Monday, January 28, 2019

What do you use twitter for?

Twitter is a social media site as we all know and with most social media can join for free.

This is a great thing and all but on twitter there is a lot of opportunity to be had. In fact on any social media site there are many opportunities that can be available to you without you even knowing it.

What do you use social media for?

Yea we all have friends and we all like to use it as a place where we can interact with our friends.


If we use social media only for our friends and I say this for those in a situation where they want to start something that we are disadvantaging ourselves in that we can be building connections and finding like minded persons to help you grow online and ultimately become successful.
You can still use it for your friends but make sure you balance it or make a personal account.

You can build your audience. Show case what you have to the world and you know what? You will gain followers that listen to you - providing that you keep up the consistency in your work. One thing about the online world that I have found is that content and consistency go hand in hand.

The world is your platform. Twitter and other social media are places where people that you do not know can find YOU and YOUR work!