Thursday, July 9, 2015

Make money with Clickbank and BuySellAds

I’m going to teach you how you can invest $30- $50 a month and get out standing ROI using BuySellAds
I’ll walk you through the same campaign I ran last month. It made me almost $280.
First, I signed up at the site BuySellAds.
When you go to BuySellAds you will be presented with a screen showing two options— Advertisers and Publishers.

Click on Get Started under Advertisers.
Once you do that you will be presented with a lot of categories. You can also access the categories by clicking on Marketplace.

You will be presented with several categories. For this particular thing that we are doing I feel that the best categories would be Beauty, Health and Pets. There are a lot of products on sites like Clickbank which we can promote.
However, that doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself with these alone. If you find a good product, come back and search for a site here where you think you can sell it.

I decided to go with the Beauty and Fashion category at
And, these are the sites that were listed in there.

As you can see from the screenshot, the websites listed here are getting insane amounts of traffic – and for just $30- $50 a month you can tap into 600,000+ impressions!
I chose Leather Celebrities for my test run.

I paid $60 to run a 300x250 banner for 30 days. (As you can see above, the price
is now $80.)
Now, since we’re dealing with Beauty and Fashion, I figured it would be wise to find an affiliate product those appeals to women. The product need not be something that’s in the Beauty and Fashion niche, but it needs to be something that would appeal to the audience.
Like you could buy a banner on a tech site and promote something called “Dating for geeks”. I haven’t tried that yet.
To take this a step further you can study the target demographic using sites like SimilarWeb or Alexa.
I Searched on ClickBank( for a dating offer. I chose this one: It has a decent gravity and you can make decent money even if one or two of these get sold.
The Affiliate page is:

Once you’re on the Affiliate page you’ll find about 4 different products you can promote. I chose this offer:

Now click on BANNERS

You should see this

Now let’s head back to Leather Celebritieson BuySellAds and click on the site
This is where our banner will display. You’ll notice that a couple of other affiliates are also promoting this offer, so you might want to switch up your offer and choose another Beauty and Fashion site within BuySellAds.
But for now, let’s follow

A problem that you may face while implementing this 
One of the problems that you may face is that BuySellAds won’t approve Clickbank urls. There are some offers to which direct linking isn’t allowed.
But there’s a smart workaround this problem.
Just go to

Enter your Clickbank nickname and that of the vendor’s. Your Clickbank nickname is that which with you login to Clickbank.
Finding Vendor nickname is easy.

When you choose an offer and click on promote, you will get a pop-up similar
to this

The vendor nickname is highlighted above. Enter both in and you will get a link that works with BuySellAds.
Next, you are going to download the banner from the affiliate page and submit it to BuySellAds, along with your affiliate link. That’s it!
I got about 278 clicks in 30 days, and6 sales. This made me just about $212 +1 upsell =$273
Why wait? Visit BuySellAds to check out some cool stuff. The site’s been around for some time now, and can be very profitable for you if have the right offer.
I hope you’ve enjoy this report – and that you’ll take action!