Friday, September 18, 2015

How to increase your Youtube Channel’s subscription

The more subscriptions your Youtube channel has, the easier it will be for your videos to reach viewers. When you upload a new video on Youtube, this video will appear on the homepage of your subscribers.
The more subscriptions your channel has, the more popular it will be. That’s the reason why people attempt to increase their number of subscribers. The question is how?

1. Your Youtube channel aims at a particular type of audience.
Videos with interesting content would be a contributing factor to attract subscribers. The fact that viewers are subscribing to your channel means that they wish to be the first person to view your new videos. Subscription notifies people of new videos whose subjects they are interested in.
One of viewers’ habits is to subscribe to channels with their favorite videos. As a result, you need to create channel with in-depth content. You should also name your channel to show your videos’ content.
For example, you usually upload videos to teach other how to cook on your channel. You should name it: Cooking Instruction, Cooking Lesson … And the channel name will play an important part in viewers’ decision of whether to subscribe or not.

2. Using invitation
In your video’s description, add subscribing invitations. Include in your description a link to your “Subscribe” button. You can write such things as “Subscribe to channel “Name” to watch the latest videos”. This can be considered the most popular invitation used by Youtube channels.
You can also write your own invitation. For example, you are uploading episodes of a movie, you can write “Subscribe to Channel “Korean film” to be notified about the latest episodes of “Name of the movie” in your description.
Subscribing invitations should not only appear during but also at the end of each video. Use the explanation function of Youtube. Write subscribing information for the viewers to read right after they watch your videos.

3. Use subscription exchange websites:
Exchanging subscriptions websites will always be your first and foremost choice if you like something for free. You can sign up such websites at no charge. When you use these websites, you will be exchanging with others. Every time you subscribe to a channel on this system, you score a particular number of points which you will use to pay for others to subscribe to your channel.
This is a pretty effective way to increase your subscription with no cost at all.
The most favorable websites are,
Another way is to subscribe to other channels on your own without any exchanging websites. However, this will cost you a lot of time.
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On such websites, there are numerous other services. Depending on your aim, you can use points to serve things you fancy such as: increase your fanpage’s likes, increase your videos’ likes, or increase your Twitter’s subscribers.