Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to earn $321 in 24 Hours

Before beginning with the procedure, let me first make it very clear to you that you are not being taught any complicated trick by some expert or guru. I am a very simple guy just like you and so is this formula, extremely simple to follow. I might have made mistakes throughout my life but my habit of not giving up took me to the creation of this proven formula that really allows one to make a considerable income online. Guys, you need not to be afraid. The formula is being told in this report in steps explained in quite comprehensible tongue. These steps will provide you complete knowledge starting from the conception of the idea to the delivery of money in your PayPal account. Moreover, the report does not demand from you any kinds of skills to understand and implement it. If you know to read, you can really keep making big sums. You will be told how to make some unique, high quality products that sell immediately and fill your account with at least $321 at a go. With that you will also be getting a big list of buyers that can be used further for more fresh launches as well as to earn you steady affiliate commissions by promoting others’ products or services. The amazing thing about this guide is that the process discussed in it can be repeated as many times as you want, to earn money. Everything that is important to grow business is being taught to you from marketing techniques to skills and list building etc.

What Is Needed To Begin? 

To begin with this enterprise you will have to invest a small amount of $40. I hope spending that much money for some good cause will not be difficult for you. Let me explain why you need to do this. The product that we are going to create will be launched on Warrior Forum by us as a WSO or Warrior Special offer. For this we need to buy the membership costing $20 and then the same amount will be needed to launch out a WSO thread as well. So, the training is going to start now taking you to be having no initial skills. We will have to work fa st to get immediate results. For this we will learn to minimize our work as well as time taken to market product. Let’s begin the training in steps.

Selecting Niche

To select a niche, you have to seek an area with larger potential customers, a niche that is more competitive. Ignore the niches that have lower competitions. You have to select a niche by observing what products people love to go for. There should be lots of individuals ready to spend the money to buy what you will be offering. For help you can search some products’ gravity on Clickbank marketplace and also check if people are promoting in niche selected by you. Check this snapshot.

There are many sources available online, various PLR ebooks etc. for internet marketing that give complete knowledge about SEO(on­page as well as off­page), attracting traffic, using backlinks, putting Facebook Ads, creating Facebook Fan pages, starting with Adwords, PPC advertising, etc. All this can be easily learnt. And to talk about particularly popular niches­ Health & Fitness, Relationships, online money making, etc. are quite in demand. So, you see it is not that difficult task to choose a niche for your product to be based on. Moreover, you don’t need to be expert in any niche. You will only be creating and supplying products required by experts in those niches who don’t have time to make the products. And this is how you are going to win this game of money making. You provide solutions to the market for its problems. An existing PLR content is being used in this report as reference. However you do not need to be extremely knowledgeable about the subject but yes, basic research and information of the subject is must so that you can understand the report that is going to be used as well as written by you. If you are already skilled enough in it you can also go ahead and write your own report.

Select your product 

Now, the next step is to decide what form you are going to give your finalised product. You can create an ebook or a video or may be both. But, as for now the training is being given to produce an ebook product.

Sales Funnel/ channel 

The functioning of Sales channels may vary as per cases. You can choose to either offering some product for free initially in order to get email ids of some potential buyers. These buyers will show up eventually as the valuable ones helping you to generate steady incomes. The list just maintained needs to be treated in right way and you are done.

Now, how to capture the mail addresses? For this auto­responder service known as Get Response is available. If you are familiar with any other such system, you can happily make use of that. Interestingly, they run an affiliate program too. When your created product is bought by someone or even when the link given by you is used by someone, you earn a commission. The process will grow with time and you will be obliged with a dependable additional income source.

List building 

This step is generally not allotted huge importance by the trainers as well as the trainees. However, fo r long term benefits, it is considered to be a very crucial step. So, I will certainly talk about it in brief. Although the set goal can be achieved easily without it but building a list of buyers, though takes time but pays great dividends in future. It is even difficult to launch a product without list. Let me put before you some reasons for this.

1. During the time when you are launching your product, you would want to get lots of people to come to your sales page but without list you can’t be able to mail subscribers.

2. With a list, you can opt to promote other people’s products and in turn get your own product promoted. People who secure list with them will be able to achieve even more than the target set by me. Those who are beginning without list will definitely achieve the target and earn $321 within 24 hours. And after their first launch they will also be having buyers list in their hands that will assist them amazingly in their further launches. They will be able to generate even more profits and commissions through affiliate services as well.

Building your real estate

You need to keep in mind the product you are creating can not only be launched once but numerous times. The same product can be utilized as one time offers or along with many products or as bonus item as for affiliate offers. Think about increasing your products collection with time, it will be like increasing your real estate’s value. And you can get much more in future from this process. But for now our focus is on creating that $321 product that in future will be fetching better money.

A Glance At What We Will Be Doing In This Project

Here, I am going to put before you a synopsis of the overall project that will help you get a little knowledge about the training being provided to you. Don’t worry everything will be told to you in details further. So, let’s make you aware that I am going to help you create an ebook product using guidelines of some existing PLR product. I am telling you how to re­purpose a selected part of that PLR product. To serve our purpose we can create different things like a set of small videos or powerpoint presentation prepared using that ebook’s text. Furthermore, using Fiverr we can get professional graphics created and our video introduction outsourced. All this can be combined together to have either a set of videos or an ebook or maybe both. Lastly, we need to create a sales page that will be turned to a WSO page. And when we are done with product as well as its sales page creation, Get response list along with sales channel on Warrior plus can be generated.

Why PLR (Private Label Rights)? With a PLR product, you won’t be required to be an expert in the niche you have decided to base your product on. And internet marketers who or our product is being created are always interested in buying products that will save their efforts in list building and selling.
Creating Your Product The very first thing needed is to find out an existing PLR product so that you can re­purpose it, as has already been discussed before. PLR comes with varying licensing conditions so before you plunge on any product check its licence conditions properly. You must be wondering what can I possibly mean by re­purposing a PLR product, right? Let me tell you, it means that you can modify any existing PLR product and give it your name by editing, rewriting, formatting and then renaming. Also remember that some PLR may have some kinds of limitations like it may give you certain rights like Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, etc. but may not allow you to sell on Auction Websites. So, just check out such conditions too. So, now you know it. You have to edit a PLR product and then rename it to sell as a WSO product. Don’t behave carelessly while reading the licence of the PLR, check that it should not say that you can’t use it as WSO. Then only select it. Also remember any PR cannot be sold as WSO, you certainly have to produce your own product. So, the product we are creating here will be completely unique as we are only using the text thing from the PRL.

Where to get PLR from? You can easily find people selling it either in the form of short reports costing around 3$ to 7$ or as complete PLR products like ebook, resale site etc. that may cost you around $10 to $20. Some PLR are also available free of cost at many PLR sites that do not promise great quality but still can be looked upon. You can search on Google for the PLR sites. However, to ease out your labour, below is short list of PLR sites that can be referred for source content.


You can settle down for a niche after looking at the available PLR products or you can simply select a PLR product as per your chosen niche. Try at your level best to decide on some niche and product that will be able to get you more and more interest of people.

Outsourcing You have to create something great and that too as early as possible. So outsourcing work will be a great option. Use Fiverr and hire people to get quality graphics, videos as well as audios. This way you can make things quite easier for yourself.

But as for now I want you to get your work completed in minimum cost possible. So, I am also teaching you to do every simple task yourself. However in your next venture, you can think about investing in this just to earn greater profits with lesser efforts.

Synopsis of Sales channel/ Funnel You need to understand what exactly I mean by Sales funnel or channel. It is a kind of management process for the visitors who visit your sales page. It manages the buying process, adds the visitors to your list, offers them sells as well as one time offers and also involves the final delivery of the product to the customers. So, here in our case we are going to build our sales funnel by using Warrior Plus, a reliable system to manage products, sales channel as well as affiliates. We will combine both Warrior Forum and Warrior Plus to sell our product to get amazing results. For generating sales funnel we are going to link a number of products together and form an offer. Then add all these products to Warrior Plus or Warrior Payments. We will also add buttons like “payment” buttons as well as “no thanks” links to our sales pages. And finally we will launch it and test the buying and delivery process. Now let’s discuss about Warrior Payments and Warrior Plus

Warrior Payments 

This is the cheapest way to make payments as it charges only 2% fee. The link is being given below. https://payments.warriorforum.com/

Adding Products To Warrior Plus

To add your product to it, a Warrior Plus account needs to be created. After making the account,
go to your account and first click on “vendors” at the top side of that page, then “Create New” and
then “product”.

Create Your Offer 

Now, we are required to first build offer page for each of our product and then link the products to each page. For this go to Vendors>Create New>Offer. Create a main page that will contain the main WSO product. Complete “Create Your Offer” page by adding product title and descriptions. You also need to enter some valid URL in the box called “Salespage URL” box. For the time being enter Warriorforum.com. Lastly put to ON “Public and Affiliates” and the page has been created. If you would want to add one time offers or OTOs to your further launches, use the same process.

Add a Bonus

The best way to entice people into buying your product is to add some bonus and you can take
PLR products for that.

Provide Guarantee

Providing product guarantee only increases sales as well as conversions. Standard period for
guarantee is considered to be one to two months.

Product Delivery

So, the product has been created and is ready to be uploaded to Warrior+. It’s time to click

One thing that I would recommend is to give around 75% on affiliate Commissions as it will bring
not only more and more affiliates on panel but also increase your buyers list.

Pricing I would suggest to keep the rates of products like this simple ebook low initially, may be around 4 to 9 dollars. Otherwise you can search on web and observe other sellers’ rates and then decide.
Sales Copy For WSO The basic principle that it serves is AIDA i.e. Attention­Interest­Desire­Action. You need to have an attractive sales copy as this is what your launch success completely depends on. You can also outsource this work to someone else. A sales copy should have some special features.
Give a catchy headline.
Offer people solutions to their main problems.
The information you are giving them should be beneficial to them.
Let them know how the information will get them success and good money.
Call them to Act.
Explain them your point wit suitable testimonials as well as stats. This will get you people’s attraction, and now you need to generate in them desire by turning the story they have been told by you into one. After you have got a ‘perfect for you’ sales copy, a tool called “jing” is to be downloaded by
http://www.techsmith.com/jing.html. Take your sales copy’s screen shots and go to
http://tinypic.com/. This is where you will be able to convert those images to BB Code so as to upload them to the warrior forum.

Adding Payment Buttons To WSO

Pay buttons need to be got from either your created Warrior Plus offer or Warrior Payments. Go to your offer page.

Get payment button code to add it to TEST FORM WSO. i.e.

Click on the “Get Code” button provided at the bottom of main offer page. A pop up window will appear, choose from there the Button Code that will get you a BB code for the Warrior Forum, WSO sales page. Remember you do not have to opt for html for a WSO page. Just copy the code in the box.

Now open that TEST FORUM thread created earlier by you. Click NEW THREAD. Paste the
codes you got from TinyPic.com and also the code you got from Warrior Plus as your buy button.
You will see something like this screenshot.

Save changes and you should be seeing the payment button.
Test purchase Before you go live with your WSO, it is vital to test if your buy button is working properly. Otherwise issues can occur related to people’s buying the WSO that you certainly don’t want. To test, you first have to make your offer, not WSO, go live. Click on “Activate Offer” button provided on the offer page. Now your offer is live and you can test the button.

1. Go to the sales pages, TEST FORUM. 2. Open main page of the test forum and click on the payment button. PayPal will be opened, just check that it has got the correct product name. Purchase the product if you are able to, but with your another PayPal account than the one you are using to sell your product with. If everything goes Ok and you are satisfied with the test, deactivate your offer so that the affiliates do not come on board even before your products are ready to be put on sale.
Affiliates And Reviews Work It includes sending out the review copies. The task is bit difficult if you are going to launch something fo r the first time only. Because during second launches you will already be having existing customers list who you can offer your reviewed copies to and get in return a review or testimonial from them in the sales thread. It will really be helpful to attract buyers. If you don’t happen to get that, offer a few review copies at the time you launch your product. They will go easily and quickly. Just ask people who take your review copy to leave an honest review and that to at the same day itself. Otherwise they will either provide that late or not provide at all. The best thing is to search for people who like to comment on products. Ask them politely via PMs to do it and they will review your product too, before the launch. Be nice to them and tell that you have observed their interest in products that are related to your product and that your product can also seem to be interesting to them. Inform them about your product launch day and time also.
Try To Launch As Soon As Possible You need to get to the market as fast as possible. Don’t keep waiting to make things perfect, just go fo r it. Your next products will certainly have customers whom you can easily contact for reviews in fu tu re.
Affiliates Will Join Themselves, Don’t Run For Them If the product stats are good, affiliates will come. If for your first product you don’t get affiliates, just don’t panic, and don’t message Warriors to get you affiliates. It will only spoil things for you.

Affiliate Approval Process 

Keep checking Vendors/My Affiliates sections for approval requests. There will be requests from various unwanted affiliates, don’t just rush into approving all the requests. There are many robotic requests for approval immediately after the product goes live that do not help in selling product. Get complete information about each and every affiliate you want to approve of like how many sales have been made by him, his refund rate, etc. You can check his profile on Warrior Form by simply clicking on his name. REMEMBER; don’t get beaten by scammers. They have not left Warrior Forum either and are flourishing through scams. They first earn 75% commission on buying your product themselves and then ask for refund on the product as promised by you to the customers. Don’t worry I will show you the way to avoid it. Follow these instructions.

Refuse affiliate in such cases:
If it is some new affiliate.
If it shows either none or single post count.
If the affiliate has joined Warrior Forum 3 months back.
If even after joining years ago, it shows less than 50 posts.
If any affiliate shows a big number of posts just in few days after joining.
If an affiliate does not meet your requirements and criteria set by you. 
Sometimes scammers just buy any old Warrior Forum account and fool the people around. You should check Visitors Messages of all suspicious accounts. And if the affiliate has hidden that, he is certainly more suspicious. You don’t worry. Warrior Forum has a number of good affiliates too who have good records. They will contact you directly to talk about things. Just maintain right stats and they will come. Know one thing, even if you have no affiliates at all, you can still sell your product well.

Preparations For Your Launch Day 

You have to make your WSO go live. Follow these steps: 1. You would have got a private message from the Forum admins asking you to pay for your WSO thread. Make payment and you will see your WSO go live instantaneously. 2. Now click on “quick reply” button given under the new WSO post. Add FAQ post that includes your support email. You can also add some common questions that arise in thread.

To edit your post, open live WSO page. Go to Text>Advanced and paste the content taken from TEST FORUM post. Now save changes and look at your sales page to check if everything is OK. Check pay buttons too.

3. Then you need to make changes to the main offer page, make it WSO and check if it fu nctions properly. 

4. Make sure that sales funnel is appropriately completed. Add this new WSO sales page to “Offer”. To do this navigate to your offer in the Warrior Plus, click “edit” at the right side of the top of the page.

Now, click on the URL of Warrior Forum WSO post, copy it from there and replace that URL which you used while creating the main page. Save all the changes that have been made.