Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Making money with ClickBank - My choice Google Sniper

Nowadays, you can find so many ways to get money from ClickBank. In reality, all the methods that had been showed , brought some results in some cases.  Earning money with affiliate marketing is not a repeated job.  You will never stop until you find the most suitable , effective and long-term method for your own business.
Google Sniper is a product of George Brown, who can earn 2000$ per day. If you do not believe, you can see it in his own video. The truth is more than 1000 people became millionaires thanks to ClickBank and this fact really makes me surprise and hard to believe. But the thing that I really concern is how he can produce a long-term " money making machine" . As you can see, all products on ClickBank are digital products , so it has a very short existence time.  Because of this, people tend to try to find products that can replace it. I decided to buy a course to confirm that all the good, positive recommends about this product are true or not.
I was very excited when I read things and watched all the videos about Google Sniper. It is really the most effective method I have ever known since I started making money on ClickBank.  Google Sniper had pointed out gold rules that help me to save time and money.  The fact is selecting key word is always the first step that must have to be done before you start to make money with ClickBank.  You may be surprise  about this. In the past, I tried to find a product without looking for it key word and it really went wrong with all the things that Google has shown.  I will prove you that selecting key word is always your first step.
The fact is if you skip finding proof key word , you will have no ideas about the product that you want.  You will always confuse that which product I should buy, which is the most popular one , and which one is the best- selling product , etc. I really realized it after reading chapter 1 of Google Sniper. It pointed out that proof key word can give you 2 different ways to choose product.  One is choose according to your own passions, what you are really interested in and have knowledge about it . Tow is selected according to what people are looking for the most.
People always surf internet to find information and also looking for the exactly suitable product that can solve their problems.  So , do you really know where is the place that can give you the proof key word you need ? You will find it through Google Sniper.  You will know how to find and analyze the proof key word that can help you sell the product which is relevant to the key word you have found.

Finding the general key word is the first step. The next step is you need to find and appriciate which product would be the best-selling one , and of course that product must be relevant to the general key word. You need trustworthy tools to help you to find the most suitable product for you. Google Sniper introduces as a website to help users to find all products in ClickBank. If you have intention to choose a specific product, then you can have the right key word that you need. Because the method of Google Sniper is not choosing some key words, it is choosing only one key word which have  to guarantee some specific rules. And the rules had been written by George Brown. You should obey the rules because the people wrote it is the one who can earn thousands a day.
Google Sniper showed a successful example of George Brown's Google Sniper applying. Keywords that George Brown selected in 2009 is "DJK Google Shadow". And now the page of George Brown still ranks top 1. It is wonderful. And perhaps only when your keywords ranked top 1 to be able to help you earn thousands of dollars each day as George Brown.

George Brown's website has been the most popular website since 2009.

The next chapters of Google Sniper is about all the basic things like how to choose domain , how to set up a website by Wordpress which is the best choice for the SEO. In my opinion, this is a little too think it is pretty small and easy to use. Especially, the modules that support for the SEO is great. Of course Google Sniper will advise you to use Wordpress. But I think it is up to you.
The most special part is about pre-selling. You only have to work for 20% but receive 80% profit.  George Brown has shown his convertion rate was 22.22% which may be the highest convertion rate on ClicckBank. Accroding to George, the high or low of convention rate depends on the content. Moreover, he also rated the writting content maketing is really an art. He pointed out all the basic informations to start writting an article maketing. I saw so many new things, such as telling your own real story in the introduction ( About me ).  And his rule is always be honest and do not over polish the truth. I am totally agree with this. In addition, in your content marketing you should give the most general view about the product you intend to sell ( what, who, why ) . And he gave so many great examples :
In last chapters,  is how to be SEO, how to make a Backlink or some plugins that use in Wordpress. It had been written detailedly so after reading it I received so much knownledge.
In the very last part, there is a picture that shows you all the steps.

In conclusion, accroding to general assessment , Google Sniper is a effective method. I think after read this you can find a new way to earn money from ClickBank. You will possiblly a big amout of money or even more than George Brown did if you start using Google Sniper today.