Sunday, December 20, 2015

How To Get Facebook coupon code 2016

Facebook ads can get very expensive very quickly,but, there are still plenty of ways that you get a Facebook coupon code to help with the cost of your Facebook ads, even if it has become harder to find them.

Advertising on Facebook can be very effective, because it allows you to target your potential audience. When you place an ad, you can choose your target audience by your own criteria like their age, what they buy online, their interests, and their geographic locations. Whether you want more visits to your website, or more customers in a shop, Facebook ads work, but it’s always nice to know that you can get Facebook coupons for less than their face value, or for free.

Facebook offers these coupon codediscounts on their advertising, because they want to encourage new customers to try their advertising services so, from time to time, they make Facebook coupon codes available through promotions and as special offers that you can obtain from other websites and companies.

What is a Facebook Coupon?

You do have to be careful about some of the claims that will see on the internet, where people seem to be offering $100 Facebook coupons for a very small amount of money, but a valid Facebook coupon works as a form of payment for your Facebook advertising campaign. Once you have applied the coupon code to your account, the cost of your ads will deducted from the coupon balance, before any money is charged to your debit or credit card. Here is how you can get Facebook coupon codes.

Find a reseller in

Although valid Facebook coupons have become quite scarce, there are still sellers on, and similar websites, who are reselling unwanted Facebook coupon codes. They usually sell coupons with a value of $50, for about $5 - $15, but you need to be careful what you are buying, before you part with your money. Before you place an order, check the date of the last delivery of the seller, read the buyer reviews and like all these things; if it looks too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

Through a hosting company

It’s also worth checking out some of the hosting companies, because they often give away Facebook coupon codes when you sign up for a hosting deal. Firstly, check with your current hosting supplier and make sure you haven’t missed out on anything there. You could also sign up for a short term hosting with another company to get your free voucher code. It will cost you to sign up for the hosting, but GoDaddywas recently offering $50 Facebook coupon codes when you signed up for a $12, three months hosting service, so you still get $50 of advertising for the price of just $12.

Sign up with Facebook Go

Facebook Go is a service offered by Facebook that provides marketers who advertise on Facebook personal help and advice on how to make the most out their Facebook advertising campaigns. The advice is given by trained Facebook ad experts, so you know it will be good, and it will be right up to date. In addition to the support you get from Facebook Go, you also get a $50 Facebook coupon code to go towards the cost of your ads.

Sign up with FB Client Machine

FB Client Machine is a resource package that includes guides and training to help you achieve effective and targeted Facebook advertising campaigns. The sign-up fee is only $17 and for that, you get lists of business niches for targeting purposes, a quick start guide, and, that all important $100 Facebook coupon code, so that’s a pretty good return on $17.

Get a Facebook ad coupon from Facebook

Facebook themselves will give you a $50 ad coupon when you create a new Facebook account and start advertising. Create your new account and then create an advertising page. If you don’t want to spend any of you mown money, create an ad campaign, but enter incorrect credit card details. Within two to three days, you will receive your $50 Facebook coupon code in an e-mail, courtesy of Facebook.

Follow the Facebook marketing page

For some more free credit, try following the official Facebook marketing page. They often give out Facebook coupon codes to new followers. Even if they don’t send you a coupon, you can still keep an eye on the page for any special promotions that they might launch.

Keep your eyes open

Facebook has tightened up on the issuing of coupon codes, but they do still offer them from time to time in special promotions and through other selected online suppliers. It will be worth your keeping an eye on the forums and doing a Google search every now and then, so you don’t miss out on any new promotions.