Thursday, January 28, 2016

How to Earn Money with Pay per Install

Pay-Per-Install software is one of the exciting ways to make money on the internet. In this day and age, it is a great opportunity for developers that intend to monetize their software.
For one thing, people are more likely to download the software for free, which helps in a way to enhance your distribution. At the same time, you will earn revenue by promoting third-party programs during installation.

However, using Pay-Per-Install shouldn’t be your only monetization strategy. It can be combined with other approaches that will help you earn even more.

Ways to Earn

1. Advertise on Post-download pages
Never focus on the installation process. The entire hopper is at your disposal. If you use the correct installer, you’ll have the opportunity to advertise on the post-download pages. 
Here are a few benefits:
 This is one more point you should use to your advantage. The installation process may seem like a counterintuitive advertising option. However, once the idea is understood, it spread around the world. Presently, it is one of the most common software one can make money with. Developers may not see the installation of post-download pages as a viable option, but once the conversions start coming in, it may seem like the obvious choice.
You’ll focus on users who are more committed. Users who have completed the download are more interested and involved in your product. They are more likely to convert and less liable to be put off by ads at this point in the process.

2. Use In-App Advertising
The Pay-Per-Install software is a great way to reach users with ads both during and after downloading your product. But advertising in the installer does not prevent you from advertising in the app too. It is an effective way to make money with the program in the long run, provided you do it right.
When advertising in-app, make use of ads that are relevant and contextual to add much value to the user. Search monetization tools are a way to increase the value of your app and make money without you interfering with the functionality of the app or lower the quality of the user experience.

3. Use In-App Purchases
In-app purchases or upgrades, known as the freemium model, are a common and potentially fruitful way to build up your monetization strategy.
Here are some ways to use the freemium model:
Offer to remove ads--One of the most common ways the freemium model is in a program is for the provision of the option to remove ads for a fee. However, like many freemium purchases, only a handful of users make this upgrade.
Unlock key upgrades or features--Providing another version of the program, with some specific features locked behind the paywall, which is another method of monetizing a free app. In-app ads and Pay-Per-Install ads can both work together with this strategy.
Make use of purchases that are app-specific. While upgrades or "premium" versions are one-time purchases, certain forms of creative in-app purchases can be used many times over. Some video game platforms, for example, offer in-game currency that can be repeatedly bought.

 4. Upgrade Frequently
Each time you upgrade your software, you have the option to run the installer from scratch. It, of course, means that you can re-run the Pay-Per-Run installation program, along with its promotional offers and any post ads downloads.
However, if you choose not to use the in-app ads or freemium model - --perhaps to avoid overloading your program with advertising - -- then this is an excellent way to be reuse over again for your Pay-Per-Install software and remarket it to your existing user base. 

5. Promote Your Other Products
If you have other products that are yours, they will promote them every time a user downloads the software, every time you upgrade or even at regular intervals during startup.
Here are a few benefits you’ll get:
 You will enhance the presence of your products. If you already have a user base, then you have leverage. A pre-existing audience gives you a marketing platform that you can use to stimulate the growth of your newer products.
You will broaden your brand presence in the minds of your current audience. The more products that belong to you that a person uses, the more screen time you have, and it creates a lasting brand impression. The bigger your brand presence, the higher the chances of the loyalty you will get, and the more authority that comes your way.
You will get more money. Of course, the more attention and active engagement your apps gets, the more likely you are to make money.
 Ultimately, all these tips are geared towards helping you improve your software monetization strategy. Advertising must be used when people are downloading your program. And maximizing the impact of your advertising strategy, your advertising should be carried out, as long as you do not interfere with the user experience.

Top 5 Pay Per Install Affiliate Networks Sites

1. InstallMonetizer
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2. EarnPerInstall
 It is possible to earn up to $2 when you install an advanced tracking analytics file.

3. Solimba
Perhaps you are a software developer, Solimba gives you the ability to let users download your applications when you install other apps.

 4. PerInstallCash
PerInstallCash is created to convert your traffic into real money. Give a sharp tool a try: the users do not pay for installation, but you still get rewarded!

5. Open Candy
It has a dynamic and great app installer ads and  truly trusted by  so many software developers and advertisers globally. With more than six years as the leader in quality and transparency, OpenCandy provides the platform and tools you need to increase the distribution of your software and its monetization.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Techniques to Generate Viral Traffic

Building a great website or blog is only half the job, you then need to start driving traffic that site and, the most cost effective means of doing that, is through viral marketing.  Viral marketing is the term used to describe the methods that you can use to gain viral traffic to a website and, that occurs when people who visit your website share your content with friends and on social media websites.

Word of mouth recommendation has always been the best free form of advertising that any business could ever benefit from and, now that we have the internet, you can have your message spread quickly and completely cost-free to hundreds of thousands of internet users in a matter of hours.

There is no guaranteed method of viral marketing that will ensure that your posts will generate viral traffic and sometimes, when something does go viral, it can take you by surprise. What you can do, though, is put into practice the following viral marketing tips that will greatly increase your chances of hitting that viral jackpot more often.

Quality is the key

The essence of viral marketing is that you are encouraging people to recommend your product, service, or website, and they are not going to do that if they don’t feel that your offering is of a high quality. That means high quality products, high quality content on your website, and good levels of friendly and helpful interaction with your customers is essential if you are to create viral traffic.

Publish an e-book

Writing a short, informative e-book that is relevant to your niche and proving it as a free download on your website will help to generate viral traffic. People love getting something for free and, if your e-book is useful, they will share it with friends. An informative e-book will also raise the credibility of your site and confirm that you are an authority in your niche.

Use video marketing

Short videos are often shared by people and, if your video is unique, useful or funny, a YouTube video can attract thousands of views very quickly. Make sure that you include the URL of your website with your video.  If your clip video goes viral, you could see a huge increase in the traffic to your site.

Make the best use of social bookmark sites

Join social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit, and add your own URLS to these sites. If your content is good, people will rate it, or vote it up, and that will encourage more people to visit your site. Take some time to interact with sites like these and view other people’s bookmarks too, because that will encourage more views of your own bookmarks.

 Post articles on article directories

Another way that you can increase your reputation as an expert in your field and gain viral traffic is to publish articles on article directories like Ezine. When you do this, your URL is included in the article, and the article can be used by other people in newsletters, used or on their websites, or shared via social media, creating another viral marketing avenue for your website.

Give something away for free

Everyone loves a free gift, so much so that, if they like your freebie, they will tell their friends about it. You do, however, need to make sure that your gift is not of poor quality and that it does have some relevance to your products or services. Even if people aren’t paying for your freebie, they will still associate the quality if your gift with the quality of what you sell.

Write guest posts

Writing guest posts on other people’s blogs and websites, with a link to your own website, is a viral marketing technique that can drive traffic to your site. The links will help your rankings on search engines and create more viral traffic for your site.

Build and interact with your community

Interacting with visitors to your site is an important part of a viral marketing campaign. Respond to comments left on your site, or perhaps, set up a forum so that your users can interact with each other. Either way, the more helpful and informative your comments are, the more you will encourage people to share your site with other people, which will create more viral traffic to your site.

Viral marketing is a great way to drive traffic to a website and, best of all it’s free! The viral marketing techniques listed above are not the only ones and it is advisable to try as many different ways of getting your website noticed as you can. The great thing about viral marketing is that you never know when you will go viral. Until, that is, you suddenly see your visitor stats skyrocket overnight.