Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How do I rank a YouTube video in a month?

Rank a video on YouTube, you have to do the following:

Find the correct keyword to rank with (High Search Volume + Low Competition)
Optimize your video using the correct keyword.
Example from my channel:

If you open YouTube now, and search for “amazon ses”, you will find a couple of my videos on Top of YouTube Search Results.

So How I did this?

The first step, is doing keyword research for YouTube, I do use H-supertools Free YouTube Keyword research tool to find keyword ideas.

so open the tool, and enter the topic or keyword that you wanna create a video about or your published video.

in my case, I searched for “amazon ses” and here are the results:

So you can see around 22K searches per month on YouTube, and the Difficulty is Low, so I can rank somehow easily on this keyword.

and on the same page of H-supertools, you will find Related Keywords, you can use as tags and mentioned in the video description.

so I set the Video Title as:

How to Use Amazon SES as your SMTP Service? | Send Bulk Emails For Cheap | AWS SES Tutorial

the bold terms are keywords iam trying to rank on with this video. but the main keyword is “amazon ses”

Then in the video description:

In this video, I will show you how to configure Amazon Simple Email Service ( SES) and use it as your own SMTP Server for your Email Marketing campaigns.

Why Amazon SES? Maybe the main reason for selecting Amazon SES as your SMTP Service is the cheap costs. Do you believe that you can send a 100K email for 10$ !?

You see the keywords in the description.

Then the Tags as follows:

You can see the keywords I got from H-supertools suggested keywords. and I am ranking number one on almost all keywords. I am using vidiq here to check the keyword ranks.

This is how you optimize your Video on a certain keyword to rank on YouTube top results, and by the way this may be accomplished in 1 hour and not by 1 month.

I do the same operation for around 30 keywords to rank on top of YouTube, some examples:

IIS web server
build SMTP
SMTP server
Create SMTP
URL Rotation
….. and so on.

Other important points:

also what helps you rank your video other than meta data (title, description and tags)

is the video length and quality. if people loves your content and stay more on YouTube watching your video, YouTube will rank it higher.

so publish High quality valuable videos and optimize your Thumbnail and title for higher CTR (click through rate). the Best Cheapest SMM reseller panel for Facebook likes, Instagram followers, YouTube Views, Twitter Followers.