Sunday, March 31, 2019

LinkedIn’s Content Insights Quarterly Report: See What Users Are Interested In

One of the biggest challenges for professionals on LinkedIn is trying to find topics that their target audiences are interested in. It often takes a considerable amount of research just to get an idea of what they are talking about. Luckily, LinkedIn itself is making that work easier with its new Content Insights Quarterly Report.

A trove of content data

LinkedIn says that the report will give users a clearer picture of the topics their audiences most commonly engage in. The site says that the data gathered for the report comes from the more than 100,000 articles being uploaded to it weekly.

linkedin logoFor the first iteration of the quarterly review, LinkedIn found the following topics as the most popular ones that members engage with:

Employee engagement
Social media marketing
Lean manufacturing
Investment banking
Venture capital
It is not surprising that three of the top five topics focus on employee acquisition, something that LinkedIn is already well-known to facilitate. This may cause you to shift more to using LinkedIn almost exclusively for recruitment purposes.

Insight on rising topics

Meanwhile, the prominence of Europe in the topic rankings highlights the concerns businesses have about the impact of recent political events. This includes Brexit, the Trump election, and the then upcoming French election

LinkedIn’s Content Insights Quarterly Report also looks at some of the fastest growing topics on the platform. The top five are:

L-1 (visas)
Accounts receivable
Immigration issues
The predominance of immigration-related topics again highlights the growing concern over the impact of geopolitical events on labor. Perhaps sharing some stories on your company’s views on labor and immigration would be good content to create and share.

How to take advantage of the new report

As I said above, the valuable data provided by the report makes it easier for users to come up with content. By focusing on the top topics being tackled within their respective niches, you can draw in more followers. Boosting the prominence of your profiles via  Connections Services will help you increase youor social proof once readers start discover your target content. Having a good article is one thing. When people see how many connections you have they will be compelled to follow you as well.

You should also take advantage of the quarterly nature of the report. The regularity of the publication means that you will have a good idea of the changing interests of your audience. This will allow you to adapt your content to match what readers are looking for.

Use LinkedIn’s Content Insights Quarterly Report

LinkedIn has certainly done its users a great favor with the release of its new Quarterly Content Report. The publication expects to be an invaluable tool for both content creators and readers. Check it out and see what it holds in store for you.