Thursday, February 25, 2016

How To Make Money With Sunfrog Shirts

Sunfrog Shirts is a unique Direct-to-Garment printing facility, with a large network of artists and great success that they want to share with affiliates. If you are not making money selling your designs on the website, you could join as an affiliate in any of the programs that offers.
Artists keep earning off their designs for as long as they want to keep the designs up. Marketers can create campaigns to make money off sales on SunFrog. There is no goal for campaigns, unlike on other similar affiliate platforms. Affiliates that send traffic to the site through their websites, Facebook pages, Facebook groups etc. have greater chances of enjoying high conversions from the great number of designs available to visitors.

There are several ways to be a part of the Sun Frog Shirts success. Here are a few of them. How to earn money with 

1. Using SunFrog Widgets on your Website or Blog 

Widgets or SunFrog's iframe displays can be customized to display a shirt of your choice on your website or your blog. With their help, you can create dynamic ads for your website. Since your affiliate ID gets linked automatically to the widget, you start earning commission when any visitor who clicks on the ad completes a purchase. Here are the steps for creating a widget:

Step 1: From your SunFrong manager, go to the widgets section and select one or multiple categories of shirts. Use the search bar to make the list more specific, such as 'Cat' shirts.

Step 2: Copy the code for the widget that you see in the text box. Paste this on your blog or website. The side bar is a good spot to place the widget.

Step 3: Customize the appearance. You can configure the widget text and color as well. Keep the text brief yet descriptive. You can try experimenting with the button colors and texts to see which combination brings you the greatest conversions.

2. Facebook Group Campaigns 

You can also pick a Facebook group or fan page that you own and find shirts to match to create targeted ad campaigns. For instance, if you have a fan page for cat lovers, you can run ads for cat-themed T-shirts from SunFrog and earn whenever purchases are made. Here are the steps to set up an ad.
Step 1: Think up an engaging title and description for the shirt that will appeal to your audience, and include a call to action along with the link. Post the shirt on your page.
Step 2: Head to Ad Manager (you'll find it via the search bar) and go to Campaigns. Click on 'Create Ad' and create a PPE (Page Post Engagement) ad. Next, select the fan page and the post that you placed there, and hit continue. The campaign will help you boost the post.
Step 3: Select your target audience. You can use Facebook tools to determine the audience, but at a basic level you can use your intuition to set the niche (say women between 18 and 50 who would love cats). Also select your daily expense level, at most $5 for a first campaign.
Step 4: Now you can finally order the campaign. When it is approved, the ad will run for the audience chosen until you want to end it You can use Facebook's real time tracking to see how the ad does throughout the day.

3. Re-Targeting with Facebook 

Affiliates can use Facebook re-targeting to send ads to an audience that has already browsed earlier campaigns by the affiliate member. This can be done with the following steps.
Step 1: Log in to Facebook and create an audience. To do this, head to the Audiences tab in the Ad Manager section. Click on 'Create Audiences' and select 'Custom Audience' from the drop-down menu.
Select Website Traffic' from the menu that pops up at this stage, and select 'Anyone who visits your page'. Also choose the options 'Include past web traffic' for the past '30 days'. Give this audience a name. You can call it 'Total SunFrog Traffic'. This will allow the affiliate to track all traffic received on the SunFrog page.