Friday, February 26, 2016

Video marketing on Facebook

Why does Facebook provide so much value? Facebook provide social media users with so many ways in which to connect with friends, family and also with a target audience if they are a business. Although Facebook may not be willing to share Facebook content with other social media networks such as Twitter or YouTube it still remains one of the most powerful marketing mediums available because of its very large member base. Because of the large amount of people that are using Facebook this will significantly increase your opportunities to share your service or product. Facebook allows the user an excellent conversion rate because of triggers which surround the video which are uploaded which mostly leads to some action by the person visiting that profile. According to statistics Facebook enjoys the second largest amount of traffic on the entire web with over 500 million active followers. The power of Facebook is substantially increased because over 150 million smartphone users take their Facebook account with them wherever they go which provides business with an excellent source from which valuable information could be gathered.

Facebook has become a veritable giant on the web

When it comes to video referrals Facebook provides users with the second-largest source in this regard which when used correctly can provide a business with many excellent business opportunities. Furthermore a very large number of people spend more time on Facebook then they are actually spending on Google and this is why Facebook can never be ignored because any business that does so will miss out on the millions of opportunities which is provided to them by Facebook. Facebook is making use of social media optimization which is similar to search engine optimization which can really help to attract thousands of customers when used correctly. When uploading the video to Facebook users will find that Facebook are more lenient than YouTube when it comes to the length of video. Facebook will allow videos of up to 20 minutes in length compared to the 15 minutes allowed by YouTube. To further accommodate Facebook users many different types of video formats is allowed and therefore conversions may be unnecessary which cost time and unnecessary effort.

Facebook versus YouTube

A user which is primarily concerned with uploading video and who may not require the other benefits provided by Facebook may find YouTube an excellent medium but for those who need more than just video uploading, Facebook is by far the more powerful medium and can provide users with substantially more benefits as far as marketing is concerned. Facebook provides businesses with the full package and even though video uploads is essentially a sideline activity as far as Facebook is concerned there can be no doubt that the overall package provided by Facebook provides businesses with extraordinary value which can help them to significantly increase their target market which will convert to lucrative profits and healthy growth because they have distinguished themself from the competition. There are many excellent websites on the Internet that are able to provide you with information on the power of Facebook and how the uploading of videos to this medium can really help your business to grow in an extraordinary way.


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