Wednesday, June 17, 2020

How can I get more views on my YouTube videos?

Focus on the quality of the content

For getting more views on YouTube, you must focus on the content of the video first. It doesn’t matter how much perfect your SEO and social media marketing strategies you have applied if your content will not be attractive and catchy, there are comparatively fewer chances to attract audience towards your YouTube channel, and hence, the number of views may not exceed to the level you want.

Focus on Creating Trending Videos

Every now and then a new trend is out in the market. It is important that you follow the trend as it already has a huge viewership base. However, if you completely follow the trend without being unique, that too will now work in your favor. So while you should stick to what is trending, make sure you stand out and think something out of the box to get more views.

Make a Good Thumbnail

The YouTube thumbnail is what drives the most attention and gets the most clicks. Don’t use clickbait because people will just leave your video and that damages audience retention. By creating these thumbnails, you’re going to improve your clickthrough rate drastically. Improving your click through rate is great because it means for each impression your video gets, you’ll get more views.

Make End Screens for Your Videos

Using end screens at the end of your video is a good way of boosting your views for free. Basically, what you need to do is provide viewers with more information about your channel, as well as inviting them to check out your other videos.

Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Social media has been one of the main focuses of online marketers. Another advantage of cross-platform promotion is that it doesn’t have to cost much. Actually, you can do it for free! It’s true that each social media website offers paid advertising, but if you have enough followers on those sites, you can be sure your YouTube video will get enough attention.

SEO your video

SEO is not just limited for Google, but you need to do SEO for the video by incorporating keywords in the video title and description. Make sure that they are search engine optimized. Keep your description detailed and include the links to your social media accounts.

Contact Influencers in Your Niche

Influencer marketing is a strategic and effective way to grow views on YouTube. With over 3.8 billion social media users, social media influencers are trending these days. They can make any to every product/service viral just by giving a shoutout, share, or recommending it to their audience.

Use YouTube cards to increase YouTube views

YouTube cards can help you keep links to your other videos and hence improving chances of people watching your other videos. Once you select the card make sure you display the card at the right time to prompt users to click the link. It is best to give a reference to the other video in the video and let the card come up at the same time to prompt the user to click on it.

Paid Marketing

Even after following all the above-mentioned marketing tips, if you’re still getting no significant results, that probably means you either have high competition or your niche isn’t much popular yet. This is where paid marketing comes in handy. Videos with most views are most likely to appear higher in YouTube SERP. Moreover, people don’t feel like clicking on videos with little to no views – even if they’re better than ones with thousands of views. To get you started, we suggest going for paid yet real YouTube views.