Monday, February 18, 2019

What is Personal Selling? Explain its Importance in Marketing

It is a two-way form of communication. It is important in marketing due to the following reasons:

It is a direct communication technique which allows getting immediate feedback from the customers directly.

It is useful in case of complex product where it is essential to explain the functions of the product to the customer.

It relates to each element of the marketing mix.

It helps to build relationship with the customers.

It increases the sales which in turn reduce the cost of production.

Sales persons help to control the marketing cost.

It is flexible and salesman can personalize the message.

It helps to introduce new and innovative product from the market.

What is the difference between Order Taking and Order Getting?

Order Taking:

They perform general job.

They do not perform creative job.

They note down the orders.

They are driver salesman inside order taker and outside order taker.

Order Getting:

They perform special job.

They perform creative job.

They make the orders.

Explain the meaning and objectives of trade allowance.

Trade allowance is the reduction in the price offered by the manufacturers to the traders. It can be trade or buying allowance, buy-back allowance, count and recount allowance, merchandise allowance and co-operative advertising and promotion allowance.

Its objectives are:
To increase the trade volume.
To encourage trade cooperation.
To create enthusiasm in trade.
To stimulate repurchase.

Discuss the various sales promotion schemes directed at consumers, giving suitable examples.

Consumer Sales Promotion: It is to make the consumers aware about the product and educate them. Measures undertaken in this category are:

Samples: Free samples of products are distributed or free services are provided to the prospective buyers. It is done with an aim to expand the existing market. Customers are distributed the small samples so that they can experience the product free of cost and this would develop a favourable impression about the product. These samples can be distributed at retail stores, with premium products, through mails, or going door to door. Somehow, it is an expensive method.

Coupons: Coupons are distributed along with the products, or it can be distributed door to door. Customers get discount on the product or on the other product or may get a free gift along with the purchase on presentation of the coupons. It is one of a very popular measures but the limitation of this technique is that it is an expensive affair.

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