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How To Make Money On Youtube - Step By Step

Step 1) Make A List Of Businesses
Search for keywords on Google that fit this formula:
[Business Type] [City/State]
For example:
Dentist Lubbock Texas
And then make a list of 30 to 40 small businesses that are advertising on Google Adwords.

Why Google Adwords?
Because if they're advertising on Adwords, it's a good indicator to us that these businesses:
1 ) Have money to spend
2) Know the VALUE in spending money on advertising and marketing (aka you!)
So you only want to go after this gold.
Next step:
Try to find the email address for each of those businesses.
Try to collect 20 email addresses for your first batch.

Step 2) Contact Each Business From Your List
Then email each one and tell them this:
Tell them that you have advertising space available on your [related niche] YouTube videos and you're wondering if they'd like to grab the advertising spots.
It's a good idea to do a search with the Google Keyword Tool / Keyword Planner ahead of time to find out how much search volume their main keyword (e.g. Lubbock Dentist) is getting searched per month.
That way you can take that exact number to them in your email and say something along the lines of: "It looks like 720 people search for the term 'Lubbock Dentist' each month. I'd be happy to get you ranking for that term so that we can tap into those 720 people for you."

Bonus Tip:
Tell them that you fully researched their business ahead of time (rankings, website, etc) and you selected them over their competitors because you feel you can really help their business.
That AND you feel they are the best fit out of all the [dentists] in [city].
This really makes them feel special and wanted.
Lastly, tell them that their phone number and website URL would of course be displayed so that prospects can contact their business directly.
Now, don't be discouraged if you get some "NO's" or you get ignored. This is simply a numbers game. And we're only doing email sending here. So there's really no direct rejection (over the phone or face to face).
So no biggie. Just keep at it until you get those "YES's". You'll be surprised how quickly they'll come ;) Especially if you target those business owners that are currently advertising on Google Adwords.
Once you get a "YES", be sure to get them signed up on a recurring subscription @ $99/month.
$1 99/mo could work also. Just be sure to mention that they're getting a "half off" deal.
Paypal works just fine too to process the payments. And tell them that you'll deliver one high quality video each month for them and you'll get it ranked for them on YouTube for one of their targeted keywords in their city.
20 clients paying $99/month is all it takes to get to $2k/month.
And 10 clients paying $199/month is all it takes to get to $2k/month.
So there ya go
Who said getting to $2k/month was difficult?
Your main objective is to do 4 things with this business model:
Prospect. Qualify. Close. Provide​.
We've already covered the first 3 ...
Now for the last one:

Step 3) Creating Your Video For Your Client
As far as providing this service goes, I just use two different sources:
1 ) it'sreally straight forward to use. I just use the free version.
2) from the Video & Animation category you'll find plenty of talented people that can get the job done for you.
I’d take it also that you may already have Explaindio or Video Maker X in your armory , so they are cool to use too. And here's a list of royalty free stock photo sites you can use to get images for your videos:
Note: Most video creators at will already have access to some stock photos and stock photo sites.

Step 4) Ranking Your Video
From my experience, 30 to 90 second videos seem to rank AND convert the best.
Don't ask me why, they just do
Local Keywords rank must easier too than National ones so that will help us too !
And try to have a nice variety of keywords and tags for your YouTube video. 2 to 3 different keywords is good.
Your main keyword in your video title. Put main keyword first i.e.
‘Lubbock Dentist’ then ­ and then ‘Lubbock Dentist Review’
Example …… Lubbock Dentist ­ Lubbock Dentist Review
And other keywords in your video description.
Always put the youtube url less the ‘s’ in https in your description box at the end ,
to ­­­
this helps with an extra back link
Ps Enjoy the video too
And about 5 to 10 tags is sufficient.
It's also a good idea to see what your competition is doing with their keywords and tags to get some extra ideas.

Note: Google and YouTube seems to put much more value on "Subscribers" these days over "Likes" and "Views".
So try to get some "Subscribers" on your channel (50 to 200) by buying a cheap gig over at
But make sure you use only the ‘Highly Rated ‘ sellers over there. Just choose a seller with a high rating so that you get a quick turnaround time and don't run into any problems.
Now, in the "Category" section of your video, I've found that you always want to select "People and Blogs".
Again, don't ask me why but this seems to help videos rank better for some reason.
Then lastly some ‘Secret Sauce '
Once you’ve uploaded your video, go to and and ping your videos for FREE to help with very fast ranking !
If you do all of the above, your video should get ranked within 48 hours. Once that happens, be sure to tell your client about it so that they're happy and so that they can now start telling their friend(s).
Referrals and word of mouth is a powerful thing! So definitely use that to your advantage.

Conclusion + Recap
● Step 1 ) Make a list of businesses that you find from Google Adwords and find out a bit of  information about each business (current rankings, etc)
● Step 2) Contact each business (from your list) via email
● Step 3) Lock them in at $99/mo or $1 99/mo (depending on the type of client/business type)
● Step 4) Get the video created at Animoto or Fiverr
● Step 5) Get the video ranked with YouTube and Google
● Collect the monthly moolah $$$ :)
● Rinse and repeat.
So there you have it, easy or what?
This is a very simple way to start earning recurring income. And it's easy for both newbies​ and seasoned marketers alike :)
It’s important that you are relentless and you keep approaching prospective clients until you get those
Like I said before:
This is a numbers game. Just be consistent and relentless and you'll make money.

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