Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to I earn money with YouTube

Make Money Online is a real job. I had just realized it when I lost my job. After it, I tried a lot to make money by my own and I started to look for a online income opportunity. I decided to study about making money by using Internet when I was a second-year student. My very first online job was "captcha typer" which was a very boring job but it brought me my first $10 online money. Next up, I received $5 each month by selling "backlink" on my blog.  All that things started to make me think about earning online money.

However, I only was determined to make money online right after I had been dismissed.  At that time, I was just a student with a medium certification and a little knowledge about web designing. In spite of my bad studying result, I applied for 20 companies and a small company which has only 10 employees, accepted my application. I started my job as a css, html cut off. I was very excited about beautiful images and a brilliant website interface. I worked very hard because I like the meticulousness on each pixel.  I chased it for over 2 years but after all I recognized that the job I was doing , it didn't bring me an passive income resource as I wished. And I think it is time for me to find a real job that brings me the thing I need. If you read the book " Rich Dad, Poor Dad " , you would be obsessed with passive income resource like me .

I was unemployed after I came back home for work. Everything seemed very different with my thoughts. I didn't find any job around the place I lived. I was under pressure of find job and earning money and earning money.

I started thinking about Internet. I thought I knew how to build a website so why don't I try to start with it. I wrote so many online applications and I hoped my words could convince the employers to hiring me. However, I realized that the online competition was very hard because of it width and I was a new one, I didn't know how to impress myself with all the employers.

I was discouraged but luckily, I got an timely help from my brother who I knew long time before and he knew the trouble that I had.  So he showed me how to make money through Youtube and the money he had made.  I was very shocked with the amount of money that he can make and maybe so do you.

This amount of money is all brought from YouTube. So do you want much money like that?

After he taught me all the basic things about Youtube, I immediately thought that I can do it like he did.  And after 6 months working with Youtube, I finally knew Youtube's secrets.

Key 1 : Being well-informed about Youtube's policy.

Youtube is the website that you can post anything by making a video or clip. But some of them may be banned by Youtube and it leads to your account may be locked at anytime.  So patiently read Youtube's policy carefully. It is very necessary for you if you want to make money by Youtube.

Youtube's policy :

If you don't want to feel worried about being caught by the policeman , learn the rules. It is like you wanna participate in Youtube's playground , you should know it rules and how it works. Youtube has it own rules or policy and all the players have to observe it or you will be punished if you don't.

Have you know clearly YouTube's rules? If you say yes, let's start to learn how to make money with YouTube. You can earn money through YouTube by taking part in Google Ad sense or Network . You maybe ponder on which one you should  participate in, but it isn't a very important thing. Because whether you join Google Ad sense or Google Network , you will have to agree with the same policy which has been supplied by YouTube.  Besides, the special thing that you may truly concern is choosing what payment method you want to use.

Key 2 : What is the thing that even people watch it every time but they will never feel bored. 

People are fond of watching online video, so meet their demand. Remember online customers  are very hard to please like any normal customers so try your best to meet their WATCHING demand.

Youtube is a huge market so if you want to have money from it , you have to know it well. It is the thing that I learn.

Having a throughout knowledge of a market is you know what kind of video can make people interested in watching and even interacting with.

You know, on Youtube , there are many videos have view number that increase dramatically at the time it was posted but after a short time nobody cares of reminds of it. You know the Youtube phenomenon " Friday song", right? If you think you will make some clips about him, I am sure that not so many people are willing to watch it because he is just an instant phenomenon. However, there are many things that live with time, so try to figure out what it is.

The easiest way to find it is accession in big news websites or science websites. You will see there are some issues that are repeated many times. So try to make video about it and you will never have to worry that nobody watch your video.

Key 3 : Which is more important, SEO or the content?

You know about SEO? Many people mention it as the important part of making money with YouTube. And many thought highly of its necessary. You don’t have to. Because I know that the content is more important. It makes your videos naturally attracted. Everybody can spend their whole day watching your videos because of your good content. And they only spend a couple of minutes to watch a top SEO video with nothing on it.

The more time they watch their video, the more money you earn from Youtube ads. You should find the videos with attractive contents. I said find videos, not make videos. Because you don’t have to invest anything to make your own videos. You work personally then how can you have money to rent a cast and a high definition camera? Let’s take advantage of the available. The more you keep it simple, the more time and expense you can save.

So do you know what “find videos” is?

“Find videos” means you take the videos that allows you to reuse them. It’s called Credited Videos. Let’s reuse them. You can realize that it’s endless. How awesome it is!

Key 4: Who pays you?

You make money from YouTube then you get paid by Youtube. But YouTube gets money with each person watch your videos. So you’re got paid by the users. You work for them. So just give them high quality video then you will be paid very worthy.

Key 5: What are your trustable sources?

Maybe you don’t want to spend any cent to start making money with YouTube, but that means you have to wait. And time is money. So let’s try to get the great result in the shortest time. There’re some sources that you can rent them to boost your views, backlink, bookmark on social networks to reach more viewers, and faster.

You can rent yours at or

Key 6: Never stand alone

You will never be a good money maker with YouTube in a short time. And even if you know all the keys I’ve shown you, you can’t have your dreamy amount of money in a couple of days. You have to keep learning every day on YouTube. You should join the groups about YouTube on forums and social networks, listen and share and you will know deeply about it.

You’ve hold all the keys to start making money with YouTube! With them, I, from an unemployed, and still unemployed, don’t have to go to work everyday. I live in my house, enjoy my freedom in my way, travel everywhere I want. It’s the financial freedom that speakers talk to you.