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Sign up and earn money with google adsense

Google Adsense is a favorable way to earn money online. There are many people using google adsense to make a living. So how to sign up for Google Adsense and how to use it?
Google Adsense, founded by Google, is the most popular advertising website on the Internet nowadays. Anyone can join Google Adsense to earn money from both websites and their own Youtube channel.
Like any other advertising site, Google Adsense follows two main rules:
- Charge money for every click (CPC – Cost per click); The more users click on the advertisement, the more money we earn.
- Charge money for every impression (CPM – Cost per 1000 impressions); the advertisement view reaches 1000, 2000, 3000, … we earn money from Google Adsense.
Basically, both CPC and CPM don’t have a fixed price because this depends on various factors such as content, language, location, … Recently,Google Adsense is effectively making use of modern technology to bring advertisement whose contents are related to what users are searching in order to attract views and clicks.

How to earn money with Google Adsense? 
From the beginning, Google Adsense has continuously developed its brand by ensuring advertisers’ benefits as well as publishers’ responsibilities. To earn money with Google Adsense online, we have to sign up for an account as a publisher.
The rule is very simple: advertisers will have to pay for Google to publish their advertisement. 67% of the total sum of money will be transferred to the publishers. The rest belongs to Google. It’s a win-win deal.
It’s obvious that that 33% is already enough to pay for every Google employee all around the world.

 Earning money with Google Adsense online, easy or not?
 To me, earning money with Google Adsense online is not difficult, especially when we know how to make the most use of those advertisements. However, many of those who make an attempt to earn money this way are unaware of Google rules and policies, which causes their accounts to be locked.
To earn money with Google Adsense online, patience and effort is a must. Do not ever use tricks to earn money illegally. As working with Google, cheating means suicide.
Google uses various algorithms to check the validation of every click. Nobody knows how those algorithms work but say no to cheating!
Before sign up for a Google Adsense account, spend 1-2 hours to read online articles related to Adsense, which helps you avoid mistake when signing up. Search for these key words on Google: sign up for Google Adsense 2015, how to sign up for Google Adsense, ..

 Catergorize Google Adsense’s accounts
 Adsense accounts belongs to two main groups: hosted and content
- Hosted account : with this type of account, we can only earn money online with Google’s services such as Youtube, Blogsopt, … As a result, signing up for this is pretty simle.
- Content account : besides using Google Adsense with Google’s services, Content accounts allow users to put our advertisements on any other websites. This is the long-term choice of Google Adsense’s users. Consequently, it is much difficult to open a content account.
Nowadays, the process of buying and selling accounts on Google Adsense is very complicated. Consider carefully before deciding!
- Strengths: convenient, quick, easy
- Weaknesses: easly cheated, waste money.
So why don’t we sign up for Google Adsense ourselves? If others can do it, I can.

Open an account on Google Adsense
Previously, it is extremely complicated to sign up for an Adsense account. Until 2015, although many rules have been loosen, if you don’t be careful, you still stand the risk of being banned.
The first notice is about your nation. Unreasonably, national discrimination still exists on Google. We can verify this immediately on Youtube.
So, to have a smooth first step, choose the US or the UK for your account. I don’t know how many countries are limited on Youtube, however, please remember this before you sign up.

First method: Sign up for Google Adsense Hosted Account
Sign up for Google Adsense Hosted via your Youtube account
Sign up for a hosted account in three different ways:
- Youtube
- Blogspot
- Android App Store on Google Play
In short, these 3 ways are nearly the same, however, if you want to sign up fast and effectively, choose sign up for Google Adsense Hosted Account via Youtube.

Second method: Sign up for Google Adsense Content Account
- Working rules:
+ Send the website you want to put your advertisements on to Google
+ Receive an Adsense code and publish it on the website
+ Google will review and accept your account or not.

Until 2015, there are 2 ways to open a Google Adsense Content Account:

1. Sign up indirectly by upgrading your Google Adsense Hosted Account
If you already have a Google Adsense Hosted Account and you want to widen your advertising zone to other websites to increase your income, upgrade it. If you can’t upgrade successfully, you can fix the problems noted by Google and upgrade it again when you are ready.

2. Sign up directly via wesite
Basically, signing up directly is quite similar to signing up indirectly, we still need at least 1 website for Google to review. However, signing up directly will encounter more difficulties because Google uses a lot of criteria to decide whether they should allow this website to earn money online or not.
To sign up directly, please access Adsense hompage:
After you have filled up all the necessary information, wait for the result. To sign up for a Google Adsense Content Account, you only need to follow the same step as you sign up for a Google Adsense Hosted Account.
Signing up for a Google Adsense Account is basicall not so difficult as we thought. Following the directed steps and that’s it – you have finished the signing up process. However, Google will decide if you are successful or not.

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How to choose a blogging niche

What is a niche?
A niche(pronounced either “Nitch” or “Neesh”) is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing. Choosing the right niche is crucial if you want to be a successful affiliate. In this course, I’ll show you how to select a sub-niche in the fitness market.
I realize that 9 out of 10 times, people will not understand what a niche is when presented with the explanation above. Most people will understand it when an example is given. Here they are :
Example 1 :
Market: Health and fitness
Niche : Muscle building
Sub-niche: Muscle building for men
Micro-niche: Muscle building for men over 40
Micro-micro niche : Muscle building for men over 40 who have kids

Example 2 :
Market: Relationship
Niche : Dating
Sub-niche: Dating for men
Micro-niche: Dating for men over 40
Micro-micro niche: Dating for men over 40 who have kids

Now, you may be wondering : “why don’t I just target an entire market so that I can achieve maximum profits?” How I wish that was the case. It sounds counter-intuitive, but by targeting everyone, you end up targeting no one. Before starting a business of any kind, you must first define your audience.

Let me tell you three hypothetical stories to illustrate the importance of defining your audience and choosing the right niche:

Story 1:
Paul intends to open a store selling kitchenware. He opens his store, and stocks his warehouse with every type of kitchenware available, from ovens to pots and pans. His first week went well. Sales were average. After a week,sales began to decline, and after a month, he had zero sales. Why is that?
After some extensive research he found out that Walmart had opened up a branch distanced one mile from his store. Turns out all his previous customers now shop at Walmart because they had lower prices and a wider variety of kitchenware. Mr.Paul couldn’t compete with Walmart in terms of
price and variety, and ended up closing his store. He loses his primary income stream and is now broke. He loses his wife and kids, and now suffers from depression. He kneels to the ground and shouts : WHY DIDN’T I DEFINE MY AUDIENCE!!!

Story 2:
Tony, a friend of Paul who too had a kitchenware store, heard about Paul’s story,and was determined not to make the mistake of not defining his audience. He pledged to stock only one type of kitchen appliance that would appeal to only one group of people. He filled his store with a special toaster that could only toast brown Arepa bread with the thickness of 3.512312^13 inches. Tony said to himself: “Paul you fool, you should have chosen a mirco-micro niche like me! Soon, hundreds of targeted customers will swarm to my store to buy my special toasters!”. Days passed, all the customers that entered his store left empty-handed. Months passed.
Surprisingly, Tony had 2 sales, but obviously, it wasn’t enough to cover his expenses. And like Paul, Tony ended up poor and miserable.

Story 3:
After witnessing the demise of Paul and Tony’s businesses, Albert decided to be smart about his strategy. He knew the best way to succeed in the kitchenware business was to choose a sub-niche that would target a particular group of people in the market(avoiding Paul’s mistake), while appealing to a wide-enough audience(avoiding Tony’s mistake). He opened a store that only contained toaster ovens with a few brands. Sure enough, Albert got rich in no time, and is grateful for avoiding Paul’s and Tony’s mistakes. When asked about the reason so many customers were buying from him, Albert replied: “By only carrying toaster ovens, I establish myself as the go-to guy for toaster ovens; And though Walmart sells them at a lower price, people still buy from me as I’m perceived as an authority in toaster ovens. However, I was careful not to be too targeted in my approach to ensure a demand in my sub-niche.”
After reading the three stories, I don’t have to ask you whose shoes you would want to be in. The three stories emphasize the importance of market research and niche selection. It’s vital to choose a sub-niche that is targeted enough but not too obscure that there’s no market for it. In some cases, a
sub-niche may still be too general. In which case, you might want to choose a mirco-niche of that market instead. Later on, I’ll show you how to gauge demand.
Now, it’s time to get our hands dirty. Remember, don’t panic if you get stuck. Read the guide thoroughly and implement the methods.

Niche research
When it comes to niche selection, you’ve probably heard this advice countless time: “follow your passion”. While there is merit to this advice, just because one is passionate about something, that doesn’t mean there's a market for the thing he/she is passionate about. Now, this certainly deserves a separate story, a funny one at that, but I’ll spare you the details ;)
My advice is to first follow the green, then follow the dream. Find multiple profitable niches, then select the one that you have an affinity for. The first step is to find a broad niche that you might want to target,and then drilling down to a sub-niche.

Finding your niche:
* Using Magazines
Magazines are a great way to find profitable niche. A magazine with a subscriptions and retail distribution typically cost between 6 million and $9 billion per year to publish. Magazines publishers will only print a magazine when they know that there is an audience for that niche and that advertisers are willing to spend money to reach them.
1.) Go to
One of the easiest ways to find magazines already sorted by niche is At the top of the screen you will see an “All Categories” tab which if you click will present you with a list of different topics.

2.)For example, in the Health&Fitness category, I chose this magazine. It’s titled Men’s health with a male model. The apparent sub-niche would be “muscle building for men”. Easy, right?

* Using Google
Another way to find a sub-niche is by using Google.
1.) Go to
2.) Type in your seed keyword in the search box.
3.) Your keyword would be your sub-niche. For example, muscle building for men.
4.) Behind your seed keywords, enter the term: for “*”
5.) Voila! You’ve got a list of sub-niches right in front of you!

Compile a list of sub-niches, as many as possible.
After building your huge list of sub-niches, we’re going to choose the one that you’re going to pursue. We have to evaluate the market of the sub-niches that we’ve compiled.
Here are some of the techniques that you can use to confirm the demand in a particular sub-niche.
* Google Keyword Planner
To use the Google keyword planner tool you will need to have first register a Google Adwords account. The account does not have to have any money credited to it. You can even have been banned from Google Adwords and still use the Keyword Planner Tool.
1.) If you haven’t done it already, create an account at
2.) Login to your Adwords account at
3.) Select the first option
4) Search your key term in the search box. For example, if your sub-niche is “weight loss for women” type that into the search box.
5.) You can also see how many people each month are searching for a particular search terms. This will give you an idea of the relative popularity of a particular keyword term. If you see numbers above 1000, that’s a good sign.
* Using Quantcast
Another way to determine the demand in a particular niche is to look at how many visitors some of the most popular sites in that niche are receiving.
1.) To find these websites simply perform a search and write down the URLs for the top 10 websites for that particular search. Take note whether there are Google Adwords ads. This means there are people spending money in this sub-niche. And people wouldn’t be spending money if there wasn’t a

2.) Then, go to and enter the URL one by one on the homepage search box.
3.) This will give you detailed information about the number of people that are visiting that particular website. Not only will you be able see how many people are visiting the website but you will usually get detailed demographic information. Included are the age, gender and educational background of the visitors to the site. This can be useful information when deciding whether a particular niche will be profitable and how to market to this audience. It’s a good sign if there’s a high number of monthly visitors to the site

Do this for every sub-niche, and pick only 5 that satisfy these criteria:
- The key term for the sub-niche has at least 3000 searches a month 
-There are Google Adwords Ads on the front page when the term is searched in Google.
- The top 10 websites of your sub-niche have a high number of monthly visits.

Top Notch Email Marketing: Quick Start Strategies

When it comes to making money online and maximizing your ability to tap into some of the most profitable niche markets, developing a targeted subscriber base of responsive subscribers and customers is an important component in your marketing arsenal.
List building is all about connecting with your target audience by offering them high quality information and consistently working towards building a strong relationship with each and every subscriber.
Email marketers collect leads using squeeze pages that are focused on specific topics, and include an «opt-in form» that includes text fields such as a visitors full name and email address, and acts as the doorway into your autoresponder system.
These opt-in boxes are generated by your autoresponder provider and are embedded into the HTML code of your squeeze page template with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Each time a visitor to your squeeze page enters in their name and email address, they are added to your mailing list database, and become an active subscriber of your newsletter.
Once a subscriber is a confirmed member of your list, you can begin sending follow up emails that offer high quality information, such as articles, reports, links to blog posts, video guides and other information and resources that your subscribers would be find useful.
List building helps facilitate the process of converting subscribers into active customers, since once your prospect has been added to our mailing list, you are able to develop a relationship with them by communicating with them directly through your follow-up email broadcasts.
In truth, there is no faster or easier way to maximize your online income than with a relevant, targeted and responsive mailing list. You can get 10x the work done in half the time when you are able to instantly touch base with a built-in customer base, who are interested in specific topics or niche markets.
For example, with a mailing list you can simply create broadcasts that go out to your entire subscriber base that feature a blend of high quality information and content with promotional based offers and promotions.

You can then include affiliate promotions for products and services that are relevant to your list, but more importantly, you are able to generate feedback, tap into your market in such a way that you know exactly what they are interested in receiving and what they are most likely to respond to.
Imagine the potential when you have an active subscriber base, right at your fingertips. You can email them any time you like, with fresh offers, high quality content and valuable resources that work towards helping you establish yourself within these niche markets, while building a solid relationship with your subscriber base.
Letʼs take a look at the most important components of building a successful email marketing campaign:

Email Marketing Component #1: Professional Autoresponder Account
One of the most important steps you ʼll ever take as an email marketer is in choosing to power your mailing lists by establishing an account with a professional autoresponder provider.
With autoresponder services like and, you are able to set up an unlimited number of mailing lists, each one featuring customized code that serves as your opt-in box.
By segmenting your lists, you will be able to tailor your emails so that they directly communicate with targeted groups of subscribers who are interested in specific information or topics.
There are many different reasons why setting up a professional autoresponder account is important, including:
Guarantees High Deliverability & Performance
 By setting up your mailing list with an experience autoresponder service team, you can rest assured that your emails will make it to their destination.
Itʼs their job to maximize deliverability rates and help you connect to your subscriber base quickly and easily.
Safeguards Your Mailing Lists And Helps You Effectively Manage Your Leads
Professional autoresponder providers offer frequent back-ups of your database, in the event it becomes corrupted or inaccessible.
This is extremely important, because the last thing you would want to do is spend the time and energy developing a massive list of subscribers, only to lose it all.
Your autoresponder service provider will also handle all requests to unsubscribe, helps you comply with CanSpam regulations and provides you with the ability to write as many newsletter messages as you wish, and set up the dates and times when you want them to be published.
Provides Important Data & Statistics To Help You Better Communicate With Your Subscriber Base
If you are interested in maximizing your open rate and overall response rates, you need to utilize the different features available within your autoresponder account including your average open rate, opt-out rate, response rate and whether any complaints have been sent in regarding your recent mailing.
Keeping a pulse on your subscriber base and how well they response to your broadcasts will help you improve your mailings and tailor your campaigns so that they directly communicate with those who have subscribed to your lists.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is difficult to switch autoresponder providers once you have established a mailing list as your subscribers will have to re-subscribe to your new list in order to continue receiving your broadcasts.
Keep this in mind when you begin building your lists and choose to create an account with a reputable autoresponder company right from the start.

Email Marketing Component #2: High Converting Squeeze Page
One of the most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign begins with a well-constructed, highly targeted squeeze page.
Your squeeze page is the ʻdoorway ʼ into your email marketing system and if it fails to convert visitors into subscribers, you will struggle to generate enough leads for your marketing campaigns to be successful.
You want people who visit your website to be given ONE option only; to subscribe to your newsletter.
This means that you need to minimize any external links, and really emphasis your opt-in form, because this is the doorway into your entire system.
You also want to limit the graphics that you use on your squeeze page, so that it loads quickly and doesn ʼt distract your visitor from your objective; getting them on your mailing list.
In order to create an effective squeeze page that encourages visitors into subscribing to your list, consider the different types of incentives that you can offer. When it comes to listing the benefits you need to be clear and concise.
Make sure they understand ʻwhat is in it for them ʼ, and demonstrate the benefits of becoming a subscriber of your newsletter. (Solve a problem, address an issue, offer guidance, advice, and address their concerns directly)
A squeeze page is very similar to a salespage in the way that it's primarily objective is to generate interest and compel them to take action (subscribing to your list). In order to do this effectively, you need a STRONG call to action.
That call of action is essential in creating high preformance squeeze pages, and you must place emphasis on ensuring that your visitors are directed to fill in the opt-in form, otherwise they will not be added to your list.
You need to clearly direct visitors to enter in their name and email address as well as instruct them to confirm their request to join your list (if you are using double opt-in).
When creating the body text/copy for your squeeze page, consider underlining, highlighting or colorizing important information so that you can draw attention to the areas of your squeeze page that you want your website visitors to pay special attention to.
You should also utilize bullet points to showcase important information and break up your content so that it ʼs easier to digest.
To come up with the best incentive offer possible, you'll need to thoroughly evaluate your market, as well as competing offers so that you can create a relevant product that is in demand and likely to capture attention from your target audience.
You could offer:
 Free Report
 Free Ebooks
 Free Designs or Templates
 Free Graphic Packages
 Free Video Guides
 Free Tutorials
 Free Sample Chapter (from a paid product)
If you are interested in outsourcing your project to experienced freelancers, you can easily find a trustworthy professional from the following freelance marketplaces:

To summarize, your list building funnel consists of three major parts:
1: Squeeze Page With Opt-In Form
2: Compelling High Quality Offer or Incentive
3: Follow Up Emails And Broadcasts
Here are a few resources for downloading pre-designed squeeze pages:

Email Marketing Component #3: Follow Up Emails
To better organize and manage your email marketing, you should consider creating a delivery schedule that will provide your subscribers with a clear idea as to when they should expect your emails and broadcasts.
Being consistent will help you develop a relationship with your list while conditioning them to pay attention to your broadcasts, and ultimately, look out for them on a regular basis.
Doing this will increase your open-rates signifigantly!
When creating your first email campaign, I suggest creating 5-10 emails to start, adding additional emails into your sequence as you begin to tap into your target audience and create additional offers around an existing demand.
Remember though that subscribers who are already a part of your email cycle will not receive new emails that you add to the sequence unless you send out an actual broadcast.
You want your first email to send out automatically, after a new subscriber confirms their request to join your list, with additional follow-up emails being sent out every 2-3 days. Never let your list run cold!
Monday: Free Report
Tuesday: Free Article
Wednesday: Promotional email
Thursday: Free article
Friday: Promotional email
Saturday: Promotional email
Sunday: No email
Always keep notes of any ideas you have for future broadcasts and content, and if you are utsourcing content creation to freelancers, make sure that you always proof the material and add in your own style.
You want your subscribers to become familiar with your brand, and so even if you outsource the majority of the work you need to apply your own personal style to every email you send out.

Email Marketing Component #4: Ability To Split Test
Regardless how well you design your site, or how thoroughly you analyze each section of your squeeze page, there is no way that you will be able to accurately predict how well your visitors will respond to your offer, without comparatively testing alternative layouts.
One easy method of testing your pages and evaluating conversion rates is by using Google ʼs Website Optimizer, a free tool that will help you run simple split tests of any websites you own.
You can sign up for a free account at:
You will need to add a snippet of code to your squeeze page after creating your Google Analytics account. This code is given to you by Google and is available within your account once you have added and verified your website ʼs location.
Once this code is placed on your website, Google Analytics will start tracking your visitors and traffic.
When split testing, start with only one element at a time.
For example, if you change the headline on your squeeze page, leave everything else in its original state until you determine whether tweaking your headline helps with conversion rates.
Once you have determined what headline works best, change another element of your squeeze page, such as the color scheme, opt-in box frame, or summary of your offer.
Always test the original against the variation and give it enough time to accurately determine whether your changes have increased your subscription rate before making any permanent changes.

Email Marketing Component #5: Your Own Online Presence
You should register your own domain names and set up professional hosting accounts that can house your squeeze pages and websites. It ʼs important that you establish an online presence and give people clear direction as to how they can reach you or find out more about you.
There are many different providers available online that offer both domain names and hosting accounts including
If you aren't familiar with HTML and aren't comfortable editing code or CSS, you could consider using Wordpress to develop squeeze pages, quickly and easily.
With Wordpress, you can set up a static website in just a few minutes, and by simply copy and pasting your autoresponder code into its main page, you can have a fully functional squeeze page set up within minutes.
You can download a copy of Wordpress from and a free copy of Code Banter's Wordpress autoresponder plugin that will instantly feature an opt-in box on your blog, at
 You can also purchase pre-designed HTML based squeeze pages that allow for you to instantly plug in your autoresponder code from high quality developers including:

Email Marketing Component #6: Building A Strong Relationship With Your Subscriber Base 
Itʼs important to build brand awareness and develop a relationship with your subscriber base, because the more that your list members trust you and the product recommendations that you make, the easier it will be to convert those subscribers into repeat customers.
Every email you send to your list should directly work towards strengthening your brands recognition for value. This means that you must be extremely careful with the kinds of products you promote as well as the quality of the products you endorse.
Whether you are the developer or not, if you give it your stamp of approval, your subscriber base will hold you accountable should the product or service fail to deliver.
You should therefore always review each product or offer you are planning to promote so that you can not only stand behind it, but also can directly answer any questions that your subscribers may have about the offer.
You also need to make sure that the products and services you are advertising are relevant to your newsletters overall theme or topic.

Final Thoughts
You can stand out from the majority of email marketers in your industry by overdelivering on fresh, quality content.
Remember that people sign up to receive your emails believing that they will benefit in some way. If you deliver quality, relevant and useful information that truly helps them, you will be rewarded with an active and responsive subscriber base.
Focus on building a relationship with your subscribers through constant contact and updates.
Don't let your list run cold by failing to communicate with your subscribers. It's relatively easy to design an email marketing campaign by using high quality private label material, and by hiring content writers to create articles that can be used within your broadcasts.
Here are my top private label resources:

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Tool to increase Youtube views using HMA VPN Pro

There are a lot of different ways to increase YouTube views .Using YouTube view rising tool can get the fastest result.
YouTube view increasing tools now uses HMA VPN or SSH which are very effective to rise up YouTube views. On the other hand, tools which use Proxy to be old and not effective. They can not get over 301 views.
Now, I use a tool which increases YouTube view with HMA VPN. (HMA VPN is shorted from Hide My Ass Virtual Private Network. This is a fake private network). It is a network built by internet service publishers which allow you can connect outside internet with IP address of providing servers.
In simple, you can use an different IP to access internet despite of using one provided by the Internet Service Provider. And your information will be hided. In case, one want to find out who you are, he have to know which country you access from. Which publisher you use and then where you are staying to access internet.
If you are a profession hacker, of course you choose HMA VPN to use. You can hide the whole private information. It is so difficult to find out where you access internet from.
Therefore, using HMA VPN means we will have a new IP from service publishers. By this new IP, you can choose any country to rise up YouTube views.
Method of YouTube views is counting from views of private IP. At least 5 seconds per view to up with one IP will be counted like one view.
Thus, tool using HMA VPN will be applied the same method, too.
Tool using HMA VPN named My Tube Bot and will be sold herein

Many programmer who built by themselves tools which have the same functions. However, with this time I will share namely acting methods of My Tube Bot.

My Tube Bot built to carry out actions like acts of YouTube user. At first, Tool will load a browser with any size and any language which built on txt file. That will be chosen automatically which you do not need to fix them.
 After user opening a browser, it is action for searching key word at searching box of YouTube. It is also applied the same with tool. The key words which you built already at txt file will be loaded. Then, the next action is choosing a video to view.  At this time, tool will touch video link which you want to rise up views and load. Counting latency time level , searching key words and view a video are not in rule.
 Time for loading a video is not in rule. You can change and set up time for viewing with this tool.
If you do not only want to rise up a lot of views at 1 video but also get lots of views at many different video, they are unlike. Because per one time for viewing, you must have enough time to see about 70% per video for ensuring getting views in high quality.
If your video has got tens of view thousands but time of viewing is very short, video’s rank will be not appreciated highly. It is a reason why you should set up view time over 70 % of the whole video.
It means that if you use My Tube Bot to increase view for one video which has the showing time to be 15 minutes, it is easier than rising views up for one other which has the showing time to be 1 hour. Therefore, My Tube Bot allow you can separate videos into threads.
One video is for per Thread in which includes loading browsers, keywords, time for searching keywords and other thread allow using the same IP. It means that you can use 2 threads or more at the same time.
With one IP you can use it for increasing views at videos at the same time. However, it demands speed of network so fast and your computer has enough RAM to contain.
You also run up to 10 threads or more. It means you only need 5 minutes to have 10 views for 10 different videos with only 5 minutes to viewing per video.
It is a reason why this tool will be unlimited a number of views. Acting methods for rising views up from  other tools are the same. But one is different from to be they use SSH or VPN.
In general, it is a tool to rise views up well which we should use because it can increase over 301 views. And it is very useful to rise video’s rank up at results of searching.
This is the result after using a tool rising YouTube views up – My Tube Bot.

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to increase your Youtube Channel’s subscription

The more subscriptions your Youtube channel has, the easier it will be for your videos to reach viewers. When you upload a new video on Youtube, this video will appear on the homepage of your subscribers.
The more subscriptions your channel has, the more popular it will be. That’s the reason why people attempt to increase their number of subscribers. The question is how?

1. Your Youtube channel aims at a particular type of audience.
Videos with interesting content would be a contributing factor to attract subscribers. The fact that viewers are subscribing to your channel means that they wish to be the first person to view your new videos. Subscription notifies people of new videos whose subjects they are interested in.
One of viewers’ habits is to subscribe to channels with their favorite videos. As a result, you need to create channel with in-depth content. You should also name your channel to show your videos’ content.
For example, you usually upload videos to teach other how to cook on your channel. You should name it: Cooking Instruction, Cooking Lesson … And the channel name will play an important part in viewers’ decision of whether to subscribe or not.

2. Using invitation
In your video’s description, add subscribing invitations. Include in your description a link to your “Subscribe” button. You can write such things as “Subscribe to channel “Name” to watch the latest videos”. This can be considered the most popular invitation used by Youtube channels.
You can also write your own invitation. For example, you are uploading episodes of a movie, you can write “Subscribe to Channel “Korean film” to be notified about the latest episodes of “Name of the movie” in your description.
Subscribing invitations should not only appear during but also at the end of each video. Use the explanation function of Youtube. Write subscribing information for the viewers to read right after they watch your videos.

3. Use subscription exchange websites:
Exchanging subscriptions websites will always be your first and foremost choice if you like something for free. You can sign up such websites at no charge. When you use these websites, you will be exchanging with others. Every time you subscribe to a channel on this system, you score a particular number of points which you will use to pay for others to subscribe to your channel.
This is a pretty effective way to increase your subscription with no cost at all.
The most favorable websites are,
Another way is to subscribe to other channels on your own without any exchanging websites. However, this will cost you a lot of time.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to choose products exactly on ClickBank for affiliate marketing

This writing introduces an effective tool for evaluating and surveying products on ClickBank. I usually use this tool day by day for searching new products and new market.
When naming ClickBank, you surely think that it is a big electric market. Products on ClickBank are numberic products. Thus, it will has a life per product. The life of product will be divided into 3 different periods. At the starting period, few of people know about the product. There are many marketers, the product will be more popular. Then the second period is the time when the product is very popular and gets the biggest revenue period. It is the period which determines the product will be successful or not successful. The final period is older of the product. People pay attention on it less because it is old and not hot. There are so many people know the product and share to each other. Therefore, a number of customer who buy that product will be reduced clearly.
So, if you participate in ClickBank with marketer’s situation. You should understand which period that product is at.  If the product is only at the starting period. Under that problem to be hided with high risk. Because that is not well known by people or there are so many products which are more popular and get the top on market before that product. For example, if you are advised marking on health, losing weight field is a potential market when taking part in advertising. It also means there are many type of products which are for health and losing weight. One day, a vendor appears and be carried out on ClickBank with products which guide losing weight. It is not exactly a good sign. Because there are so many types of losing weight medecine on market. New products will be risk and defeat easier.
If you tend to marketing new products, you need to hold information of market. It will reduce risk when marketing them. Then you must get information of top product which is competing with new product.
In my view, we should not run followly new product way because of risk from them. In case, you get the good market before advertising them, you can do well.For instance, you had a health website, you should also writing a introduction of new products on ClickBank of health. You can check custommer's recomments who assess into your website.You will see a number of product view and a number of people who bye them. I will find a product which is at the second/ between for marketing. I am seemly slower than other marketers. Of course I am less of risk. The second period of products has be populated highly, you can choos number of Gravity.
However it is only one part of the whole information. Thus, you should use website:  This is a website believely and trustly which are very essential for all marketers.
Before I know about this website, I always follow numbers on products from ClickBank. However, is is not enough.
This is the website

Let’s come in the website to see the interface above.

On the left to be information from top vendor on ClickBank. Moreover, there is a list of ClickBank products following which standing step by step. At the centre of website will introduce about this page. With this website, there are two types of accounts. It is a free account with few of conjunction and Pro – Account with more conjunctions.  If you rise up Pro – level, you have to pay 27 $. This account only need to rise up only time for the whole lifetime. If you invest to rise up into Pro – Account, you will get more informations of products on ClickBank.
On the right of website to be a tool which searching ClickBank products. You will be easy to find out  list of products which are hot on market and some informations of product number.

On the picture to be a ClichBank product of top 1 which is at health menu under diet and losing weight.
After finding top products, you should choose detailly some informations of products. You will know clearly about refunding rate if you sign up to become a Pro – Account. is a trust page when you want to learn about products on ClickBank.
I will never choose products on ClickBank at the final period of product’s lifetime. Because with this period we have to face higher risk than choosing product which are at the starting period of product’s lifetime. To find out which product is at final period, I use Graph for following. If Graph go down at lowest level, that product is at final period.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top website content writing services

English writing services are very competitive over the world. You want to hire someone to write for you but you do not know where you hire from. Below, we have some advices which help you get the best services and the best price.

Firstly, you should write out your demands. What are your English’s goals? What are the writing’s contents? What are demands for the writing’s long and pictures? Those are used carefully before you find some English writing service. Some notices for hiring English writing: You should hire a professor whose major is deep in the writing’s content. It is very serious because anyone is only excellent at some namely fields. Thus, anyone only write well some fields but not any field. So, one can write well whose writing will be always appreciated in high quality. In fact, you should not hire one company to write the fashion if one’s staffs are industrial products’ professors. It is the same to your major. We cannot fabricate knowledge. If they are non professional writings, they are patched up and so cursory. Coping and fixing are not appreciated highly. Google even find out that low quality writings.

Recent years, English writing services are developing fast and strongly. It shows supporting and interest from English contents more and more.  You should approach foreign customers. Thus, you must use English writings. These writings do not only provide information but also show writer’s deep views. Let’s take some advices about where provide English writing services over the online world.

1. is appreciated to be the first page you should try on to find someone who writes professionally. On this page, you can find many writing professors with different fields which will help you get good English writings. Qualifications are suitable with price. So you should check out and balance both cost and suitable freelancer. You will choose a topic and demands of the writing. Then, freelancers will take part in a competition. You will find out and choose a freelancer who is deep experience and the best service price.

2. is the address which provides the best freelancers. They work the whole time liberally. Therefore, does not only provide writing services but also sell different services. When you need someone to write, let’s make a project, then freelancers will take part in a competition both price and time for completing the writing.  Let’s choose a freelancer who has the best appreciated and suitable price.

Someone can be absent when naming but not because at present it is a well known commercial page and very popular. Services which are sold here called GIG. Per GIG will has starting price is 5 $.  Thus, you only pay 5 $, you will get a writing as you want to have. However you need to choose the best seller. Levels of sellers show their profession and service’s quality. In my view is a good choose if you want to save maximum cost when hiring English writing.  

It may be a address which provide the cheapest services over the world. Only with 1 $ you can buy some one here. You can rise up YouTube view and other services with 1$. However with one English writing, you need to pay 5 $– 50 $ depending on your demands. Especially services here also help you write the whole English Ebook with price 59$. In general services here are very good.
Above they are some pages which help you hire write by English. There are many other pages you can choose for hiring writing. We hope these advices will help you find out the English writing services in high quality and trustily.

Making money with ClickBank - My choice Google Sniper

Nowadays, you can find so many ways to get money from ClickBank. In reality, all the methods that had been showed , brought some results in some cases.  Earning money with affiliate marketing is not a repeated job.  You will never stop until you find the most suitable , effective and long-term method for your own business.
Google Sniper is a product of George Brown, who can earn 2000$ per day. If you do not believe, you can see it in his own video. The truth is more than 1000 people became millionaires thanks to ClickBank and this fact really makes me surprise and hard to believe. But the thing that I really concern is how he can produce a long-term " money making machine" . As you can see, all products on ClickBank are digital products , so it has a very short existence time.  Because of this, people tend to try to find products that can replace it. I decided to buy a course to confirm that all the good, positive recommends about this product are true or not.
I was very excited when I read things and watched all the videos about Google Sniper. It is really the most effective method I have ever known since I started making money on ClickBank.  Google Sniper had pointed out gold rules that help me to save time and money.  The fact is selecting key word is always the first step that must have to be done before you start to make money with ClickBank.  You may be surprise  about this. In the past, I tried to find a product without looking for it key word and it really went wrong with all the things that Google has shown.  I will prove you that selecting key word is always your first step.
The fact is if you skip finding proof key word , you will have no ideas about the product that you want.  You will always confuse that which product I should buy, which is the most popular one , and which one is the best- selling product , etc. I really realized it after reading chapter 1 of Google Sniper. It pointed out that proof key word can give you 2 different ways to choose product.  One is choose according to your own passions, what you are really interested in and have knowledge about it . Tow is selected according to what people are looking for the most.
People always surf internet to find information and also looking for the exactly suitable product that can solve their problems.  So , do you really know where is the place that can give you the proof key word you need ? You will find it through Google Sniper.  You will know how to find and analyze the proof key word that can help you sell the product which is relevant to the key word you have found.

Finding the general key word is the first step. The next step is you need to find and appriciate which product would be the best-selling one , and of course that product must be relevant to the general key word. You need trustworthy tools to help you to find the most suitable product for you. Google Sniper introduces as a website to help users to find all products in ClickBank. If you have intention to choose a specific product, then you can have the right key word that you need. Because the method of Google Sniper is not choosing some key words, it is choosing only one key word which have  to guarantee some specific rules. And the rules had been written by George Brown. You should obey the rules because the people wrote it is the one who can earn thousands a day.
Google Sniper showed a successful example of George Brown's Google Sniper applying. Keywords that George Brown selected in 2009 is "DJK Google Shadow". And now the page of George Brown still ranks top 1. It is wonderful. And perhaps only when your keywords ranked top 1 to be able to help you earn thousands of dollars each day as George Brown.

George Brown's website has been the most popular website since 2009.

The next chapters of Google Sniper is about all the basic things like how to choose domain , how to set up a website by Wordpress which is the best choice for the SEO. In my opinion, this is a little too think it is pretty small and easy to use. Especially, the modules that support for the SEO is great. Of course Google Sniper will advise you to use Wordpress. But I think it is up to you.
The most special part is about pre-selling. You only have to work for 20% but receive 80% profit.  George Brown has shown his convertion rate was 22.22% which may be the highest convertion rate on ClicckBank. Accroding to George, the high or low of convention rate depends on the content. Moreover, he also rated the writting content maketing is really an art. He pointed out all the basic informations to start writting an article maketing. I saw so many new things, such as telling your own real story in the introduction ( About me ).  And his rule is always be honest and do not over polish the truth. I am totally agree with this. In addition, in your content marketing you should give the most general view about the product you intend to sell ( what, who, why ) . And he gave so many great examples :
In last chapters,  is how to be SEO, how to make a Backlink or some plugins that use in Wordpress. It had been written detailedly so after reading it I received so much knownledge.
In the very last part, there is a picture that shows you all the steps.

In conclusion, accroding to general assessment , Google Sniper is a effective method. I think after read this you can find a new way to earn money from ClickBank. You will possiblly a big amout of money or even more than George Brown did if you start using Google Sniper today.