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Why you must build a email list and different ways to doing so

When visitor comes to your site and they enjoy what you have to offer your content, your videos, but then they leave. Then eventually they forget about you. They have no way of getting back your site. The some other war think well what was that site. I went to last week they  just don't remember how to get back to your site so what you did marketing wise to get them there is all lost with you invested money into paid ads to get them there you have no way to communicate with them.
Your visitor comes to your site and  they see that you're offering a free report or something of value in exchange for their email address They like what they see, so they sign up on your email list. Now you have a way to communicate with them. You can put them onto your autoresponder system. You can begin to send them daily or weekly tips. And you have a way to warm them up, so but benchley they will either by your stuff for by affiliate products that you promote in that is why you need to have a email list so that you can communicate with your visitors who actually see value in your stuff
that you are providing now let me talk about the types of lists and ways to build them. There are two main types of lists. The first type of lists
Free - Asually consists of you giving away something of value for free. Free report free ebook, free newsletter, free audio, free video, free webniar, etc. That they were actually want now this title is tends to require a little bit this list tends to require a little more warming up, may not trust you as
quick, but are open and need a little more convincing
Customer - A list filled with people who buy from you. This is more ideal and tends to convert higher because they are invested money into you and trust you
What you need to build a list
You need to have a autoresponder service. This is used to create subcription forms so people can sign up on to your list. It is also used to email your subcribers

Monday, July 20, 2015

How to uncover a profitable market and keywords

To start creating your Google Cash Site the very first thing you will need to do is to choose a market or niche to target and then we will need to find a keyword that can be monetized and most mportantly profit from.
Our Google Cash Site will be based around a single long tailed keyword. By long tailed keyword I mean a phrase that someone would type into the Google search engine that contains at least 3 or more words and no less.
The main reason our site is going to rank on the 1st page of Google for that search term is because our well written website will be laser targeted around that keyword.
And remember with the coming methods you will know exactly how many people are searching for that exact keyword.

How to Uncover a Profitable Market/Niche you can monetize.
There are a number of ways to find a profitable Market or Niche that is easy to monetize.
The best way to do this is to put yourself in the shoes of the potential searcher. For example: When you want to buy a TV or Computer you would probably go to your local store but if you were searching for a way to fix a sexual issue or a personal issue most people would be too shy to go to their local store and ask for a solution so they then turn to the internet to search for an answer to their problem. These markets are going to be the best ones to try and target. One tried and tested method to find a good market is to look on sites like yahoo answers and both of these plus many others are great sources to find markets to target. Just look at the common questions that people are asking and list some of these down, this will show you what people are searching for online and most importantly what they are obviously having trouble finding the answers or solutions they require.
Sometimes the best way is to target a market or niche that interests you or you have experience in.
Some good Niches I have targeted that have been profitable for me are:
  • Cell Spying
  • Reverse number look up
  • Gaming
  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Weight Loss
  • Wedding planning
  • Sexual issues
  • Personal Development
These are just a handful of niches that I have used in the past to help get your brain ticking over. Try to think outside the box and really get yourself lost in the shoes of others as there are thousands and thousands of different Niche’s you can target.

How to Find a Product to Promote
After you establish what niche you wish to target you will need to be sure there are products in that niche that you can promote.
Most people will tell you to go straight to Clickbank and although Clickbank is great I find with everyone using this service the potential keywords have been all but used. I will use Clickbank though if I can’t find a product to promote anywhere else only after I have exhausted the other options below.
I prefer to use a few different places to search for products. If you type affiliate programs into the Google search bar you will notice there are a heap of different market places for you to choose from. I personally have tried quite a number of different affiliate networks but the main two that I use are called Avangate and Plimus, you can get to Plimus by going to and to get to Avangate go to There are others I use like , for physical products and as well as but never forget the good old
All of the above programs are free to join and I will show you how to do this in video 1. Most just require you to fill in a simple registration form to get started. I will also show you how to choose a good product that converts well. If you choose a product that has a low conversion rate you once again will waste a lot of time and effort creating a site that may rank in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position on Google and get a lot of targeted visitors but in the end you will get zero sales.
Rule of thumb – After you check out the products sales page make sure if you were looking for a similar product, would you buy it? If after checking it out and you personally feel you wouldn’t buy it then don’t promote it. Remember by no means do you have to stick to the affiliate networks I have
suggested, it’s just these one’s have performed best for me. Now that you have your market and product to promote selected let’s get onto the next step.
In the next step I really want you to focus and maybe even read over this section twice and watch my live demonstration video a few times as it’s one of the most important parts of the whole process.
Once you have found a product that you think will work in your market start to think about the keywords that people would type into Google to find solutions that fit alongside these products.
Visit the products sales page and the products main website for idea’s. I sometimes go to the products frequently asked questions section if they have one as this will give you a quick guide into what people have been asking in the past.
Once again all of this will be much clearer in the first video.
Ok so now let’s get onto the next part of the Google Cash Explosion process. How to decide on the Type of Keyword you should Target. There are essentially 2 types of keywords I would use, one is based around helping people find a solution to a problem like “How to impress women”, “How to train your puppy dog”, “How to lose weight off my thighs”, Why can’t I get a date” and “Where can I get a good wedding speech”. So for this method it’s the How, Why and Where phrases. These keywords would usually mean you will be creating a story website with a product suggestion to solve their problem or to offer a solution. Here’s an example of a site based around this type of keyword:
The other type of keyword to target is the product led type which is my personal favorite. This is simple the keywords you would normally target are phrases such as “product name”, “product name review”, “product name reviews”, “product name pro”, “product name login”,“product name  freebie”, “product name free download”, “buy product name”, “get product name”, “product name download” and “product name torrent”. Of course there are more to choose from but they are the ones I use most often. 
Most people will say that targeting a keyword with free or free download in it will not attract a buyer but I find that to be the complete opposite. If the content is written well and you offer a real solution in your content, make sure you actually help people with their issue and in the end they will buy from you as you have built a great deal of trust plus they have obviously been searching for a while.
Just state in your content that a free download is not available from a trusted site but there is a solution you can obtain this “product name” for the very cheapest price that you could find. This comes well after you have tried to solve their problem or issue and really sound concerned with
finding them a solution. 
If you do this correctly you will find that the sales will start to pour in. To explain this in detail I will be given you a real life example of a site where I do exactly this in the 2nd video. 
Here’s an example of a site based around the product led type of keyword:

If you are trying to target a physical product then try to be very specific, instead of targeting a keyword like “iPhone 5” which would be impossible to rank for, target a keyword that is way more specific like “buy a cheap Unlocked Apple iPhone 5”. 
Here’s an example of a physical product based keyword site:
Another great way to find a keyword to target is to find a new product that is launching and select one of the product led keywords on the product that is about to launch.
For example, if the product that is going to launch is called “Mobile App Magic” then you would target a keyword like “Mobile App Magic”, “Mobile App Magic Review”, “Mobile App Magic Download”, “About Mobile App Magic”, “Mobile App Magic Bonus” or “Mobile App Magic Free Download”.
There are others that you can target and the main reason is that there will be nobody before the launch looking for this particular product, mainly because nobody knows about it.
Once the product launches you will find with all the interest around that product there will be heaps of people wanting to read a review or get more information about the product before they buy it.
So if you are going down this angle there is no keyword research required at all. You will need to be quick to get the domain name that you require which is once again the same as your main keyword.
How to find up and coming product launches is the hardest part in this process. You can do some research in a few different ways like your local newspaper, popular magazines, TV reports or the best way to find a new launch is to go to a website called JV Notify Pro. The site address is 
On JV Notify Pro you can go through a list of products that are being launched in the future. They give you sales information, review information and a ton of affiliate sales information as well.
I will put an extra video in the member area to show you how to choose a great JV launch product. To promote these products just use the process that will be covered in chapter three and write a full product review on the new product. 
This type of Google cash site can be extremely profitable and it’s definitely worth looking into.
In my example of creating a Google Cash site I will show you how to find a basic long tailed keyword.
I had planned to build this Google Cash site anyway so you can all now see live exactly how I do this. The entire process is the same except I will be focusing on the full review style of site.
I do hope that you have understood what I mean in this section as it’s one of the most important sections of the Google Cash Explosion Method. You may need to read over this a couple of times and watch the live training video to get a good grasp on this whole chapter.
The Google Cash Explosion Keyword Search Volume Rule
Once you understand what type of keyword you may try to target the first thing to do is to write a bunch of these long tailed keywords down on a notepad or word document.
The next thing we will do is to go to the Google keyword Planner. You can find this by typing in planner. The reason I use this tool is because we are trying to impress Google for our rankings so why not use their tool that shows the exact amount of times a
person has searched for that exact phrase or keyword.
Once you are in the Google keyword Planner you are going to place each keyword or phrase that you have written down into the search bar which you get to by clicking on the tab that say search for new keyword and ad group ideas at the top of the keyword Planner. Enter your keyword in here and then Click on the get ideas button and see the results that are given.
(Remember to select keyword ideas once the search start because we are not interested in the group ideas default section)
Rule 1 – When selecting the keyword you want to target it must be getting at least 700+ searches per month or more and make sure that the trends on the right of the results are not declining to rapidly. Once again I will show you live how to do this in the 2nd video. (Note: You can target keywords with less than 700 searches per month but this will dramatically decrease the potential earnings from your site.)
Finding a keyword that meets the criteria is very important so keep trying till you get one, you can also go through each of the results that Google keyword tool lists to see if one will fit the criteria.
Next you will need to check another important rule before you can be sure that this search phrase meets the Google Cash Explosion criteria.
The competitive analysis rule
So you have hopefully by now found some keywords that fit into the above criteria, if so we need to now check the second rule in our Google Cash Explosion check list.
The second rule is to analyze the competition for that particular keyword. To do this we need to head over to Google and type in the keyword we have just found, once you do this you will notice the number of pages that are ranking for that keyword. This can be seen just below the search box. See
the screenshot below for an example:

Rule 2 – When you type in the keyword and see the number of competing page usually I won’t bother consider targeting this keyword if the overall competition is greater than 1,500,000. Don’t ask me why it’s just what has worked for me, the less the number of competing pages the better.
Next we need to add the phrase marks around the keyword and once again check the number of competing pages. If the number of pages competing pages is less than 23,000 I will then consider targeting this keyword for my Google Cash Site.
The final part of this competitive analysis is to remove the phrase marks from the keyword and look in detail at the top 10 results. What I am trying to do is to avoid targeting a keyword that has large authority sites in the top 10 results as it is going to be very unlikely that I will be able to out rank
Here’s some Authority sites that I will avoid competing against: Wikipedia, wiki answers, wiki how and ehow. The basic meaning of an authority site is a website that is a large brand name site which is usually made up of multiple pages and multiple articles some will even cover 100’s of different
topics within that niche.
What I always do is avoid site’s that have a PR of 4 or higher this is a pretty clear cut method of analyzing the competition as an authority site (PR meaning Page Rank).
To see the PR of a site you will need to install a free tool called SemRush and within semrush at the bottom of the site you will need to use their tool that’s called SEO Quake, what SEO Quake will do is display some very useful information under each of the results when you search in Google. The
feature that will be most interested in for now is the competing site’s Page Rank or PR number. 
You can get SemRush at Once you are in semrush, head to the very bottom of the site and you will see the software called SEO Quake, install this software and it will create a Mozilla Firefox Add on so you can then see the results straight from the Google search engine. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of what the results look like with SEO Quake installed:

How to find these keywords
Just to recap everything you will need to do in article
1. Find a niche or Market you can monetize – remember the rule to target markets that will and do attract desperate hungry buyers with a real desire to learn something, answer a question or fix a problem. 
After you get this in your mind list down the topics that you understand or have experience in.
2. Find a product to promote that is selling well or has a high conversion rate – remember to put yourself in your potential customers shoes and if you feel you would buy it then it’s probably
worth promoting
3. List 5 – 10 long tailed keywords that relate to the product or niche, plug then into the Google keyword tool and then stick to the following rules.
  • 700 searches per month for that keyword
  • Page competition without phrase marks is 1,500,000 or less – remember less is better.
  • Page competition with phrase marks is 23,000 or less – remember less is better
  • Remove the phrase marks, search again and check the top 10 results are not authority sites with a PR of 4 or higher (therefore you want to be competing with sites that have a PR of 3 or less (once again less is better)
I know that it may seem like I have given a lot of mind drilling detail in this section but it’s probably the most important process of the entire Google Cash Explosion System. If you don’t get this right your Google Cash Site will be likely to fail. So follow these steps and rules in order to guarantee your
site will be successful and create a great residual income that will grow on autopilot month after month.

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How to make $100 A day with YouTube

YouTube receives more than one billion unique visits a month.
Thousands of average internet users are already making full-time money on Youtube.
It is very easy to get started. Before you know it, you could be on your way to making a living online, with your own Youtube channel.
Do you have a website or blog? Are you receiving the traffic that you need to make a profit? Or have you been hit by Google's ever-changing SEO updates.
If the Google update has targeted your website, you will see a drop in your daily website traffic.
You can use Youtube to regain the traffic that you lost from Google. I will show you how to make $100 A day

1. Getting Traffic To Your Site Via Youtube.
Once you are up and running, you can create a few new videos and turn some of your older content into videos.
One of the best ways to get traffic to your website or blog is to include your full url in the first line of your video description.
Once your video has been processed, Youtube will show your url as a click-able link that will be indexed by the search engines and once clicked, it will take the visitor directly to your website.

2. Product Creation And Product Reviews on Youtube
Are you ready to create your own product?
The Youtube social network offers a number of different methods that you can use to promote your products.
You could create an information ebook, apps, art work or music download files. Add a paypal button to your website for payment and you are in business.
What if you don't want to create your own product? No Problem.
You can join one of the many free affiliate networks.
Affiliate marketing is just another way to sell products online that are owned by a vendor. Once a product is sold, you are paid by the affiliate network by check or paypal.
There are thousands of free affiliate networks that you can join in minutes.
One of the best affiliate networks to join includes Amazon, Clickbank, CJ Commission Junction, and ShareASale.
There are thousands of affiliate networks that you can join, however the list above includes most of the leading companies in the industry.
One of the easiest methods, that you can use to get started making money quickly on
Youtube, is to create product reviews and tutorial videos.
You can get started in minutes by joining any of these top affiliate programs.
They are one of the leading affiliate networks that sell thousands of different products worldwide.

3. Create Your Own TV Show.
Do you have a story to tell? You can create your own TV show series on Youtube.
Your possibilities are unlimited. You can create your own talk show, drama series or comedy series.
It just depends on how much work you want to put into it and your budget.
At this time, Youtube limits TV shows to 15 minutes. You will need to increase your limit in order to do a good job, at creating your TV series.
A lot of people have developed a new career once they have received thousands of views on Youtube.
Some of the most popular self made video topics are beauty tips, exercise workouts, dieting tips and singing.

4. Become a Youtube Super Star.
Developing your Youtube channel could make you a lot of money.
If you have a new idea that becomes popular on Youtube, you could receive thousands of views.
Youtube will pay you around $7 per 1 thousand video views.

5. Getting Your Share Of The Profits
Once you have created 4 or 5 videos. it's about time for you to go to the next step and join YouTube’s partner program.
To be able to monetize your videos on YouTube, you'll first need to set up a Youtube Channel.
Next you will need to go to YouTube's Partners page to join their program.
Once that is done, click on the relevant link under the Monetize Your Video Click Here to get started. Before you are able to get started, you will need to verify your channel.

6. Tutorial Videos
Do you know how to repair your car or how to fix things around the house.
How to videos are huge on Youtube. Some of the more popular beauty videos have over 1 million views.
You could create a video of you repairing your car, fixing your roof or baking a cake. You can share just about anything that you can think of.
Thousands of people are turning to the internet to get advice and view different types of how to videos.
Do you have an idea for a new product?
Create a video about your product or service and upload it to Youtube.
Then check out your views and comments posted about your idea.
This will give you a better idea of how your product or service will be accepted in the market place.
It is a lot easier to get funding if you can show that a lot of people are interested in your products.

7. It is important to select the right Keywords
Thousands of videos are uploaded everyday. That means that there's a huge amount of  competition on Youtube.
You will need to do everything you can to get your videos found. This is where using video meta data comes in to play.
Video meta data is the area where you would include the title, description and keywords for your video.
Basically, you must fully optimize your video's data tags so that your videos will be found for your selected topic or niche.
Youtube works a lot like a search engine. Optimizing your videos for keyword search will make all the difference between your success or failure.

8. How Would You Like To Make Your child or pet a star.
You don't have to be a good singer to become a star on Youtube.
With a little bit of luck, you could shoot a video of a double rainbow or your child doing something unusual and it goes viral.
Keep your video camera handy as you go about your day. If you see something that is cute, interesting or unusual, tape it and upload it to Youtube.
You never can tell who or what will be the next video sensation.

9. A Better Way To Do Keyword Research
Because of the high competition you are bound to face, effective keyword research is crucial.
Here is a simple method that can be done in 5 minutes. This will put you ahead of the competition every time.
Detailed keyword analysis would normally take hours or days to complete.
Most people don't have a lot of free time to invest in detailed keyword research.
The way this method works, is that you would go to Youtube and type in the keyword phrases that you think people would use to find your product or service.
As you type, Youtube will provide suggestions that will show the most common searches for your keyword phrases.
Make a note of the top results from their drop down list and include those keyword phrases in
your video titles.
Also you should make a note of the less relevant terms and use those in your keyword tags to receive some extra link juice.
Another secret that most people overlook is to type your keyword ideas into Youtube, so that you can see what are some of the relevant terms that are currently being used by Youtube visitors.
This process could give you some fresh ideas towards your next video topics.

10. Give Away Free Stuff
I am sure that you have heard of websites, blogs or video channels that offer free gifts.
Another method you can use to make money with videos is to give your visitor free plr articles or ebooks.
Give away a few chapters of the articles or ebooks.
You can charge your customer a fee to receive the rest of the articles or ebook.
You can collect their payment by installing a paypal button on your website or blog.
You can use a ebook download service that will deliver your articles or ebook once the payment is made.
There are a number or ebook management services on Google.
Most of them are free to join. They would normally charge you a small fee after your product is sold.
You can purchase PLR articles or ebooks online for about $5.00 and resell them and keep all the profits. PLR stands for private label rights.
These are ebooks that you can resell and keep all the profits.
To find websites that offer PLR products you can go to Google and do a search for (PRL Private Label Rights Ebooks).

11. YouTube Trends
This system was release on December or 2010. YouTube Trends is a free online tool that was designed to help online marketers stay on top of the latest trending videos on Youtube.
YouTube Trends allows you to collect more information about who is watching the most popular videos.
You can search by age group, city, country and gender.
Their dashboard lets you quickly discover and explore what's popular in different cities around the world.

12. Secret Amazon Marketing Tips
This is a easy guaranteed method to earn extra money quick commissions from Amazon.
If you use this method correctly, you will have very little or no competition in terms of ranking on the first page of the Google search engine.
When you release a new video for a new keyword phrase, your video will rank on the first page of Google in about an hour.
The key to the method is to go to the website below and review the new products that have been released by Amazon. It must be a product name that is new and it has not been indexed or listed by Google.
The method will still work, even if it is listed by Google, so long as it is not listed by a major website. YouTube videos will easily out rank most of the average websites.
Create a product review video with the new product name in the title, description and in the keyword tags.
You will need to join the Amazon's affiliate program and add your affiliate link on your website or blog.
Add your website url to your video description. It is also a good idea to add the products picture on your website. You should also add your affiliate link to your product image.
The method will work for any new online product that has an unique name that has not been listed on Google.
A product review video will always out rank the average websites in about an hour.

13. It’s Possible!
In this course, I have outlined some of the easiest techniques that anyone can use today to start earn $100 a day.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with millions of video views a month. Google has made it almost impossible to rank on page one for any major keyword phrase. Whereas with YouTube; it is still possible, to rank and profit from youtube videos.

YouTube Black Book: How To Create a Channel, Build an Audience and Make Money on YouTube

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Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

Together with the increasing popularity of the web an increasing number of people are starting to use the tools the web provides. Together with the capacity to efficiently promote your company through internet means, the gains are comparatively never-ending. It's very important that you simply know the distinction vs free traffic to be able to get the brand recognition and exposure that you need.

The overall term "traffic" can be used throughout online communities all around the globe. Traffic is basically the quantity of people that see your site on a daily basis. Together with the more traffic which you collect, of raising your gains, the possibility becomes more feasible. Additionally, so the more people that become conscious of your business and more traffic necessarily equates to a greater quantity and/or products, the much more probable it's that you would have more customers buying products or your services.

There really are various on-line companies offering big and modest scaled companies using the chance to get traffic that is paid. Whether it be by paying the enterprise to offer your web site with search engine optimization practices that are more advantageous or whether you are going to only pay them to get more people to go to your web site, you'll be given the chance to get paid traffic. A large proportion of companies have a tendency to find traffic that is paid as a result of how they are not going to have to be concerned about executing variables to collect the clientele themselves.

For traffic that is free, which is just the entire quantity of people who see your site without it being necessary for you to spend any cash on attempting to drive your business toward your web site. As your site becomes higher to the major search engines, your link will be clicked on by more people so that you can get the services they need. Many small business owners find that collecting traffic that is free is preferential because of the reality that they're in a position to truly save a copious sum of money.

Paid traffic vs traffic that is free is a matter that needs to be considered when any company starts to start their very own web page. Together with the power to get the most quantity of prospective customers, businesses are given the chance to collect much more gains and higher exposure in the close of the entire year.

These websites provide you with the chance to set up your brand name before countless individuals globally in friendly, conversational surroundings. Also, millions of people are an excellent instrument to stay in contact together with your visitors, create a web-based standing, and introduce your services and products to the international community in manners that are cost effective.

The truth is, there's no initial cost to join social networking stations plus millions of people have been shown to be as powerful as or more so than simply marketing that is plain. Conventional marketing can be quite expensive also it doesn't have permanence. As soon as you quit paying for the marketing
message, you're off the radar and most folks can forget about your company as well as you quite quickly.
On the flip side, when you confirm a presence in social networking sites, you then become a long-term basic locally. Moreover, you are given the occasion to befriend your visitors, leverage word of mouth marketing, and trade useful communication with co-workers as well as other members of the social networking community by social media. Furthermore, social media are a really powerful method of networking your company.

However, before you join, you need to develop a strategic plan how these resources will be leveraged by you. It can be quite time intensive to make sure that you give your personal content, and keep at the top of what's happening in the city, participate in conversations. Preparation becomes crucial due to the rapid rate communication stations that are constitutional in the majority of the social media. It's not enough to simply "log in" once weekly or every couple of months.
Social media marketing is all about creating links that are friendly with other people. Your advertising message needs to be supplied inside useful strategies and resources or the context of a dialog. Avoid posting ad that is direct in the conventional sense. Also, ensure your posts are  articipating as well as entertaining. Have a great time.

An organization of savvy online entrepreneurs chose to begin The Warrior Forum.
Throughout time, The Warrior Forum is now the main site where Internet marketers gather to swap hints, tricks, advice, popular bargains, training, as well as other services.
Now, new and seasoned Internet marketers are offered by The Warrior Forum characteristics including:
-- Unique offers for the members of Warrior
-- A plethora of services and Warrior products.
-- Services including marketing, copywriting, ad networks programming, -
-- Member Competitions & Challenges
-- Affiliate systems
-- Mobile Advertising
-- Articles
Most Internet marketing "gurus" appear to have quit frequenting the newsgroup lately. The truth is, many popular ones appear to have vanished completely in the World Wide Web. Yet, services and the products that the popular ones created years back, in the start, are going.

By joining the newsgroup, you'll guidance, the chance to offer your own services and products, and learn suggestions and valuable tricks of the trade. Instead of having one mentor, you've got an entire community of the forum.
There's no better method to learn from a person who understands it than about internet business, in and outside. The trusted guidance they are able to give you may function as the secret to making your company a success. Also, furthermore getting assistance from your pros, you will networking and
socializing with others who are seeking guidance to make their new enterprises successful.

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How To Start Making Money On Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, referred to as 'gigs' beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use Fiverr to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services. Currently, Fiverr lists more than three million services on the site that range between $5 and $500. (wikipedia)

The Screenshot below is of my Fiverr account, as you can see it shows more than enough completed gigs to prove that I know which sellers to choose for this method. As you can see I have 2 gigs in progress, the top one is for a client I picked up using this method and the other one is something I'm testing for my next WSO.
I have in total 425 completed gigs, most of which did a good job, some were shocking but after spending over $2000 I've managed to collate a list of what I call “Super Sellers” that go above and beyond which in turn helps me to pocket a nice little profit each day/week/month for doing very
little work.

OK now that I have proved I have the necessary Fiverr qualifications let's get to the nuts and bolts of this method. You have probably guessed by now that we are going to be using gigs to complete the packages we offer for sale online. The good thing for you is you haven't got to spend over $2000 testing gigs, you haven't got to guess which packages to sell and you haven't got to figure out how to sell more services to your new clients!
In the file you downloaded when you purchased this WSO you will find Ad Copy, Swipe Files, Places to Advertise, Packages to Sell, Links to Fiverr Sellers.
For the purpose of this WSO one of my clients Neil has given me permission to use his website as an example. Neil bought what I call a “Hook Package” from me which I advertise on Ebay for £99, the reason I call it a “Hook Package” is because it is a great package for a low price which a potential customer will find hard to resist. Once they have taken the bait you have them on your hook allowing you to turn them from a customer into a client. After fees I still made a £30 profit on this package
but more importantly I am building a relationship with him which will turn him into a long-term client. So lets dig into the package I sold him! Below are Screenshots of the 3 gigs I use for the “Hook Package”

Gig 1 Hook Package

In my opinion this is by far the best gig on Fiverr in terms of value, customer service, quality and time, I have used this gig on my own sites and can't tell you what a life saver it has been. Joy from India has sold thousands of gigs with almost a perfect 5 stars, for $5 you get a great deal but you would have to do a bit of work yourself which would defeat the object of this WSO. We need to order his gig extras.

I buy his gig extras because he does everything from the keyword research to 4 months of linkbuilding for SEO maintenance and even includes all of the reports which you can pass onto your clients. He also gives you a free gig extra if you buy 2 gig extras so I always order the first two listed and get the third one free, in total I spend $65 with this seller. Take a look at what his service offers below:

Most Experienced SEO Analyst and Strategist at Fiverr!!I know what you Really want is Safe, Top Page 1 Rankings & TargetedVisitors!! So here i am to help you out ...So what will you get for the $5 gig ?Boost in Google rankings for your Keywords with my Basic SEOCampaignGig extras ? Any Guarantee?For the First Gig extra (Highly recommended), i will run the Mosteffective SEO campaign which will cover Web 2.0, Wiki, Socialbookmarking, Social networking, PDF, Article submission, RSS modulesfrom Top selected websites ensuring your website is on Page 1 in Googlewithin 60 days and its 100% GUARANTEEDFor the Second Gig Extra I will give you a Brief On Page Audit reportand will run the Basic campaign for next 4 months (for maintenance)P.S:If the website doesn't ranks at the first go then, it might need furthercampaigns for which i will bear the expenses :)

After order, i will suggest if your keywords are good to be ranked and you will benefit by them or not. If not, i will give you 3 Best Keywords!
 Buy (gig extra) 2 times you get 1 (gig extra) for no extra cost For $65 you are getting a great deal for your client, I have seen services like this cost hundreds of dollars on other websites and I have used Joy many times so I can vouch for him 100%.

Let's have a look at this method in short:
List Hook Packages For Sale Online.
Extract More Cash By Selling Your Customer More Services.
Outsource The Work To Sellers On Fiverr.
Pocket The Profit.
Everything you need to succeed with this method is included, nothing is left out, you just need to take action. This method is easy so don't over complicate things.

Download Ebook: How to Become a Professional Reseller on Fiverr and SEOClerks

How Should I Use YouTube Annotations?

You’ve probably seen YouTube annotations: pop-ups; text bubbles; links; all in different colors and fonts, and all part ofthe YouTube system. YouTube is working diligently, spending millions of dollars to integrate this across all ofthe platforms, including television and mobile.
What do you do with that? How do you use them? How do you make them part ofyour business? Fact number one: annotations bring integration, they bring interactivity, and they bring some very cool things into the online video process. You definitely want to leverage that.
Fact number two: YouTube is adding more and more features all the time, and they are working diligently in making it work across all oftheir platforms. YouTube is focused on letting you do more cool things with them on more platforms than ever before.
Some people won’t be able to see or interact with annotations, however, so you need to keep that in consideration. Realize that right now, at least at the time ofwriting, you can even add an annotation that says, “Click here to get a million dollars”, but ifthat person is watching on an iPhone, they won’t see the annotation and they won’t click for the cash. People on mobile devices just aren’t able to use annotations, so take that in consideration during the production ofyour videos.
So what can you do with annotations? You can obviously incorporate humor, as well as commentary and supplemental things that aren’t 100% necessary. You can ask somebody to subscribe or make a joke by telling them when the next video is coming out. Annotations that work best are ones have no negative impact ifthey are not seen (like when they’re viewed on a mobile or another screen).
One thing you can do is you can link – and that’s a powerful facet ofannotations. At the time of writing, you are able to link to other YouTube videos. Imagine that somebody has just found your Channel and they’re watching a video that they like; when they reach the end ofthe video and they want more, you should certainly tell them, “I have more, here’s a video about X”. The great thing about annotations is that when viewers click on one, it takes them directly to that video.
I’ve seen people who have added annotations to their videos and doubled their viewing figures just over the course ofone week.
You can also link to a playlist, simply by saying, “Ifyou like this video, I’ve got ten more videos on this topic,” and provide a link to that list. You should realize as well that the playlist can come up in YouTube results, so you have effectively double power there.
You can also link viewers back to your channel page. By providing a channel link, you link people back to who it is you are and what it is you do. It’s very powerful and very easy, and I definitely recommend that you do that.
You can also add an annotation to a Google+ profile page. In fact, Google Talk, Google, YouTube, Google Docs – all ofthe Google empire – tightly integrate with the Google+ social platform. So if you build the link outside ofYouTube to your Google+ profile page, it is incredibly powerful. It will bring people to additional content and additional sites and from there, you can link to a subscription button.
Getting people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel is incredibly beneficial and something that you want to consider; because the more people subscribed, the more people will come back when you put up the next video. It begins to be a snowball rolling down the side ofthe mountain; it gets bigger and bigger with the power ofgravity that comes along with it.
You can also link to a fund-raising project for non-profits or to a Kickstarter account.
And finally, there is an option to include annotation links to merchandise providers. YouTube has a list ofones that you can use, so do check the list. At the time ofpublication, the only e-commerce option available is Shopify, which currently has a 14-day free trial worth looking at.
So, it is possible to link to many cool things external to YouTube; just be aware ofthe people who are not able to view them.
What are the action items? What can you do with all these choices?
Make use ofannotations when they make sense. For example, including a subscribe annotation in every single one ofyour videos makes complete and total sense. Let people know that you’ve got more for them to see by linking to playlists and linking to other videos; all ofthese ideas are very strategic and very easily implemented. They don’t know you; they don’t know that you have this ther video; so linking to those things can be incredibly powerful.
When I write about “making sense” in annotations, I am talking about the simple fact that not all systems are going to support such annotations. Nothing is sillier than watching a video on a television set that says “click on the balloon” that isn’t there or listening to video tell you that something is there, when, in fact, it isn’t.
The first options “make sense” because they work regardless of whether the user can see them or not. An annotation that tells someone to subscribe is gold for someone who can see it, and it means nothing to someone who cannot.
All is not lost ifall ofyour audience can’t view your annotations. Ifyou’re linked to something external, address the fact that it might not work on their particular screen and give them an  lternative.
For example, you might have the video say “To learn more, go ahead and click on the link that says learn more and we’ll take you right to an account over at Kickstarter. Or ifyou’re viewing on a phone
or a television set or other device which doesn’t have external links, you can visit us at,” then put that link right inside ofthe video file. Linking to something external and speaking about it is fine; you just need to address the fact that they might not be able to do that as well.
Finally, annotations asking people to give you a thumbs up are always doable. Ofcourse, ifyou make it social, you get automatic sharing across all ofthe different networks. That is your best use of YouTube annotations.
I want to point out again that in the next chapter I examine what I consider to be the future of Annotations.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Make money with Clickbank and BuySellAds

I’m going to teach you how you can invest $30- $50 a month and get out standing ROI using BuySellAds
I’ll walk you through the same campaign I ran last month. It made me almost $280.
First, I signed up at the site BuySellAds.
When you go to BuySellAds you will be presented with a screen showing two options— Advertisers and Publishers.

Click on Get Started under Advertisers.
Once you do that you will be presented with a lot of categories. You can also access the categories by clicking on Marketplace.

You will be presented with several categories. For this particular thing that we are doing I feel that the best categories would be Beauty, Health and Pets. There are a lot of products on sites like Clickbank which we can promote.
However, that doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself with these alone. If you find a good product, come back and search for a site here where you think you can sell it.

I decided to go with the Beauty and Fashion category at
And, these are the sites that were listed in there.

As you can see from the screenshot, the websites listed here are getting insane amounts of traffic – and for just $30- $50 a month you can tap into 600,000+ impressions!
I chose Leather Celebrities for my test run.

I paid $60 to run a 300x250 banner for 30 days. (As you can see above, the price
is now $80.)
Now, since we’re dealing with Beauty and Fashion, I figured it would be wise to find an affiliate product those appeals to women. The product need not be something that’s in the Beauty and Fashion niche, but it needs to be something that would appeal to the audience.
Like you could buy a banner on a tech site and promote something called “Dating for geeks”. I haven’t tried that yet.
To take this a step further you can study the target demographic using sites like SimilarWeb or Alexa.
I Searched on ClickBank( for a dating offer. I chose this one: It has a decent gravity and you can make decent money even if one or two of these get sold.
The Affiliate page is:

Once you’re on the Affiliate page you’ll find about 4 different products you can promote. I chose this offer:

Now click on BANNERS

You should see this

Now let’s head back to Leather Celebritieson BuySellAds and click on the site
This is where our banner will display. You’ll notice that a couple of other affiliates are also promoting this offer, so you might want to switch up your offer and choose another Beauty and Fashion site within BuySellAds.
But for now, let’s follow

A problem that you may face while implementing this 
One of the problems that you may face is that BuySellAds won’t approve Clickbank urls. There are some offers to which direct linking isn’t allowed.
But there’s a smart workaround this problem.
Just go to

Enter your Clickbank nickname and that of the vendor’s. Your Clickbank nickname is that which with you login to Clickbank.
Finding Vendor nickname is easy.

When you choose an offer and click on promote, you will get a pop-up similar
to this

The vendor nickname is highlighted above. Enter both in and you will get a link that works with BuySellAds.
Next, you are going to download the banner from the affiliate page and submit it to BuySellAds, along with your affiliate link. That’s it!
I got about 278 clicks in 30 days, and6 sales. This made me just about $212 +1 upsell =$273
Why wait? Visit BuySellAds to check out some cool stuff. The site’s been around for some time now, and can be very profitable for you if have the right offer.
I hope you’ve enjoy this report – and that you’ll take action!

What Equipment and Software Do I Need to Create a Decent Quality Video?

First, you need a high-definition (HD) camera. The funny thing is that the high-definition camera on your phone is probably good enough for what you need to do. And while the HD camera on your phone is good, you can get even better ones for less than $100. In the grand scheme ofthings, this will probably be the last year I mention that your camera must be HD as it is simply becoming the standard.
Actually, more important than the video is the audio quality. I’ve seen people who have $50 phone cameras, but $200 or $400 audio rigs, because the audio is actually more important than the camera image.
Do you need that high-definition camera? Yes, you do, because you want to upload in high-definition quality to YouTube so that the consumer takes you seriously. Even so, audio is still more important. There are several great microphones for under $100; you can do your homework by visiting a site like Amazon and looking for the most highly-ranked equipment. My favorite options are listed in the “Paul’s Favorite Tech” chapter ofthis book.
The next most important thing is the lighting; you want to have great lighting. Ifyou can afford it, examine three-point lighting, which you can search for in your favorite search engine (YouTube has video after video that explains how to utilize this method).
One alternative, ifyou don’t have good lighting, is to go outside to Mother Nature where there is good organic lighting (though obviously, don’t go out shooting in the middle ofa storm). However, know that lighting is the second most important aspect ofyour video production behind audio.
A decent quality video option can also be a screencast video, which is a video recording of your screen. Screencasting is a technique commonly used in how-to videos. The video that I initially created for this book was a screencast video that’s been extremely profitable for me. With screencasting, I don’t have to worry about lighting, I don’t have to worry about cameras, I just need software and a microphone. It is certainly a great option for you.
The microphone I use is the Blue Nessie, purchased for under $100 on Amazon. In terms of screencasting programs, you have two major software options: Camtasia on the PC and Screen Flow on the Mac. Both ofthose programs have 30-day trials that you can utilize ifyou wish, and you can produce great videos with them. They even have the ability to input video editing ifthat’s something you need.
Finally, in terms oftraditional video editing, iMovie on the Mac works well. Whatever version of iMovie you have is great, and you can download it from the Apple store. Ifyou are unfortunate and saddled with a PC, I would not recommend Windows Movie Maker. Sony Movie Studio on the PC, however, is a fine product; and you can usually get that with a coupon for under $100.
What about the higher-end video editing products? Right now, my recommendation is that once you need that kind ofwork, hand it over to a professional - or consider looking for a book on video editing (versus on one YouTube strategies).
So the action item is simply to get over the tech and grab a high-definition camera for under $100; or, alternatively, realize that most likely, your phone will do the job. Next, invest in decent audio, set up quality lighting and get to work on making your videos. Then put them on YouTube and see what ind
ofresponse you get. There is no better way to pay for a new camera than from the monetary success ofyour previous videos.
That’s all the equipment and software you need to make a decent quality video. Get to work!

Ultra HD? 4K Video?
In the “What’s Next” chapter I talk about the new 4K, or Ultra HD, video standard. There are some cameras that you can buy right now that offer that level ofquality at some surprisingly reasonable prices. At this point, editing 4K is a considerable undertaking that is not to be underestimated. Consider your comfort and ability level with significantly larger files and make that decision accordingly.
In short, you can produce stunning video with a good HD camera and a decent microphone - quite possibly using the phone in your pocket and a microphone you pick up for less than a hundred bucks

What is the Ideal Length for a YouTube Video?

People ask me this all the time: what is the ideal video length? You hear (silly) statements such as, “We are in the YouTube era, nobody watches video more than three minutes.” People make these  blanket statements ofabsolute nonsense, so let’s take the time to walk through these myths.
Fact: the concept that people only watch short videos online is simply false.
If you think about it logically, YouTube has spent millions ofdollars putting up full-length concerts, all-day festivals and other all-day events; simply because people do consume long-form content.

They also put up a lot ofpolitical events, speeches and debates that are all consumed in great quantities. YouTube would not spend millions putting up long-form content ifpeople didn’t watch it.
The reason why most videos are only three minutes in length is because most people only have three minutes of content to say. Or, they are building videos for an audience with three-minute attention spans. Ifyou only have three minutes ofcontent to say, and you have an audience with a three-minute attention span, obviously deal with that audience; but the idea that only short videos are consumed is absolutely ridiculous.
If you want to leave the world of YouTube, consider Hulu, which has hour-long television shows, or Netflix, with feature length films. People are willing (and happy) to consume full-length content online ifit is good. Do you think HBO would have launched their stand alone Internet service this
year iflong form content wasn’t something people are looking for? Truth be told, my most profitable video to date is over an hour and twenty minutes in length and has been viewed more than 50, 100 times. YouTube Analytics tells me my audience retention is better than average for most ofthe video and I hope to do more like that one in the future.

So what is the ideal video length? How long should you make your video?

The answer is actually quite simple: make your video as long as it needs to be and not one minute longer. The fact ofthe matter is, you have to know your audience to make that decision. You have to know what it is they are looking for and you have to deliver the right content for them. Understand that they can click out – they can go anywhere they want – and that there are a myriad of competitors for the very piece ofinformation you are trying to stream on YouTube. For that reason, the video needs to be as long as it needs to be; and not one minute – actually, not one second – longer.

So what are the action items? What can you do?

It’s an interesting era that we are in – with massive hard drives, unlimited upload space, and the ability to send hours ofvideo to YouTube – and we do often tend to go longer than we need to. Your action item is easy: don’t. When producing your video, figure out exactly what you have to say; and more importantly, figure out exactly what you don’t need to say. Then, say only what it is that you need to say, and say it very quickly. Also, what happens after a video is consumed? Make that part ofthe content; but again, do that quickly. Another tip for you is to tell your viewer how long your video is up front; it helps tremendously. What would you rather watch, a video called “Social Media Marketing” or a video called “Social Media Marketing Explained in 3 Minutes and 7 Seconds?” Think about it; I’ve got three minutes so I’ll give that a go. So it can be a strategic implementation, but don’t worry about going longer ifyou need to.
Serve your audience; don’t worry about a magic number

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to make money on amazon

One year ago I entered the world of making money online (MMO) by launching an Amazon affiliate site. Here are some things I learned along the way.

Authority Sites Are King : If you plan on getting most of your traffic from search engines then I highly recommend making an authority site. New items added to your existing site get ranked more quickly than new items added to a new niche site. The new items also improve the overall ranking for the site so they help all of the existing items. Another benefit is brand recognition. Quite a bit of my traffic comes from people Googling the name of my site.

Pick a Niche You Enjoy Spending Money In : I'm happy to keep working on my site because it's a little like getting paid to shop. I enjoy researching products that I might want to own. It would probably feel like work to research something I don't care about.

Get Involved in Your Niche : I built up traffic to my site by posting on forums for my niche. I did NOT post links just to promote my site. I got active in the forums by answering questions when I knew the answer or by helping people solve a problem when I knew the solution. Eventually I built my site so that I could post a link that answered the question or solved the problem. My focus on providing value to the community led to people becoming my advocates and promoting my site for me without being asked. These quality forum links are responsible for improving my rankings on search engines. By my fourth month a majority of my traffic was coming from search engines and that’s now up to about two-thirds.

Be Patient : My site only earned $2 in its first month and Amazon doesn't pay you until you earn at least $10. When I earned $60 in the second month I didn't get paid right away since Amazon waits two more months before providing payment. Since I spent one month building the site before even launching it that means I worked for five months before receiving my first dollar. I’m glad I didn’t give up. Now that I receive substantial payments each month I’m careful to set aside what I think I will need for taxes in a separate account.

How to make money on amazon

Put in the Work : I probably average 2-3 hours per day working on my site. This means I was earning less than minimum wage for my time for the first 7-9 months. But I kept adding products to my site and kept making site improvements and now it is really paying off. I took off the first two weeks of June due to other priorities and still earned over $800. When I spend time on my site I’m not doing it to earn money for the time spent, I’m doing it to give myself a raise by growing my business.

Promote Cheap Accessories : My first two orders were not for products on my site. Instead they were for accessories to those products. It didn't take me long to build on that idea and start adding recommended accessory links. Once someone decides to buy a product they are much more likely to buy a much cheaper accessory for that product. Watch your Amazon orders report for ideas. The lower priced items lead to more orders and more orders lead to higher commission percentages. I went from 4% (month 1) to 6% (month 2) to 6.5% (month 3) to 7% (month 6) and last month to 7.5%. If someone makes a purchase on Amazon with ten items in their cart then that counts as ten orders. Anything they buy within 24 hours of clicking on your link counts as long as they don't click on someone else's link after yours.

Add Expensive Items : Initially my site focused on an affordable type of product in my niche ($50 - $150) but eventually I started adding more expensive products. This turned out to be a great idea. The higher priced items brought in more money per order and took advantage of the higher commission rates from all the orders on the cheaper products. They also attracted customers who were more likely to spend and who were more likely to buy expensive items in general. That helped my site earnings reach four figures per month starting in April. Last month I earned a $175 commission on a $2,300 product that was not even listed on my site (it is now) helping me on my way to nearly $1,500 for the month.

Link the Image and the Price : About 75% of my earnings come from people clicking on the product image (which links to Amazon) or clicking on the product price which is in a paragraph describing the product. Everything else I've tried such as the buy now button and links to accessories only make up a small percentage of the earnings. Be aware that if you have Amazon's price on your site there are a number of rules you must follow which are listed in their affiliate terms and conditions.

Go With Your Strengths : I'm more of a software developer than a writer so I don't actually have any product reviews on my site. You read that right, I have an affiliate site with no product reviews. Instead I built a searchable product catalog that offers many more search options than any other related site. It also has more accurate product specifications than Amazon. As a programmer I was able to use Amazon's product advertising API to automatically update the prices and keep in line with the terms and conditions for showing prices.

Leverage Popularity and Product Comparisons : I have automatically generated pages on my site to show the most popular products. I use my site usage statistics and Amazon's sales rankings in conjunction to calculate the popularity. These pages get a lot of traffic and generate a lot of clicks to Amazon. Popularity may be more influential than a positive review in helping someone decide what to buy. I also automatically show similar products and allow visitors to compare any two products side-by-side. With several thousand products this makes my site nearly infinite in size.

Keep the Search Engines Happy : I submitted my site to Google and Bing and regularly use both of their webmaster tools. These tools provide valuable recommendations for search engine optimization (SEO) to make the site easier for their bots to read and easier to use on mobile devices. I also submitted a sitemap and automatically keep it up-to-date.

You Don’t Have to Do Everything : I’m not building an email list (new products in my sub-niche generally aren’t available on Amazon so I don’t know what I’d promote). I don’t get much traffic from social media (I’ve tried, but half-heartedly). I don’t buy traffic (I earn 5-6 cents per user and buying traffic costs a lot more than that so it would have to be REALLY good traffic). Maybe I could earn more if I did those things but I’m very happy with my current progress. Besides, maybe there are some types of site where those things are not appropriate.

I hope anyone still looking for their first online success will find my story encouraging. Best of luck!

How To Make Money On Youtube - Step By Step

Step 1) Make A List Of Businesses
Search for keywords on Google that fit this formula:
[Business Type] [City/State]
For example:
Dentist Lubbock Texas
And then make a list of 30 to 40 small businesses that are advertising on Google Adwords.

Why Google Adwords?
Because if they're advertising on Adwords, it's a good indicator to us that these businesses:
1 ) Have money to spend
2) Know the VALUE in spending money on advertising and marketing (aka you!)
So you only want to go after this gold.
Next step:
Try to find the email address for each of those businesses.
Try to collect 20 email addresses for your first batch.

Step 2) Contact Each Business From Your List
Then email each one and tell them this:
Tell them that you have advertising space available on your [related niche] YouTube videos and you're wondering if they'd like to grab the advertising spots.
It's a good idea to do a search with the Google Keyword Tool / Keyword Planner ahead of time to find out how much search volume their main keyword (e.g. Lubbock Dentist) is getting searched per month.
That way you can take that exact number to them in your email and say something along the lines of: "It looks like 720 people search for the term 'Lubbock Dentist' each month. I'd be happy to get you ranking for that term so that we can tap into those 720 people for you."

Bonus Tip:
Tell them that you fully researched their business ahead of time (rankings, website, etc) and you selected them over their competitors because you feel you can really help their business.
That AND you feel they are the best fit out of all the [dentists] in [city].
This really makes them feel special and wanted.
Lastly, tell them that their phone number and website URL would of course be displayed so that prospects can contact their business directly.
Now, don't be discouraged if you get some "NO's" or you get ignored. This is simply a numbers game. And we're only doing email sending here. So there's really no direct rejection (over the phone or face to face).
So no biggie. Just keep at it until you get those "YES's". You'll be surprised how quickly they'll come ;) Especially if you target those business owners that are currently advertising on Google Adwords.
Once you get a "YES", be sure to get them signed up on a recurring subscription @ $99/month.
$1 99/mo could work also. Just be sure to mention that they're getting a "half off" deal.
Paypal works just fine too to process the payments. And tell them that you'll deliver one high quality video each month for them and you'll get it ranked for them on YouTube for one of their targeted keywords in their city.
20 clients paying $99/month is all it takes to get to $2k/month.
And 10 clients paying $199/month is all it takes to get to $2k/month.
So there ya go
Who said getting to $2k/month was difficult?
Your main objective is to do 4 things with this business model:
Prospect. Qualify. Close. Provide​.
We've already covered the first 3 ...
Now for the last one:

Step 3) Creating Your Video For Your Client
As far as providing this service goes, I just use two different sources:
1 ) it'sreally straight forward to use. I just use the free version.
2) from the Video & Animation category you'll find plenty of talented people that can get the job done for you.
I’d take it also that you may already have Explaindio or Video Maker X in your armory , so they are cool to use too. And here's a list of royalty free stock photo sites you can use to get images for your videos:
Note: Most video creators at will already have access to some stock photos and stock photo sites.

Step 4) Ranking Your Video
From my experience, 30 to 90 second videos seem to rank AND convert the best.
Don't ask me why, they just do
Local Keywords rank must easier too than National ones so that will help us too !
And try to have a nice variety of keywords and tags for your YouTube video. 2 to 3 different keywords is good.
Your main keyword in your video title. Put main keyword first i.e.
‘Lubbock Dentist’ then ­ and then ‘Lubbock Dentist Review’
Example …… Lubbock Dentist ­ Lubbock Dentist Review
And other keywords in your video description.
Always put the youtube url less the ‘s’ in https in your description box at the end ,
to ­­­
this helps with an extra back link
Ps Enjoy the video too
And about 5 to 10 tags is sufficient.
It's also a good idea to see what your competition is doing with their keywords and tags to get some extra ideas.

Note: Google and YouTube seems to put much more value on "Subscribers" these days over "Likes" and "Views".
So try to get some "Subscribers" on your channel (50 to 200) by buying a cheap gig over at
But make sure you use only the ‘Highly Rated ‘ sellers over there. Just choose a seller with a high rating so that you get a quick turnaround time and don't run into any problems.
Now, in the "Category" section of your video, I've found that you always want to select "People and Blogs".
Again, don't ask me why but this seems to help videos rank better for some reason.
Then lastly some ‘Secret Sauce '
Once you’ve uploaded your video, go to and and ping your videos for FREE to help with very fast ranking !
If you do all of the above, your video should get ranked within 48 hours. Once that happens, be sure to tell your client about it so that they're happy and so that they can now start telling their friend(s).
Referrals and word of mouth is a powerful thing! So definitely use that to your advantage.

Conclusion + Recap
● Step 1 ) Make a list of businesses that you find from Google Adwords and find out a bit of  information about each business (current rankings, etc)
● Step 2) Contact each business (from your list) via email
● Step 3) Lock them in at $99/mo or $1 99/mo (depending on the type of client/business type)
● Step 4) Get the video created at Animoto or Fiverr
● Step 5) Get the video ranked with YouTube and Google
● Collect the monthly moolah $$$ :)
● Rinse and repeat.
So there you have it, easy or what?
This is a very simple way to start earning recurring income. And it's easy for both newbies​ and seasoned marketers alike :)
It’s important that you are relentless and you keep approaching prospective clients until you get those
Like I said before:
This is a numbers game. Just be consistent and relentless and you'll make money.

Monday, July 6, 2015

How to write a good marketing email

If in every email you send you optimize each of these elements as explained in this guide, you can be sure you have a winning email.
  • Personalisation
Personalisation can still be an important factor in writing effective emails. Recent survey data conducted by Economist Intelligence Data and Lyris shows that the majority (63%) of consumers feel personalisation is so overused that they have become numb to it. Not only that, 33% actually cited personalisation as one of their top annoyances.
Your subscribers know your email is automated, you shouldn’t insult their intelligence by pretending otherwise.
However this doesn’t mean that personalisation is dead.
Check out the graph below which demonstrates how personalisation affected open rates in data analysed from 100’s of millions of email campaigns. So personalisation can give a slight lift, however over­personalisation will cause your response rate to plummet. So personalise the subject or body, but never both.
  • Creative Use Of Images
For years images were tricky because by default gmail had images disabled for all users (as many as 50% of my subscribers use gmail), but they have recently changed this policy, and since, I have been using images in my emails with great effect. Try to use images that arouse curiosity.
For example, if your email is trying to get people to a webpage where they will be watching a video, take a screenshot of the video and embed that image into your email. And of course make the image a clickable link to where you want them to go. What really makes this more effective is to make sure there is a play button in the image, either in the bottom left corner, or right in the middle of the video. You could also screenshot the video at a place that again arouses curiosity.
You’ll often see this tactic used on facebook by sites like buzzfeed or even those spammy “oh my god you must watch this to the end” type posts that you see on facebook. Their images always arouse curiosity and force you to want to click them. You can learn from these techniques, but in an honest, sincere and non spammy way. If promoting a product, you can use clickable images of the product in your emails. Again always try to cause an element of curiosity to get more clicks.
Use images as often as possible but always keep the majority of your email text. Emails with images will get a better response, but use too many images and your response will plummet.
  • Call To Action
Try to ensure that every email you send has THREE calls to action. This has been tested and proven that three is the magic number for getting the most clicks. You can even use four if the email warrants it, but always aim for three link / calls to action, any less and you’re leaving traffic on the table.
  • Sign Off
You should always sign off every email with a personality. What I mean is, and I see this time and time again especially when I join a site and get their welcome email, they sign off with something like:
The Bestsure Team”
Don’t do this.
Always use a real name, perhaps followed by their position in your team. This helps bring people closer to and feel more connected to your brand. This can also open up another opportunity.
Lets say you have a content writer as part of your team and a customer support agent. If after some time being involved with your site, your subscribers can get to know and expect emails from each of these people.
With this you can send more emails and not seem like you’re overdoing it. Your content writer could send an email about the latest blog post, and on the same day another member of your team can send an email promoting an offer. Coming from the same name this can seem like overkill to some, but your subscribers will not see it that way when the emails are coming from different members of your team.
Now, ideally these will be real separate members of your team.
But there’s nothing unethical about creating a number of different personas and writing the emails yourself, just make sure each writer has their own voice and their own personality.
One could be confident and excited in their words, the other could be more reserved and factual.
This one tactic alone can double your traffic as you can realistically send twice as many emails
and not have people complain.
  • P.S
It has long been taught and remains true to this day that most of the people clicking on links in your emails are clicking on the link in the P.S line.
It makes sense given if they read the email, that's the part they’re at when they finish.
But even among those who scan read or read very little of your email, the P.S will be teh most read part of your email.
So always include a call to action / link in your P.S.
  • Subject Line
When it comes to subject lines, the data shows that short is the way to go, the graph below shows email open rates by subject character length.
  • Pretty conclusive.
There are always going to be exceptions, so don’t ditch what you think could be a great subject
line because it’s longer than 15 characters.
But try to stay within the range most of the time.
A study conducted by an email service provider, where they analysed every email from every one of their clients, and some of the very best performing subject lines are these:

  1. You are not alone
  2. Your registration info inside
  3. Check this out (pics inside)
  4. A powerful idea… (video inside)

The “You are not alone” subject line for some reason was the very best performing email ever for open rates. The others are just general styles that have gotten the highest open rates.
You can use these, or model some of your subject lines around them.
  • Personality
This is pretty much covered is the main Art ofEmail strategy guide.
That is to write your emails in a conversational style.
Don’t write like a robotic salesman simply conveying a message.
Write as though you’re talking to someone you know, introduce your message with a story that
draws readers in.
  • Connecting Loop
The connecting loop is an invaluable tool you’ll need to use to connect your story to your promotion.
This is especially important when promoting affiliate products that might not be directly connected to your main product.
You need to find and make that connection.

Some things will connect naturally, for example if my product is around list building, traffic getting
and email conversion products are a natural. But an important part of being successful in any online venture is also mindset, or goal setting, or productivity.
My subscribers might not be instantly interested in such things, but because I know of their importance, it’s my job to make the connecting loop.
I could do this by telling a personal story about how I struggled online until I changed my mindset
and started setting goals, making to­do lists etc. Then introduce the tool I used that made the
difference which is the tool I am promoting.
If you’re struggling to find that connecting loop, simply search google for articles that contain
what your market is interested in, and the market of the product you want to promote.
Do the research, you’ll always find an interesting news or other article to make the connection.
  • Dominant Emotion
This is an amazingly effective tactic for creating super engaging emails. Before writing an email, try to think about what is in your prospects minds at this moment. As I write this (from the awesome coworking space Hubud, in Ubud, Bali), the dominant emotion or topic on everybody's minds is the Ice Bucket Challenge.  So I could write an email today talking about the ice bucket challenge, then find the connecting loop to whatever I’m marketing.
In this niche, that would be extremely easy, the Ice Bucket Challenge should be an interesting
subject to all us marketers as it’s definitely the most effective viral craze in recent memory. I could easily talk about that and relate it to internet marketing.
But you could also find a connecting loop in pretty much any market with a little research.
For example, the magic trick market you probably know I’m involved in, I just google “ice bucket
challenge magic trick” and actually found a magic trick with an ice bucket challenge presentation
to it.
I could send an email promoting that, but that’s so easy it feels like cheating.
I could also start by talking about how people got more and more elaborate and creative with the
challenge, and talk about how that made things more engaging for those watching the videos,
then go on to talk about how my product teaches how to create similar engagement from
spectators when you are performing.
I’m just thinking off the top of my head here but I know I could easily create a connecting loop
from the current dominant emotion of the ice bucket challenge to almost any market.
Browse news sites to find the current dominant emotion, be aware that the dominant emotion
isn’t always and often isn’t the top stories.
The top story may be a war in the middle east, but is that really the topic on the general
populations mind?
  • Entertaining
If you can be consistently entertaining, your emails will get read and acted upon.
So what do people find entertaining?
Obviously this is discussed in more detail in the main strategy guide, but here’s a little short­cut
you can use to be entertaining. People love interesting facts and statistics, you’ll see them being shared on facebook all the time.
They’re quick to consume, satisfying to learn and people remember them, and they’ll probably
remember who told them that interesting fact, that interesting guy/gal they get emails from, YOU!
Keep an eye out for these things and think of how they could relate to your market when you see
Create a little swipe file where you can copy/paste them into, eventually you’ll just start naturally
finding little tidbits that you’ll be able to piece together to make connecting loops using interesting
stories and facts and the current dominant emotion. Doing is learning
  • Open Loops
This is all covered in detail in the main strategy guide. However, open loops can also be created using the image styles I talked about earlier. Images that arouse curiosity, that get people to click on them to find out what happens next or what the video is all about is basically a short­cut style open loop