Tuesday, November 27, 2018

ClickVidio How Does It Work

Is one of the latest in the market it comes with superb features with which you can use upload and sell your videos in less than a minute. Wondering how? Worry less we are going to explain that below. But first let’s talk about its potential, considering the fact that most consumers prefer to watch a video in regards to the use of a particular product rather than read long texts about the same. According to statistics 79 percent of consumers prefer to watch a video rather than read long texts as mentioned earlier. Watching gives one visual illustration as well as audio descriptions on the use of particular product. This ensures accurate and maximum utilization of products.

Why use Clickvidio

It’s an easy to use cloud-based software that requires little to no experience to use. One can earn stable income without much struggle. This is an opportunity all You Tubers, Online Affiliate marketers and bloggers can embrace. You can check out our reviews by clients who have used this software before, but here is a brief: the price, ease of use its features and bonus is above 9/10 according to the ratings the quality is 8.5/10 which clearly indicates a good standing.

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Ease of use and compatibility

Its compatible to most devices and all browsers, be it android or apple. After logging in, one needs to press a button after uploading videos. There are readily available codes to be deployed on any platform anywhere to start selling videos instantly.

Flash high quality video loading

 As compared to other sites with slow loading options Clickvidio has a superb flash- amplified technology feature that facilitates fast transition to new videos. With the readily available to use code uploading and selling of videos takes less than a minute.

 C&P Development Technology and Customization

Within seconds one can have their training video courses shown regardless of it being HTML or WordPress. This is also made possible by the readily available codes to be used. Customization can be fully or partially done to the courses and product videos to meet ones taste and the consumers’ preferences. It also gives one the ability to create and fully access their buyers’ emails.

How it works

Clickvidio contains most automated features there using it does not require complex setups or plug-in purchases. Three simple steps should be followed:

  • Create a product video or course according to your preference and target audience
  • Add and edit your videos if necessary
  • Use the available the available codes to start selling.

As simple as that anyone can sell their videos and make money regardless of what they do online.

Pros and Cons

So far there are yet to be any constraints in using Clickvidio but it comes with a lot of possibilities

  • Requires less than one minute to setup.
  • One can keep all the profits to themselves.
  • Easy deployment in just three simple clicks
  • It’s cheap since no membership plugins, page builder and expensive themes.
  • No limits to selling video products or courses.
  • It can run on any platform or browser which is a great deal of convenience this is because its cloud based
  • One can create a list of buyers and charge as they want
  • One time secure setup with low fees.

 User Experience Evaluation and Price

It’s a useful tool that eliminates the shortages that come from related platforms like complexity, profit sharing, expenses and others. During its launch day it can be purchased at $27 and comes with a 30 day money refund guarantee for one to decide if the product suits their needs.


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