Monday, July 27, 2015

Why you must build a email list and different ways to doing so

When visitor comes to your site and they enjoy what you have to offer your content, your videos, but then they leave. Then eventually they forget about you. They have no way of getting back your site. The some other war think well what was that site. I went to last week they  just don't remember how to get back to your site so what you did marketing wise to get them there is all lost with you invested money into paid ads to get them there you have no way to communicate with them.
Your visitor comes to your site and  they see that you're offering a free report or something of value in exchange for their email address They like what they see, so they sign up on your email list. Now you have a way to communicate with them. You can put them onto your autoresponder system. You can begin to send them daily or weekly tips. And you have a way to warm them up, so but benchley they will either by your stuff for by affiliate products that you promote in that is why you need to have a email list so that you can communicate with your visitors who actually see value in your stuff
that you are providing now let me talk about the types of lists and ways to build them. There are two main types of lists. The first type of lists
Free - Asually consists of you giving away something of value for free. Free report free ebook, free newsletter, free audio, free video, free webniar, etc. That they were actually want now this title is tends to require a little bit this list tends to require a little more warming up, may not trust you as
quick, but are open and need a little more convincing
Customer - A list filled with people who buy from you. This is more ideal and tends to convert higher because they are invested money into you and trust you
What you need to build a list
You need to have a autoresponder service. This is used to create subcription forms so people can sign up on to your list. It is also used to email your subcribers