300 to 1000 followers. The question is, are they targeted? Will they click on your ads or buy the products you are promoting?

#4 Create Focused Content

How can you prove that you have something of value to your social connections? You create focused contents for your blog. Write about topics that are relevant to ads having the most daily or monthly clicks, so as not to appear off to your readers.

Anyway, Google often matches displayed ads to the content of your blog, so there is no problem on that department. Most importantly, think about what people will love to read on your blog, no doubt, they’ll check out those posts.

#5 Utilize SEO

Believe it or not, SEO (search engine optimization), social media and paid ads are inseparable in your campaign. How come? Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook use keywords to aggregate content of the same niche and category, which is pretty much what you need in order to be found. When your content has relevant and targeted keywords, it would make your post searchable on social networks as well as on search engines.

Social media now has the upper hand when people refer to strategies on internet marketing. Some would even claim that it has replaced SEO and PPC. But in my opinion, the three should stick together to make the most returns. Why settle for one source of traffic when you can have three at your disposal?