Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Getting likes on Tiktok

Tiktok is an app where it is very easy to get views and get likes. I myself post content in my spare time and I have thousands of views and hundreds of likes. Tiktok has 800 million users worldwide and it really isn't hard to start producing content which get likes. For some reason, I am unable to attach images, so I will leave descriptions instead.

1) Follow trends. Trends are things such as repetitive themes and songs. Within Tiktok, these are like using Google Translate and then throwing in a funny clip which rhymes with the last word. Tiktok content that follows trends are guaranteed to get more views from people searching for related videos and if you add a special twist on the end, this can make you all the more popular. The current trends on Tiktok are using the sound 'sHEsrEALLYgOOD - Joshua Batista', 'Banana feat Shaggy' and 'Kream Bebiisan Edition'. A good way to identify new trends are to follow people who are very popular on Tiktok such as Addison Rae who is known for her active, fun content.

2) Use hashtags (the more the better). Hashtags means that whatever content (likes or no likes) are equally as visible on a search. Some hashtags such as #fyp (2207.4B views), #foryourpage (300B views) and #tiktok (832,2B views) have billions of posts attached. This is a solid way to spread your audience and get yourself views, which turn into likes. Hashtags can also create a funny element to your videos with a smart catchphrase or idea which can cause people to identify with your content and share it more. Hashtags are key to views and likes. Tiktok's algorithm brings people together based upon their similar likes and preferences, so by putting more hashtags onto your videos, you can ensure your content gets spread to more audiences which will like and share your content.

3) Get your family involved. Tiktok is an app based around videos and content with parents/guardians in tend to do very well. Let's face it, seeing older, more serious people copy trends on Tiktok is funny because it is so out of character for them and this is recognised by your audience. The most famous Tiktokers in the world (the D'Amelio sisters) often use their families to great effect. Users like 'Mmmjoemele' (who has 4.8 million followers) catapulted to Tiktok fame due to his father sharing an uncanny resemblance with the food critic from Disney film Ratatouille. If your family has any famous look-a-likes, this is very popular on Tiktok.

4) Get people you know to share, like and comment 'fyp' under your posts. Within the Tiktok algorithm, it only takes a small amount of likes to spread your content to a much wider audience. This is because if Tiktok see people liking your content, they are going to assume other users will find it interesting and put it on their home feed. From there, your content will snowball and increase your likes and views. I have found this to be the case with my personal Tiktoks. After my friends liked my content, others began to like and comment. I interact with my viewers also to retain them as followers and make them feel more comfortable sharing my content.

5) Commenting something funny or supportive on somebody else's video. This sounds simple, but a lot of users check out the comments on Tiktoks and this can help your content be more discoverable. Comments can gather loads of likes which can help make your profile more popular, which in turn gets you more likes. Its all about putting your account out there as much as possible, building yourself a profile. People spend hours at a time on Tiktok, mindlessly flicking through hundreds of accounts at a time. All it takes is them to see one comment and then go and check out your content.

6) Dueting other Tiktokers. Sometimes, even just sitting there reacting to other peoples content can get yourself a lot of views and likes. Famous Tiktokers get this a lot. Sometimes the 'Duet' function isn't available however as you can edit whether it is available when you post. To find the 'Duet' button, you press 'Share' (below comment on a Tiktok) and then in white it says 'Duet' near the bottom.

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