Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Making Money Online Through Social Media Traffic

Making money online has always been thought to be the best gold mine for work-at-home individuals. All they have to do is set up a website and write some fancy stuff and then wait for whatever ads Google serves to earn an income. It sounds easy but in truth, getting traffic to your website is a lot harder than you think. Unless you are an authority blog that people constantly visit for updates like Mashable or TechCrunch.

In order for you to gain traction and be able to compete among your niche, you have to immerse yourself with the trend, the so-called “social media marketing.” Why, so that you can make new friends? That too. But what you are primarily aiming for is not friends but visibility and traffic.

Making Money through Social Media Traffic

Here are 5 ways to get social media traffic and earn money online.

#1 Join Social Networks

It’s basically common sense but in case you missed out on this obvious fact, let me remind you to join social networks. Not only Facebook or Twitter, you can also create accounts on Tumblr or Pinterest and just about any online networks where in you can funnel your social contacts to your website or blog.

#2 Familiarized Features

When you join social networks, you have to be committed to knowing them. Just because you have too many networks does not mean you have to be casual about it and do on Facebook what you are doing on Twitter. To make it easy for you, learn the features that can best serve your purpose, which in this case is traffic and ad clicks.

#3 Get Fans and Followers

Like web traffic, getting Twitter followers or Facebook fans is not easy when you don’t know certain strategies in attracting the right people. You might say, I am mistaken since people on Twitter have an average of 300 to 1000 followers. The question is, are they targeted? Will they click on your ads or buy the products you are promoting?

#4 Create Focused Content

How can you prove that you have something of value to your social connections? You create focused contents for your blog. Write about topics that are relevant to ads having the most daily or monthly clicks, so as not to appear off to your readers.

Anyway, Google often matches displayed ads to the content of your blog, so there is no problem on that department. Most importantly, think about what people will love to read on your blog, no doubt, they’ll check out those posts.

#5 Utilize SEO

Believe it or not, SEO (search engine optimization), social media and paid ads are inseparable in your campaign. How come? Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook use keywords to aggregate content of the same niche and category, which is pretty much what you need in order to be found. When your content has relevant and targeted keywords, it would make your post searchable on social networks as well as on search engines.

Social media now has the upper hand when people refer to strategies on internet marketing. Some would even claim that it has replaced SEO and PPC. But in my opinion, the three should stick together to make the most returns. Why settle for one source of traffic when you can have three at your disposal?