Sunday, April 17, 2016

Market research on warrior forum and warrior plus

When it comes to do a market research it’s really chewing my brain and I was trying to find a simple way which would help me to save my time and also get me the required information which are only two:
i. What is the current high demand in the market, the problem that people are looking for a solution to it?
ii. Where I can find those hungry buyers and throw my hook. And after long research I came across this awesome please "Warrior Forum" and it saves my time and money as well. The power of the forum is really great as you can:

  •  Find out what is the highest demanded market.
  •  Exchanging experiences with many marketers.
  • Come up with an idea for your product.
  • Sell in your product and make a fortune.

The first step you ought to do is to sign up with the Warrior Forum, it is FREE but the free membership is limited. But for the time being it is okay to be on free status because we want to go and do our market research homework.
Assuming that you have already signed up with the Warrior Forum, here is an important section (Warrior Special Offer Forum) In-fact I would call it the treasure section. In this section people are listing their products for sale, and make crazy cash out of it. You see, by the time I am writing these lines there are over 6000 people who are browsing this section and 90% of them are hungry
buyers . Those 6000 members are not the same who is coming on a daily basis, as this forum has got over 500,000 active members. Can you imagine the amount of people where your product is going to stand in-front of!

Just go through the section and see what are the most popular services that have got lots of buyers and you can measure that by looking to the amount of replies to their thread.
I have gathered for you a few examples of some of the winning products I would  say, have a look on the below screen shots please.

Based on my experience with the first test product I have launched on this forum, despite of the few replies or comments I have got on my thread, still it does not tell the amount of sales I’ve made ; as the number of buyers who have purchased my product was higher than the amount of replies/comments on my thread.
Before I give you the short list of the hottest market that you can jump on it immediately, let me show you another connected place to the "Warrior Forum"
where you can find who the top sellers are and what they are selling. Warrior Plus is a management website as it helps those people who are intending to launch their products through the Warrior Forum and Warrior Plus site will manage their listing such as:

  •  Price increment: if they want to increase their products' price after a certain amount of copies.
  •  Affiliates Commissions: also it helps the product owner to determine their affiliates' commission payouts, which they are going to pay to their affiliates from 0-100%. So when those affiliates promote those publishers’ products they get paid as per the affiliate commission agreement which set by the product author
  •  Product Statistics: you will be able to check the number of clicks and the number of sales.

And much more features you will come to know about it later. What you have to do now is sign up with Warrior Plus and use your username which you have chosen earlier to sign-up with Warrior Forum.

When you are done with your registration with Warrior Plus, hit over [my account] and update your information. Please note this website will redirect your buyers in the future to pay for your product using PayPal as a payment processor.
Well, now I want to show you how you find that best seller through "Warrior Plus" site. If you wonder why we should do that! It's because we want to sell what is hot and what is really people in need of it.

Click on "WSO Alerts" and WSO stands for "Warrior Special Offers". Add an alert and this is really powerful as you will be notified with the WSO of the day, and WSO of the day will be selected based on many criteria’s one of those criteria’s is the amount of sales your product has achieved.
If you are an affiliate you will be able to copy, paste the emails which you are receiving through your emails via "Warrior Plus" site and all you have to do withthat email just amend it with your own affiliate link and promote the same offer after you get an approval from the author to promote his product so you will be getting your own unique affiliate id. We’ll come in to this later. And much more powerful stuff you will come to know when you involve more in using "Warrior Plus" alert feature.
If you check on your right hand on the same page where you suppose to add your email alert you will
find those two tables…

I believe it’s pretty clear to you on the first table you see, it shows the top sellers and below it shows the most popular keywords. Those keywords are searched by buyers. Let's have a quick brief about some of those keywords.

Wordpress: most of the people are looking for Plugins which it could automate their process and make their life easier, and just to give you an idea about what are the most plugins have recorded high demands:

  •  SEO "Search Engine Optimization"
  •  Backlinks
  •  Social Bookmarking
  •  Viral Traffic

And the list goes on. I don't want to limit your thoughts by giving you specific list to focus on, but I am just giving you an idea about the most famous plugins in the market. The main idea behind creating a WordPress plugin is, to automate the process for the user and save their time and efforts and brings to them the expected results which at least meeting their expectations.

PLR: it stands for "Private Label Rights" and it means that you can buy the license for using a PLR product and you can re-word it even claim it is yours but, you will have to follow the license which you can find it on the page where PLR is available before you buy and if you didn't, then you will have to ask the author before you buy it.
Lots of people are really making big bucks by creating their own PLR and sell it and the buyers they can reuse it in many ways like divide it in articles, emails, reports even products after they add their own tweak and cash out.

Offline: recently this niche has become one of the best un-tapped markets and the idea is to show people some tips and tricks or even share a success story of yours or your friend which it could help them with their offline business.
You can login into your Warrior Forum account and then click on search then advanced search…

Then type PLR and then select Warrior Special Forum then hit search now…

Go through the results and have an idea about the products how it looks like. You know it is a ready-made business you can just buy and resell it again for example if it is a blog you can sell it on I know this e-book is about Warrior Forum only but still if I found that I can add more cream while I am writing I will do
Repeat the steps and choose one of the above highly researched keywords and use the search tactic which I have showed you earlier to have more information about it and while browsing the search results, I would recommend you keep a piece of paper near to you because sometimes your brain will alarm you with an idea which you might use it later.
Now you became to know how to do your market research by using Warrior Plus and Warrior Forum since this course depends on these two sites, but there are umpteen ways to do a marketing research; it is a bit complicated in my point of view and it’s time consuming. Maybe if I came up with a new discovery I will be sharing it with you.

  •  It's time now for the product creation stage. To summarize the top topics, based on our keywords researches people are interested to invest on:-
  •  SEO "search engine optimization".
  •  WordPress Plugins.
  •  PLR.
  •  Software.
  •  Offline.

Do not limit your thoughts, as I told you before, if you’ve noticed on the above keyword researches the "Make Money" keyword is not listed though if you do a simple research on Warrior Forum you will find thousands of products are selling pretty well. No need to be smart in-order to do this research all you have to do is just try to think out of the box and use your common sense.