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26 best & cheapest SMM panels for resellers

 SMM panels are tools that can be used to sell or resell social media marketing services to people who are looking to grow their social media presence. These services are often very affordable and you can buy an SMM panel and integrate it into your website or application. Today, we have put together an SMM panel list. You will find the best SMM Panels that sell Instagram followers, YouTube views, and many other services at lower costs. So, if you have been wanting to look for the cheapest SMM panel that has quality service then this list can help. 

We have tried to put together a list of top SMM panel service providers. We hope you find a good one that can fulfill your social media marketing needs. So, let’s get started. 

Safest & Best SMM panels

#1. Highest Return on Investment – SocialPanel

#2. Best Results – BulqFollowers

#3. Most Trusted Panel – SMMRush

#4. Social Media Marketing Experts  – SMMBuzz

#5. High-Quality Services – SafeSMM is a site that provides a variety of social media marketing services that can be used by anyone looking to boost their presence on social media platforms. The site provides SMM panels as well. If anyone wants to buy, sell or resell a bunch of different social media promotion services then they can use the SMM panel provided by

All of the services will be live and you will get the results that you paid for. The panel also supports bulk orders. So, your customers can buy SMM services in bulk without any problem. The rates are quite low so that you don’t have to pay a huge chunk of your budget.

The rates start at very low and affordable ranges. The support team of the company remains active 24/7 so that if a problem arises at any time customers can easily reach out to the company and get them resolved. Using the API you can easily integrate and its services on your website or application as desired. 


BulqFollowers is a site that does not support just one social media platform. Rather, you can get SMM panels for some of the most used social media platforms all over the world. It provides SMM panel options for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. The site provides many features that one can get the benefits of if they choose to purchase the services from it.

One can often expect a lot of orders to be placed. So, the company provides mass for adding features via which forms can be added in masses and then the orders can be processed in a bulk. All the services that BulqFollowers offers support instant start. This means that whenever anyone purchases any service they can instantly avail the benefits of it. No data will be shared or leaked willingly.

The company takes complete responsibility for the safety and security of the data. If you are a developer you can use the API provided by the company for integrating it on your website or application. To make it easy to track the orders you are given a dashboard to do so. The company provides 24/7 customer support so any doubts and queries can be directed to them at any time.

Let’s move on to the next SMM panel provider on our SMM panel list. SMMRush is a site that provides the cheapest SMM panel that one can use to resell social media marketing services or use SMM services to grow on social networking sites. The company claims to provide the best SMM panel in the market that has many features.

The site is quite popular as every 0.14 seconds an order is made. So far millions of orders have been completed and delivered to the respective clients. The price of the services starts at around $0.01 per 1000 units. So, as you can see the price is quite cheap. But along with lower rates the site also promises to provide a top SMM panel with good-quality services.

The dashboard is very user-friendly and can be used to navigate to different parts and track the status of an order. The company claims that it has the fastest delivery times in the market. So, along with the cheapest SMM panel you get fast SMM services delivered as well. If you are interested just visit the site and register.

The next site on the list is SMMBuzz. It sells different SMM panels for social media users and claims to have the best-quality panels that one can get at cheaper rates. Not only that you can also purchase various social media marketing services to boost your marketing strategy at low prices. The site is very confident that clients will love its services because it only provides services that benefit the users and are of top quality.

Instead of just providing one or two methods to add funds to buy services, SMMBuzz provides different methods to do so. This makes it easier for the clients to purchase the services using the payment method that they have become comfortable with. The company values the time of its clients and therefore anyone who purchases any social media marketing services from this site will get the services delivered on time as quickly as possible.

To start using the services you have to create a panel account on the site. Just click on the sign-up button to get started. Choose a payment method to add funds and pay for the services. Now, just use these services to boost your presence on social media. Visit the site to know more details about the site and the services.


SafeSMM is a website dealing with a variety of services, posts, tools and topics related to digital marketing, social media marketing and advertising and any such related fields. If you are looking for some help or services to help with your promotion on social media marketing then is an SMM website that can help in this regard.

The company delivers services on-time and has kept the rates reasonable so that everyone can afford and use the services and boost their social media marketing results. SafeSMM also provides SMM panels that can be used by resellers to sell social media marketing services.

The integration of the services to your application or website can be done as well. The mission of the company is to ensure that the best SMM panel is provided at a low price. This panel will provide you with all the various social media services that people are using. It will help you easily sell all kinds of promotional services for social media platforms.

Smmresellerpanel is a site that provides a variety of social media services to users looking to grow online and establish their presence. It is not an easy task to boost your credibility on social media. So, sometimes using social media marketing services can help. Smmresellerpanel provides an SMM panel that has all the services that people may need for social media marketing and promotion.

The services that are listed on the site are active and will work once purchased. All the services are checked daily and updated if required. So, you will only get the latest versions to work with. All the services offered are of good quality. They will not cost you a lot and thus, you can purchase these services even if you have a small budget allocated to social media marketing and promotion.

All the funds need to be added to the site after signing up. To make it easy to choose a payment method that the clients are comfortable with, Smmresellerpanel supports multiple methods to add funds. Once you have the access to the panel you can use services to boost the number of likes, followers, views, comments etc. So, find out more about Smmresellerpanel by visiting

If you want to use services that can help boost your social media marketing and promotion then is one of the sites that can be taken a look at. The company is very confident about the exhaustive nature of the tools and services that it has and claims that it is the only marketing tool that you will need to boost your promotion on social media platforms.

Since a lot of bulk orders might be happening on this site it has optimized everything so that everything is easy and smooth. There are various payment methods including PayPal. The services are very easy to use but can provide you with some effective results. You can fully integrate these services into your site or software using the API that provides its clients.

The company is located in Houston (in Texas). The main aim of the company is to ensure that the quality of the tools and services that it sells should always remain top-tier. Also, your safety and security matters. So, the company keeps all the data safe. If you have any confusion that you want to figure out then you can call customer support who are available round-the-clock. 


BestSMMProvider is a site that claims to have all the services that one might need for social media promotion. Today, many companies can benefit hugely from the power of the internet and social media. They can market and promote their products and services on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to generate more leads and make more sales.

BestSMMProvider is a company that provides you with the best quality and popular social media marketing services. This social media marketing panel can be used by anyone looking to boost their credibility and establish a presence on social media platforms. To ensure that everyone can easily use the services that it provides the company has tried to keep the rates of the services as low as possible.

So, even if you do not have a huge budget to hire marketing teams you can still use this SMM panel to buy your social media services. Anyone who has been looking for the cheapest SMM panel with good quality can visit this site and create an account. Once you have done so you will need to add some funds to your account using one of the various methods of payment. The services support drip-feed as well wherein you can choose the speed at which you want the services to be delivered.


The next entry on the list is SMMFollows. This site claims that it has the Instagram followers SMM panel tool that you will only ever need. It supports the services for almost all the relevant and most popular social media platforms that pull in millions of users from across the globe. LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud etc. are some of the names of the social media platforms that are supported by SMMFollows.

You will find relevant services for these platforms once you visit the site. With rates starting at as low as $0.01 the site claims to provide the cheapest SMM panel in the market. Thus, anyone looking for a cheap SMM panel to provide some support to their marketing and promotion can use the services that are listed on The site has been functioning for a few years now and has completed over 7 million orders.

It claims that every 0.3 seconds an order is made from its site. More than 86k users have registered on this site. You can even become an affiliate partner of the site. So far the company has paid around $76k to affiliate users. So, if you are interested in SMM services and are looking for a cheap SMM panel then visit this site.


PerfectPanel allows you to easily integrate its services on your application or website. It claims to have the best-quality panels in the market that can be used to avail social media services. So, if you have decided to start a social media marketing services business and you want to provide or resell such services then you will find the appropriate SMM panel on

There are various features of this panel. It is capable of handling thousands of orders. Your customers will have an easy time while navigating through the panel and they can easily place bulk orders. The company knows that the clients deserve nothing short of the best.

So, it claims to provide the top SMM panel that you can use for your business purposes. Integrating different kinds of payment methods is quite seamless. You can easily add the payment method that you need. Besides the user or customer panel you also have the access to the admin panel which gives you a lot more flexibility and customization that can help manage your SMM panel. 


Anyone looking to buy a cheap SMM panel can check out the next entry on our SMM panel list. This site claims to have the best SMM panel but at the cheapest rate. If it sounds like something you want to look at visit

The site promises that the SMM panel it offers is the top SMM panel with all the services and features that one might need while selling or reselling social media marketing services. You get a fully automated SMM panel that is fast and responsive. This user-friendly design can help make it easier for customers to order the services they want.

There’s also support for mass orders. If you have any doubts or queries you can direct them to the customer support of the company. Also, if you face any problems with your panel you can reach out to them. The customer support team is active 24/7 and is ready to resolve your issues.

Anyone looking for an SMM panel that provides different SMM services can check out the next site on our SMM panel list. is a site that is popular among people looking to purchase SMM panels so that they can sell or resell services related to social media marketing and promotion.

The company has been around for more than 5 years now and they support services for almost all the major and popular social media channels. Thus, most of the people looking to buy likes, followers etc. will find appropriate services here. Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube are a few examples of the social media platforms that supports. does not just want to sell you the panel and take your money. It wants to help you grow on social media platforms and the market as well. It claims that the services it provides are of top quality and come from real accounts so that clients can get better insights. Peakerr is confident that once you start working with them you will not be wanting to leave since they provide a lot of features and quality support. 

SMM Heaven

SMM Heaven is another social media marketing panel provider that has been around for some years and has already made a name for itself. This company sells a variety of services that will benefit any person looking for social media marketing services. You can easily manage your business pages on Twitter and Facebook with the SMM panel. The company claims that it provides the best SMM panel for any reseller of social media marketing services.

You will also find that this is a cheap SMM panel as the services start at a very low price. So, if you choose to resell the services, for example, YouTube views the cost for you will be quite less. So far the company has delivered over 7 million orders and has satisfied most of the clients.

All the services will trigger automatically once the submissions happen. So, as soon as an order is placed the process begins after 4 to 5 seconds. All the products are up and running. Everything is updated regularly. Even then if you face any problems the customer support team is more than happy to assist you. 

Groom Insta

Groom Insta is an SMM panel provider that claims to have the best SMM panel for Instagram and YouTube. Also promises that the quality of the services that it provides is second to none. If you are looking for an SMM panel with the main focus on Instagram and YouTube then you can check out Groom Insta.

The site claims to have the most reliable panel that can fulfill your social media marketing needs. Currently, there are more than 22k active members on this site. The company has worked diligently and has already been able to deliver over 2 million orders. The price of the services is quite cheap.

So, if you want to resell these social media marketing services you can sell them at lower rates as they will cost you less as well. The prices start at $0.005 for every thousand stats. All the services are tested every six hours to ensure that they are up and running and are providing the desired results. So, visit the site and take a look at the services.

Digital marketing is very important today. If you want your brand to get more exposure then you have to use the internet. JasaSEO claims that with its services and tools you will be able to dominate your competition and boost your reach on the internet and social media platforms.

The company provides comprehensive plans and strategies for social media marketing and promotion. It has been linked with creating and marketing websites for more than 16 years now. And as you may have already guessed from its name the company is also an expert when it comes to search engine optimization.

If you want your content or website to rank higher on the search engines, JasaSEO can help you. The company has a SMM panel as well. You can buy it if you want to get a panel that provides a variety of social media marketing services to help with your social media journey. With prices starting at $0.001 every 1000 stats you can check out if you want a cheap SMM panel.

Insta Faster

If you want a cheap SMM panel that has the best-quality services then one of the sites to check out will be Insta Faster. This is a panel that can be used to sell and resell social media marketing services for many social networking sites like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram etc.

Some of the services available are YouTube views, TikTok views, Instagram followers, TikTok likes and many more. All of these services will provide accurate results and are quite affordably priced. In total there are around 964 services that are provided by Insta Faster.

A total of 4.9 million orders have been completed by the company. There are over 8.6k active users of this SMM panel. The company is very confident that its services are of top quality and you can consider them to be the best SMM panel provider in 2021. All the services are easy and safe to use. You can easily use this panel to resell social media services. 

Social Panel 24

Social Panel 24 wants to help social media users and other online business owners to grow their business and brand and gain more exposure throughout the day. The company has delivered over 1.6 million orders and they are delivering thousands of orders daily. The company is confident that with the quality it provides it is the top SMM panel provider.

It also claims that since its services are cheap it is able to beat the price of any competitors, even the one you might be currently working with. But as mentioned before, cheap does not mean a compromise on the quality. It also provides customer support round the clock.

There are six people who are diligently working towards solving the issues and problems that the clients are facing. You can easily use the services that this site provides by creating an account and logging in. All the solutions or services that you buy will be delivered in less time so that you can start growing your business as soon as possible.


Msp-Panel provides some of the cheapest services that are good in quality. Anyone looking to buy a quality SMM panel can visit this site and buy the appropriate service. For over 5 years Msp-Panel has been providing its services. They have ensured that the quality does not drop and all the services are always functioning.

This is why a lot of effort has been put into providing quality customer support that will be available 24/7. The company provides real-time support using platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp. To start availing the services that are present on the site you first have to register for its services.

So, go to the website and sign up to create an account. When you have your account ready you can use different payment methods to add funds and buy the services or the panel. 

YoYo Media

If you are looking to buy an SMM panel for selling or using social media services then one of the necessities is having a fully automated panel that provides instant start of the services. YoYo media claims that when you buy or use its top SMM panel you will get exactly that. All the services are fully automated and integrated with the panel and support instant start and processing of the services.

YoYo Media promises that the price of the social media services that you will find on this site is quite cheap. You do not have to spend a lot of money to get these services. You can buy cheap likes, views, comments and followers for Instagram, Facebook etc.

The company also has an affiliate program and it has paid over $38k to all the affiliate users. Currently, there are over 350+ active services on the site. The site keeps fulfilling order after order and has delivered around 316k orders. 

Top SMM Panel

Social media marketing and promotion is quite a big industry. People have realised the potential that the internet and social media has. It can help them get more reach and exposure all over the world. This will lead to more lead generation which can then be run down and converted. Top SMM Panel is an SMM panel provider that has been doing this business for 6 years now.

It knows what the clients need and what will help them get better at reselling SMM. The company is popular among people who sell and resell social media marketing services for social networking sites. It has cheap SMM panels for various popular platforms.

One can buy the Twitter reseller panel, Instagram reseller panel, Facebook, reseller panel, YouTube reseller panel and many more. The company claims that by using its panel and services you can give your social media marketing business the boost it needs. The panels will come in packed with features that are needed for easy and effective operation. 


SMMRaja is an SMM panel provider that sells cheap SMM panels that can be used to avail SMM services or resell SMM services as needed. The company has lots of experience in the industry has been around for over 8 years providing top SMM panels and cheap SMM services to clients. If you are looking to grow your profile on social media platforms then the site claims to have the best SMM panel that you can use to do so.

All the engagement that you get after buying any service from this company will come from real accounts. Your insights will be boosted massively once you start receiving the likes, views, followers etc. as applicable. To make it easier to know which stage your order is present in, the company has provided a dashboard that gives you information about the status of any order.

You don’t have to keep refreshing the browser to know the status as the dashboard contains all the needed information. If you have any problems you can, of course, connect with the customer support team that is available to help you 24/7.  Another great options is


If you are looking for a cheap SMM panel then one of the sites you can visit is SMMAhead. This site sells SMM panels for a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The prices of the services are quite low and the panel is packed with many features that can provide a lot of benefits to the clients.

You can either resell the social media marketing services or sell your SMM services using the panel that this company offers. With this panel when you decide to resell the SMM services you can sell them to your clients at very low rates and thus boost your market presence in the social media marketing industry.

Another cool feature of the panel is that it accepts a bunch of different payment methods from PayPal to card payments to payments in the form of cryptocurrency. So, clients can be comfortable with choosing a method that they have access to. Just create an account on the site and add funds. Next, buy the panel you want and start selling social media services.


The next site on this list is Best-SMM. This is a site that sells social media services and SMM panels that can be used to sell or resell likes, views, comments, followers or any other relevant social media marketing services for different social media platforms that are quite popular and used by millions around the world.

The company tries to provide an exhaustive list of features and services in its tool and claims to be the only tool that you will ever need when it comes to marketing and promotion on social media platforms. Best-SMM provides more than a thousand services that are all active and can be used to grow on social media.

The price of the services starts at around $0.01 for every 1k unit. At this cheap rate, you can charge low prices from your customer as well. To use these services and the panel you will have to register on the site, recharge your account and start using the services. 


Anyone looking to boost their social media marketing may want to purchase an SMM panel as it makes it much easier to sell or resell likes, followers, and all kinds of SMM services. PacySMM provides SMM services and SEO services to help with online promotion and marketing.

The SMM panel that you buy from this site has multiple features and makes everything quite simple. The UI is very friendly. Also, the company wants you to have a good experience. It has set up 24/7 customer support because problems can happen at any time and thus, you should always have a place that you can reach out to in case of any issues. The panel’s functions are completely automated.

Thus, whenever an order is placed the processing starts within minutes if not seconds. The starting price of the services can go as low as $0.001 per 1000 units. So, if you want a cheap SMM panel that has many features you can visit this site. 


BearSMM started back in 2014. So, the company has been around for over 7 years and has been offering social media marketing services to interested buyers. The site knows that if you are looking for an acceptable SMM panel then you not only need the cheapest SMM panel but also the best SMM panel script or website that helps you resell SMM services.

BearSMM can help you with that because it sells SMM panels for a lot of social media platforms. So, if you want to buy or sell Facebook followers, likes or Twitter followers, Instagram followers etc. this is one of the sites you can take a look at. The site sells under the banner Luxury SMM Panel. The company is based out of India.

It may turn you off but often it means that the prices are less. But if you have doubts regarding its services we suggest you reach out to them and get your queries resolved before making any purchases. You will find the chat option at the bottom of the website. 


Alright, let’s end our SMM panel list with SMMInstantPanel. This is a site that has a lot of SMM services. It claims that all of these services that you see on the website are of high quality. You can buy these services at a lower rate. Anyone looking for a cheap SMM panel can consider this since the price of the SMM panel and the SMM services that this site offers is quite low.

Besides that, every reseller gets a discount from the company. Any problem can be directly directed to the company. SMMInstantPanel promises that its ticket resolution is quite fast and you can get the problem attended to quite quickly. Also, the problems can be directed at any time since customer support is active throughout the day. There are terms of services and refund policies in place. Please read those before purchasing any services from the site. 

Include Related FAQs and Guide

Why use an SMM Panel?

There are many reasons why people choose to buy an SMM panel. 

You can get the feature to schedule posts

This tool can help you enhance the search engine optimization score.

It provides a tonne of functionality in one place and thus saves you a bunch of time.

You can get good quality support. Most of the providers offer 24/7 Customer Support.

The services are quite cheap and you can boost your online presence with them.

What to look for before purchasing any service?

Since there are so many SMM panel providers it can become confusing. Which one should you choose? Are they all good? Of course, not. Since this is a popular industry there are bad service providers and scammers present as well. Here are a few general things you should look for before choosing a site.

Good security

The site should have SSL encryption. Check for it. If a site doesn’t then that’s probably a red flag.

Customer Support

The site should provide quality customer support. Please check its responsiveness before going in.


All the information and terms of services should be mentioned clearly. If you see something in the fine print then it is probably better to clear it out with customer support.

Read Reviews

Although reviews can be bought or faked if you search enough you should have a good idea since there will be a couple of honest reviews somewhere.

Your Budget and Needs

Lastly, you need to choose a service provider that suits your budget and needs. However, don’t go directly for the cheapest. Try to find one that has a more reliable service.


So, that was the end of our best SMM panel list. We have tried to find a bunch of Instagram followers SMM panel providers. You can find the best SMM panel or the cheapest SMM panel or both from this list. 

But as always we recommend you to take a look at the site and if you have any questions or doubts always get them cleared before enrolling for any of the services. We hope you get good SMM panels and boost your social media marketing. All the best!