Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The 10 YouTube Fundamentals

You know that a handful of creators on the to have reached ten million subscribers that's more people than the entire population of new york city for each of them how does one growth such a huge fanzine math of all a Youtube strategist and creator and i'm here to talk about some of the techniques these channels used to get so popular so sit back and let's talk creative strategy oil you too

I'm sure you've seen by now that some of the most creative people in the world show their talents on you two and a lot of them have found success through creative breakout idea it's not easy to come up with the it a video series but there are certain things you to stop creators due to get tons of fans what i'm going to talk about today comes from over a year of studying successful creators and talking to them about what they do the results of all this research the ted fundamentals is a framework that can help you in the development of your own video ideas whether it's a new idea for your channel or an existing series you've been uploading and the idea through these tend to see how you might improve it didn't notice i keep using the words series well one on the videos are great but would do you think happens after everyone seen it you're views tend to look like this one huge spike and then back to normal that's why to have a long term success with your channel it's important to come up with ideas that are repeatable and wouldn't want to do that is in the form of a shell sheller series which i use interchangeably

So let's jump in just keep in mind one thing this is not meant to be it's checklist or scorecard none of these are it's a little necessary but each can help grow that loyal fan base that comes back again and
and all right are you ready bring an idea into the forefront of your mind and let's start at the beginning and a number one share ability will viewers share your videos word of mouth is powerful because people are learning about you from the people they trust the most their friends and family

I think the key thing is to actually make videos that people want to share with the and something as simple as that that you make a video that somebody watches and that's the end of it well that's going to get x number of there's a bit like overall hall on a second some so like this and they start to send it around you build a people so i think a years that people want to share now it's easy to say yes they're going to share my videos because they'll be awesome but it's really predict if you're viewers will share ask yourself while they relate to it is it about a topic or trend that people are currently talking about we'll make viewers laughter move them to tears is it really useful somehow it could be consider all of these questions also try this take a look at the last thing you shared on social media what wasn't and why did you share it i love to share videos that i think are frankly amazing things that you haven't seen before something new something fresh and something exciting something that you're going to want to share after i do my threatened link or to very successful creators on and when they're brainstorming ideas for a really shared global video they put each idea through a pretty tough test they asked themselves can we summer here's what this video was all about in one in its that is easily understood and also compelling in a way that people will want to share the video the point is if you can't summarize it and one sentence then it's going to take someone longer to explain it when they're trying to share it you want to create a video that from a concept standpoint

It is easy to share so before they've even a written a script they try to get into the heads of yours and figure about why they might share it what will your audience right when they share your video take a two minutes to brainstorm and write those share statements down because if you can make your videos shareable it can really help grow you riots fundamental number two conversation or use speaking directly to your audience you to is an incredibly social platform there's a huge community here and fewer just often see their favorite stars as and inside the computer if you can turn to the camera and talk directly to the audience the way i am now it can be a powerful way it's a bond with fans and build oil to see where bonding right now but it's not about talking to the lens like any host or a reporter it's about looking specifically to your viewers and maybe sometimes calling a few of them but by name even scripted narrative content can be conversational just look at some of the biggest scripted successes on Youtube lonely girl fifteen the gill and they lizzie bennett diaries each of these evolve fictional characters who talked directly to the audience the friends knew they were actors reading lines but they still loved it are you of course you don't even have to do that