Monday, January 28, 2019

Seven reasons why people do not use real images on Facebook

There are many social network users who use Facebook profile pictures are not real either to other people or animals pictures, cartoon characters or celebrities of the world ... but between that and the reasons that a picture is a real profile may vary:

1 - Malicious intentions: 

People with malicious intentions to Aydon photographs true on Facebook, so difficult to reach their identity They enjoy hurting people are hiding behind the identity is the fact that, especially pictures profile Girls forged that be in order to add girls and steal their photographs private and published in the pages of Facebook in order to slander them ... as there are pictures of places Mzoh profile in order to ask the card charging the phone or send money

2 - The problems of privacy: 

May be one of the reasons that social network users pay for not putting the profile picture of the truth are those that relate to stealing the picture and exploited in immoral purposes.

3 - Appearance: 

Talt reason may prompt users not to put their true appearance is! As some of you might think that a picture is Atbdoa beautiful thing that drives him to put pictures of other people, such as artists and celebrities the world.

4 - Spam (spreading malicious links): 

Some may intentionally to set up multiple accounts and put pictures of other people in order to gain their trust and publishing links forged in order to cheat them or their penetration.

5 - Escape from reality: 

There are many people fleeing Mahm in reality to the virtual world and are trying to live on a living unless they could in fact or unless Isttawa achieved on the ground creates a fake Facebook profiles with fake pictures of other people in order to convince people that they are successful in their lives.

6 - Freedom: 

Person without his true form on Facebook feel more freely, he can insult and cursing in the comments without being afraid of the reaction of the other person, the fact that he is unknown.

7 - Age: 

There are many teenagers are putting pictures of forged because of young age, especially females in order to convince other people they elderly.

These were some of the reasons that may lead users on the social network Facebook to not put their pictures on the real Facebook and of course there may be some users who own their pictures to Aydon figure only as a desire not for any reason mentioned above. So what about you? Are there other reasons do you think you make the user not used his true form on Facebook? Waiting for your opinion