Friday, May 22, 2020

Fundamentals of Becoming TikTok Famous

Everyone who's using social media right now, knows what TikTok's about. We've all received those forwarded videos from friends; showcasing random people's lip-syncing talent, dance challenges, or even perhaps the 'Dalgona Coffee'. TikTok truly is a big deal - it reaches over eight hundred MILLION people worldwide! So, there's absolutely no question as to why people would aspire to be "TikTok famous". It genuinely reaches a lot of people. If you are, by chance, interested in getting a piece of that viral pie, and feel as if your profile could end up stagnant, read on, and apply these easy-to-follow, proven tips to your own personal account. 

To begin - your username - have you thought about it yet? With TikTok having so much global activity, you're going to want to be memorable. Your username is front and center with every video, so the catchier and more noteworthy it can be, the more it will stick into people's heads. Also, don't forget to upload a great profile picture. If you're planning on having your face in your videos, then great, let's go ahead and start with an amazing selfie. However, if you find you're uncomfortable with that, and are in need of ideas, there are always tons of stock image websites that you can find amazing photography on. Like I said, the app is filled with so many types of various personalities, you'll want to do your best to be unique. 

A necessity in the pursuit to gain viral fame, you must first turn your profile to public. You can do this by clicking on your profile, tapping the three dots in the top right corner, then select "Privacy and Safety", and from there you can toggle the option to make it public. Make sure that the 'Private Account' is no longer green. As well though, you'll want the option to have others find you, green. It's a suggestive feature on TikTok that will help bring viewers to your page. 

As we want our profile to be out there as much as possible, TikTok has a feature that is similar to Snapchat's snapcode, and it's shockingly enough called TikCode. To find and utilise this feature, next to the three dots at the top right, that you have previously used, there should be a button with four squares to the left of it. Screen shot it, and use that all over your other social media platforms. Send it to your friends, family, post it on your Instagram story. Where ever you hope to gain additional followers from. 

Now it's important to ask yourself, what do you want to be known for? How do you want to stand out? You have to give yourself the task of discovering what your TikTok niche is. A niche, if you're unfamiliar, is a type of dedication aimed at a certain audience. With the average age on TikTok being relatively young, I would say that your niche should be aimed towards WHAT types of videos you're making, not for WHOM. An example would be, more comedic-types of videos, or you could go more toward short cooking videos with hacks, tips and tricks. You could even doing gaming or sports videos. Try to do a brain storm before you start your TikTok journey, because people like consistency. If you're interested in multiple different things, I'd recommend creating an account for each interest. There is lots of potential options. When you're more familiar with what you're seeing on the app, you can hopefully be comfortable enough to make a decision, based on your own personal interests. Once you've decided what type of niche you want to participate in, you can expand your ideas from there.

So, we've covered the foundational elements of TikTok. It's time for the more technical aspects of this beloved app. Because TikTok is all about trending - using hashtags is pivotal. You must use hashtags on your videos. No exceptions. Use hashtags until you run out of your 100-character limit, simply because each hashtag you use exposes you to a new audience, and extends your social reach. The importance of this is that people can follow hashtags specifically. Your content reaches people beyond your following, and they, in turn, find your videos. Win-win! Keep them short and sweet, and try to mix popular hashtags with less popular ones. This will help to keep you diluted from the already-popular.

The best way to find relevant hashtags is to follow like-minded profiles. If someone is creating content in the same capacity as you, follow them! They've most likely spent more time on TikTok than you, therefore, have been exposed to popular hashtags longer. It's to your benefit to model after famed accounts. They know better of what's currently trending. Just don't copy! Always try and be your most original TikToking self. Get creative with it.

Now, have you ever heard of the saying, "Quality always floats to the top"? Don't be too hasty to post videos if you don't have the perfect shot down. Believe it or not, the lighting being too dark in your video isn't visually attractive, and with 60 seconds or less to catch people's attention, it's easy to lose out on potential followers. Have your friends help you, invest in a phone and/or camera stand, bring out your inner perfectionist if you have to. Just try and have fun. You won't be sorry you that you took the extra time to put effort into your videos. Just look at the most famous people on TikTok, does it look like they slack off on the details? Please also make sure to be posting regularly. There's algorithms out there that help decide what is shown more of, and posting infrequently won't help your case. Consistency is key, people!

Overall, you want to be genuine in what you do and create. People can tell when you're not. Go ahead and like and reply to people's comments once they start rolling in. Create your own little, special TikTok community; where you share and like people's content, so they can feel appreciative and they'll do the same. It's called "love spam"! Don't miss out on the opportunity to spread positivity! You can even use their live feature to connect with followers and let them get to know and love your personality. It can never hurt you in the long run. Now just remember that the road to TikTok fame includes: hashtagging, consistency, creativity, quality, genuineness, effort and to have fun! Happy TikToking! 

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