Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tool to increase Youtube views using HMA VPN Pro

There are a lot of different ways to increase YouTube views .Using YouTube view rising tool can get the fastest result.
YouTube view increasing tools now uses HMA VPN or SSH which are very effective to rise up YouTube views. On the other hand, tools which use Proxy to be old and not effective. They can not get over 301 views.
Now, I use a tool which increases YouTube view with HMA VPN. (HMA VPN is shorted from Hide My Ass Virtual Private Network. This is a fake private network). It is a network built by internet service publishers which allow you can connect outside internet with IP address of providing servers.
In simple, you can use an different IP to access internet despite of using one provided by the Internet Service Provider. And your information will be hided. In case, one want to find out who you are, he have to know which country you access from. Which publisher you use and then where you are staying to access internet.
If you are a profession hacker, of course you choose HMA VPN to use. You can hide the whole private information. It is so difficult to find out where you access internet from.
Therefore, using HMA VPN means we will have a new IP from service publishers. By this new IP, you can choose any country to rise up YouTube views.
Method of YouTube views is counting from views of private IP. At least 5 seconds per view to up with one IP will be counted like one view.
Thus, tool using HMA VPN will be applied the same method, too.
Tool using HMA VPN named My Tube Bot and will be sold herein


Many programmer who built by themselves tools which have the same functions. However, with this time I will share namely acting methods of My Tube Bot.

My Tube Bot built to carry out actions like acts of YouTube user. At first, Tool will load a browser with any size and any language which built on txt file. That will be chosen automatically which you do not need to fix them.
 After user opening a browser, it is action for searching key word at searching box of YouTube. It is also applied the same with tool. The key words which you built already at txt file will be loaded. Then, the next action is choosing a video to view.  At this time, tool will touch video link which you want to rise up views and load. Counting latency time level , searching key words and view a video are not in rule.
 Time for loading a video is not in rule. You can change and set up time for viewing with this tool.
If you do not only want to rise up a lot of views at 1 video but also get lots of views at many different video, they are unlike. Because per one time for viewing, you must have enough time to see about 70% per video for ensuring getting views in high quality.
If your video has got tens of view thousands but time of viewing is very short, video’s rank will be not appreciated highly. It is a reason why you should set up view time over 70 % of the whole video.
It means that if you use My Tube Bot to increase view for one video which has the showing time to be 15 minutes, it is easier than rising views up for one other which has the showing time to be 1 hour. Therefore, My Tube Bot allow you can separate videos into threads.
One video is for per Thread in which includes loading browsers, keywords, time for searching keywords and other thread allow using the same IP. It means that you can use 2 threads or more at the same time.
With one IP you can use it for increasing views at videos at the same time. However, it demands speed of network so fast and your computer has enough RAM to contain.
You also run up to 10 threads or more. It means you only need 5 minutes to have 10 views for 10 different videos with only 5 minutes to viewing per video.
It is a reason why this tool will be unlimited a number of views. Acting methods for rising views up from  other tools are the same. But one is different from to be they use SSH or VPN.
In general, it is a tool to rise views up well which we should use because it can increase over 301 views. And it is very useful to rise video’s rank up at results of searching.
This is the result after using a tool rising YouTube views up – My Tube Bot.